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EXEL North America, Inc.

EXEL North America, Inc. has promoted these products/services:

EXEL North America, Inc. - High Pressure Regulator for Thick Materials

A regulator is needed when you want to control fluid pressure/flow rate, change fluid pressure to different values in a short time, dampen out pulsation on pump, change over and help prevent snake head effect on gun opening.
Specially designed for thick materials, the RegSMART diaphragm design is ideal for moisture sensitive and water-based materials. Easy to service thanks... (read more)

EXEL North America, Inc. - THOR extrusion pump & Xcite™ AIRMIX® spray gun

Thanks to the proven technology of both THOR & Xcite™ package, KREMLIN REXSON set a new standard for full surface bonding applications. The package consists of powerful THOR 63-106 chop check extrusion pump ram mounted, combined to high efficiency transfer Xcite™ 400 AIRMIX® gun. (read more)

EXEL North America, Inc. - NANOGUN MV™ Electrostatic Low Pressure Spray Gun

EXEL North America, Inc. – Manufacturer of SAMES Manual & Automatic Liquid and Powder Coating Equipment & Solutions has designed the New NANOGUN MV™ - Manual Electrostatic Low Pressure Spray gun.

The SAMES NANOGUN MV™ has been designed for spraying 1K and 2K solvent and water-based materials with low pressures in a variety of markets such as... (read more)

EXEL North America, Inc. - Economical Non Explosive One-Pass™ Heater

The economical and reliable solution for a constant spraying quality to reduce the viscosity of paints without adding solvents.

The heating of the product is done in one single passage in the One-pass™ heater thanks to the new design and the optimized thermal exchange efficiency.

This innovative design offers the possibility to install directly the One-pass heater dir... (read more)

EXEL North America, Inc. - Cyclomix™ Micro Multi Dosing Machine

The CYCLOMIX™ Micro Dosing Machine allows the user to dose, mix and continuously deliver two component paints or adhesives.

The mixing process works by catalyst injection into a constant flow of base material. The catalyst is injected in the center of the stream at a very high frequency. The CYCLOMIX™ Micro doesn’t require an additional pre-mix chamber. Th... (read more)

EXEL North America, Inc. - EOS 15-C25 Paint Pump by EXEL North America

True accelerator of performance for your AIRMIX® Xcite™ gun, the new paint pump Kremlin Rexson EOS range brings together Efficiency, Optimization and Simplicity.
The innovative design and component quality bring reliability and performance and allow for very simple maintenance, easy cleaning and safe color changes while using a minimum of solvents. (read more)

EXEL North America, Inc. - Experts in Finishing and Dispensing Solutions

KREMLIN REXSON offer cost saving opportunities thanks to a wide range of equipment for both single & plural component materials (read more)

EXEL North America, Inc. - Finishing Solutions for Automotive Equipment

Finishing, Bonding, Sealing and Lubricating Solutions for Automotive and Rolling Equipment Manufacturing (read more)

EXEL North America, Inc. - Mod Build/Pre-Assembly and Testing

EXEL NA will pre-assemble and test the system in our Plymouth, MI facility prior to shipment. This better prepares us for the installation and start-up process on-site.

EXEL NA provides quality training of both maintenance and production personnel. This small area is often over looked, but a Key Part of our System package. We want to make sure that your personnel are trained on th... (read more)

EXEL North America, Inc. - K3 Manual Electrostatic Spraygun

The advantages of electrostatic spraying are considerable under protection conditions where more than 15 gallons of paint is used per week.

►paint savings : 10-30% vs airspray or airmix® technology
►faster application times thanks to the ease of reaching difficult areas and a high transfer efficiency
►better quality of coat – totally consisten... (read more)

EXEL North America, Inc. - PU 3000 Paint Pump

Mecatronic dosing equipment, innovative and patented solution, PU 3000 includes pumping, metering and electronic (Plug & Spray).
Its intuitive use requires few learning. The PULSE FREE ELECTRONIC CONTROL (PFE) KREMLIN REXSON patent, an innovation in the control of pump change over is the only one in the world which prevents any lack of product during injection - base or c... (read more)

EXEL North America, Inc. - High Pressure Manual Gun 400 Bar

This high pressure manual gun is specially adapted for thick materials application.
Simple and handy, this gun offers a very nice dispensing comfort. (read more)

EXEL North America, Inc. - E 50 Pneumatic Metering Machine

The E50 is a modular pneumatic gear metering machine for dosing and mixing low to medium viscosity materials (epoxy, polyurethans ans Silicones) .

The E 50 system can dispense in volumetric shots or continuos flow. The compact system enables you to carry out a wide range of applications. The machine is mounted on a chassis and can be fed by Gravity - Pressure Pots or Pump supply.... (read more)

EXEL North America, Inc. - New InoBell Powder Bell Applicator

Introducing the NEW InoBell Powder Bell Applicator! (read more)

EXEL North America, Inc. - PU 2160 F Pump for Dosing and Mixing

The Flowmax® technology, a Kremlin patented SuperLife™ bellow design, ensures a perfect mixing accuracy thanks to the total sealing without packings.

Fixed ratio : the economical and easy solution while benefitting from the Airmix® spraying
PU 2160 F are tested and comes complete ready for use.

PU 2160F are available in 4 mixing ratio versions : 1/1, 2/1,... (read more)

EXEL North America, Inc. - CYCLOMIX™ Micro electronic dosing machine

Our AIRMIX® spraying solution for 2K component selected by an italian manufacturer of machine tools. (read more)

EXEL North America, Inc. - Success Story: SAMES InoBell®

United Kingdom: Leading Manufacturer of physical security, industrial doors, roller and sectional garage doors and roofing systems

Production :

*Security gates and roller shutter doors which are manufactured in mild steel and aluminum and coated with Polyester powder

• Size of work pieces : from 1 meter long up to 7 meters maximum

... (read more)

EXEL North America, Inc. - Pneumatic spray pump AIRLESS EOS 30-C25

Spray pump AIRLESS EOS range brings together Efficiency, Optimization and Simplicity : True accelerator of performance for your AIRLESS spraygun. (read more)

EXEL North America, Inc. - New Kremlin Rexson 10-C18 Finishing System

EXEL North America, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the new Kremlin Rexson 10-C18 Airmix ® Finishing System. The well-known and very successful 10-14 system has been re-designed and is now the brand new and improved Kremlin Rexson 10-C18 Finishing System!

The Kremlin Rexson 10-C18 finishing system is based on the same technology of the well-known and successf... (read more)


The CYCLOMIX™ MICRO is fed by base, hardener and solvent, handling from 1 to 3 colors and 1 hardener. The flow of material is controlled by 2 precise flow-meters. The mixing process is based on a constant flow of base material. The hardener is injected into the stream of base in a very small quantity but a really high frequency.

The CYCLOMIX™ MICRO doesn’t requir... (read more)

EXEL North America, Inc. - EOS 10-C18 Airmix pump and Xcite Airmix Spray Gun

The AIRMIX® pump EOS 10-C18 compact design range is the ideal partner of your AIRMIX® Xcite™ spray gun, providing exceptional Performances (quality of finish, high transfer efficiency). (read more)

EXEL North America, Inc. - M22 P WBE HPA Spray Gun from EXEL North America

KREMLIN REXSON Manual Solutions: The M22 P WBE HPA uses our new gun body design for outstanding operator comfort. It delivers high volume pressure fed conventional spraying for highly abrasive water-based coatings.

  • Product fluid passages in stainless steel
  • Polyurethane needle tip and treated metal needle rod and nozzle

Ben... (read more)

EXEL North America, Inc. - BOOSTHOR Dispensing Equipment for Boosted Material

KREMLIN REXSON has many years of experience in producing equipment to process high viscosity moisture sensitive materials. The BOOSTHOR range has been developed for single component materials where the addition of an accelerator as a second component (often called a “Booster”) is used to speed up the material cure time and production cycle times.

“To make i... (read more)

EXEL North America, Inc. - EOS 15-C25 & 30-C25 AIRMIX® Pneumatic Spray Pumps

Spray pump EOS range brings together Efficiency, Optimization and Simplicity : True accelerator of performance for your AIRMIX® Xcite™ spraygun. (read more)

EXEL North America, Inc. - Manual Spray gun AIRMIX® Xcite™ 120 & 200

The Xcite™ Manual Spraying gun uses high quality components which ensure a perfect reliability maintaining a high level of performances. The last generation of Airmix® atomization aircap offers unsurpassed finish quality. (read more)