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Eaton Filtration

Eaton Filtration has promoted these products/services:

Eaton Filtration - Eaton’s Mechanically Cleaned Strainers

While the nature of pipeline debris – scale, rust,metal and other solids – remains constant, the nature of business for industrial manufacturers is ever-evolving. Time, money and staff resources are limited; water conservation is paramount, and the importance of protecting expensive processing equipment has never been greater. (read more)

Eaton Filtration - Eaton’s HAYFLOW™ Filter Element -Green Solution

Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation today announced that its HAYFLOW filter element has been named An Eaton Green Solution. This designation is Eaton’s promise of exceptional, documented environmental performance to customers, consumers and our communities. (read more)

Eaton Filtration - BECO PROTECT® CS ™ depth filter cartridges

Eaton’s New Depth Filter Cartridges Help North American Wine Producers Increase Productivity and Decrease Costs (read more)

Eaton Filtration - LOFPLEAT™ HP Series

LOFPLEAT-HP filters by Eaton are perfect for a wide range of process applications including food & beverage, aqueous solutions, chemicals, bottled water, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, process water, RO prefilters and ink. (read more)

Eaton Filtration - DCF 3000 Mechanically Cleaned Filter

The dual cleaning disc and twin actuator design of the DCF-3000 mechanically cleaned filter can be fabricated in a variety of materials and options with temperatures up to 400°F. (read more)

Eaton Filtration - Model 72 Simplex Basket Strainer

The Eaton Model 72 simplex basket strainer is perfect for applications in which the line can be temporarily shut down for strainer basket cleaning or changeout. A reason for its popularity is the unusually large basket capacity. (read more)

Eaton Filtration - Eaton's IFPM 72 Fluid Purifier System

Eaton Enhances Fluid Purifier System, Improves ROI for Industrial Operators (read more)

Eaton Filtration - Eaton Strainers Earn Type Approval Designation

Eaton Strainers Earn Type Approval Designation from American Bureau of Shipping (read more)

Eaton Filtration - Eaton’s New CSM 02 Multi-Analysis System

Eaton’s New CSM 02 Multi-Analysis System Shows Reliable Operations Begin with Reliable Particle Counting (read more)

Eaton Filtration - BECODISC® BP

Eaton's BECODISC BP stacked disc cartridges meets the exacting requirements of the pharmaceutical industry (e.g. for the filtration of fermenter broth). (read more)

Eaton Filtration - IFPM 72 Fluid Purifier System

With its upgraded IFPM 72 Fluid Purifier System, power management company Eaton extends fluid life while improving the performance and safety of the entire system. (read more)

Eaton Filtration - MAX-LOAD Pleated Filter Bags

Customers Increase Safety and Reduce Operating Costs with Eaton’s New, Greater Retention MAX-LOADTM Pleated Filter Bags (read more)

Eaton Filtration - Eaton Launches DCF-3000 Filter to

Power management company Eaton has launched its new DCF-3000 mechanically cleaned filter that provides a cost-effective filtration solution capable of processing highly viscous liquids in challenging conditions. (read more)

Eaton Filtration - Eaton DCF Self-Cleaning Filter

Eaton's mechanically cleaned (self-cleaning) filters are based on a simple concept:

A cylindrical stainless steel housing contains a filter screen; unfiltered liquids enter the inlet; solids are deposited on the interior surface of the filtration media; and filtered fluid exits at the outlet. (read more)

Eaton Filtration - Eaton AFR Tubular Industrial Filter

The innovative Eaton AFR-Series delivers high-flow filtration of water-like liquids, at retentions from 1 to 100 microns - in a compact one-squaremeter footprint.

A single AFR-Series equals the performance of an in-line filter in only one-fifth the floor space. (read more)

Eaton Filtration -  Eaton AFC High Pressure Tubular Filter

Eaton AFR High Pressure capability and modular flexibility. (read more)

Eaton Filtration - Eaton AFC Series Industrial Filter

This industrial filter design offers nominal filtration from 1 micron to 1,650 micron on water-like liquids up to 500 psi.

Features Rigid connections and three-way valves for backwashing. This simple design and quick-element access can significantly reduce the time and effort required to maintain, change elements and reconnect the unit's valves. (read more)

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