E+E Elektronik Corp - Maintenance-free CO2 Sensor Module

The EE893 CO2 sensor module from E+E Elektronik is the ideal choice for demanding OEM applications. (read more)

E+E Elektronik Corp - Modbus CO2 probe for demanding OEM applications

The EE871 CO2 probe from E+E Elektronik is designed for maintenance-free use in demanding OEM applications. (read more)

E+E Elektronik Corp - EE776 Insertion Flowmeter

Flowmeter EE776 can now also be used for pipes up to DN700. (read more)

E+E Elektronik Corp - EE771, EE772, EE776 Flow Meters

The new EE771, EE772 and EE776 thermal flow meters measure mass flow, standardised volume flow and consumption of compressed air and gases like nitrogen, helium, argon, CO2 or oxygen. (read more)

E+E Elektronik Corp - Low Power Humidity and Temperature Probe

The highly accurate EE071 humidity/ temperature transmitter operates on ultra low power and features Modbus RTU protocol. (read more)

E+E Elektronik Corp - Humidity & Temperature Sensor for HVAC

The EE160 combines advanced technology with innovative design.
The reliable and long-term stable E + E sensor technology, a user-friendly housing design and the latest manufacturing technology create the specially for the HVAC industry designed, humidity and temperature transmitter EE160. (read more)

E+E Elektronik Corp - Humidity, Temperature, CO2 Wireless Sensor

EE240 wireless sensors from E+E Elektronik are the ideal solution for high quality, wireless measurement of humidity, temperature or CO2. With the introduction of state-of-the-art wireless data transmission, E+E Elektronik, the sensor specialist, is expanding its expertise into wireless sensor systems. (read more)

E+E Elektronik Corp - Humidity transmitter for high-humidity application

High accuracy measurement of relative humidity, dewpoint and temperature even at high humidity close to the condensation or at high chemical load. (read more)

E+E Elektronik Corp - Industrial Humidity Transmitter - EE31

The industrial humidity/temperature transmitter EE31 from E+E Elektronik provides measurement of relative humidity, temperature, absolute humidity, dewpoint temperature, frostpoint temperature, specific enthalpy, wet bulb temperature, water vapour partial pressure and mixture ratio. (read more)

E+E Elektronik Corp - Humidity Meter for High-Precision HVAC measurement

The Humidity / Temperature Transmitters EE21 has been developed for high-precision measurement of relative humidity and temperature in HVAC applications. (read more)

E+E Elektronik Corp - EE22 - Humidity / Temperature Transmitter

The E+E Elektronik EE22 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter come with interchangeable sensing probes. (read more)

E+E Elektronik Corp - Humidity/Temperature Transmitter up to 120°C

Most modern technique guarantees highest accuracy
A high-quality capacitive E+E humidity sensor and best on it co-ordinated microprocessor electronics guarantee most exact results of measurement. Best long-term stability with smallest hysteresis and the excellent stability against chemical influences make the EE23-transmitter the first choice for almost any application of measuring... (read more)

E+E Elektronik Corp - HVAC Humidity/Temperature Transmitter Wall mount

Modern design for demanding HVAC room applications.
The futurist housing shape of the new humidity and temperature transmitter EE10 is matching both existing and new interior design. Besides the uncomplicated assembly a quick exchange of the sensor unit in service case is also ensured. (read more)

E+E Elektronik Corp - HVAC Humidity/Temperature Transmitter - EE16

EE16 transmitters are the ideal solution for accurate measurement of relative humidity and temperature at a reasonable price in HVAC applications. (read more)

E+E Elektronik Corp - Humidity / Temperature Transmitter up to 248°F

Humidity and Temperature measurement in the range of 0...100% RH and -40...248°F.

The EE23 stands for multifunctionality, highest accuracy, easy mounting and service. (read more)

E+E Elektronik Corp - Intrinsically Safe Humidity Transmitter – EE30Ex

The Humidity/Temperature transmitter EE30EX meets the ATEX requirements and IECEx standards of intrinsically safe machinery.

EE30EX transmitters from E+E Elektronik are designed for the accurate measurement of humidity and temperature in the range between 0...100% RH and -40...180°C (-40...356°F). (read more)

E+E Elektronik Corp - CO2 Transmitter for HVAC - EE85

The EE85 CO2 transmitter is ideally suited for duct mounting in the fields of building management and demand controlled ventilation.
The elegant, compact housing enables easy installation directly at the ventilation duct using a mounting flange. The EE85 C02 transmitter is also available with an integrated passive temperature measurement. (read more)

E+E Elektronik Corp - HVAC Transmitter for CO2/Humidity/Temperature

The E + E Elektronik EE80 series HVAC Transmitter for CO2/Humidity/Temperature set new standards in CO2 measurements for HVAC. The operation is based on the infrared principle. A patented auto-calibration procedure compensates for the aging of the infrared source and ensures outstanding long term stability. (read more)

E+E Elektronik Corp - EE08 Series Humidity/Temperature Transmitter

Accurate humidity / temperature measurement over a wide working range, fitted in a small-sized housing and high flexibility have been the main goals for the development of the EE08 series. (read more)

E+E Elektronik Corp - Humidity/Temperature Transmitter in Probe Design

E + E Elektronik EE06/061 series are compact transmitters for humidity and combined humidity / temperature measurement with excellent price/performance ratio.The transmitters are optimized for OEM applications. (read more)

E+E Elektronik Corp - Humidity calculator

The humidity calculator from E+E Elektronik is used for the rapid conversion of humidity measurements. (read more)

E+E Elektronik Corp - EE75 Series Air/Gas Transmitter

The EE75 series air velocity transmitters from E + E Elektronik were developed to obtain accurate measuring results over a wide range of velocities and temperatures. (read more)

E+E Elektronik Corp - Air Velocity Transmitter for low flow

Air Velocity Transmitter for Measurement down to "0" m/s

EE66 air velocity transmitter are designed for high accuracy measurement of lowest air velocities. It is the ideal solution for laminar flow control and special ventilation applications. (read more)

E+E Elektronik Corp - Air Velocity Instrument for HVAC Applications

EE65 air velocity transmitters are ideal for accurate ventilation control applications. They are operating on an innovative hot film anemometer principle. (read more)