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Electro Standards Laboratories

Electro Standards Laboratories has promoted these products/services:

Electro Standards Laboratories - Model 4215 Smart Strain Gauge Indicator

Model 4215 Smart Strain Gage Indicator For Measurement & Control of Strain Gage Transducer-based Systems

  • Compatible with tensile testers, load cells, extensometers, torque transducers, pressure sensors and position encoders.
  • Provides accuracy, reliability and repeatability.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - X.21 Interface DB15 A/B Switch w/Remote Control

Model 7224 allows quick connection to any one of two DB15X.21 Interface devices from one COMMON device.

  • All (15) pins of the DB15 interface are switched via break-before-make electromechanical relays.
  • Front panel pushbutton control and RS232 Serial Remote Control.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - RJ45 CAT5e Manual A/B Switch, Lifetime Warranty

M8079 RJ45 A/B Switch- Certified CAT 5e Compliant.

  • Accesses two 100 BASE-T networks
  • Rugged Shielded Aluminum Enclosure
  • Supports all 8 pins of the RJ45 CAT5e interface
  • Lifetime Warranty!
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Electro Standards Laboratories - M4404 Remote Reboot Switch 10BaseT LAN/WAN Access

The Model 4404 provides total AC Power Control to Eight Devices via Internet!

  • Access User Interface via standard Web browser.
  • No special software required.
  • IP Addressable!
  • Easy to use, simple point and click operation.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - SC Fiber Optic Switch w/Keylock for Added Security

The Model 6315 is a Single Mode Fiber Optic SC Duplex A/B Switch with RS232 Remote Control and Key Lock functionality for added security.

- 1500 nm Wavelength
- RS232 Serial Remote Control (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - DB25 2-Channel A/B Switch w/Secure Cutoff & Remote

Model 7248-ESL Offers 2 Channels of RS530 compatible A/B/Cutoff Switching with DB9 Remote Control Port.

  • Secure CUTOFF position and Remote Control for each channel.
  • Accepts Contact Closure or RS232 Serial data for Remote Control.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - M6281 Ideal for Optical Signal Switch&Routing Apps

Each channel of the Model 6281 allows access to any one of four separate ST fiber optic networks from one COMMON fiber optic network.

  • Utilizes MEMS-based mirror/prism technology supports Gigabit data rates.
  • The switch ports are transparent to all data.
  • Simultaneous control of both channels.
  • Control of the switch position from a 10/100...
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Electro Standards Laboratories - M9503 Tri-Channel Switch, DB25 / DB25/ BNC Switch

Model 9503 is 3 Switches in One!

  • Independently switch each channel manually via 3 front panel rotary knobs.
    • Channel 1: DB25 6-Position Switch, all 25 leads switched.
    • Channel 2: A/B DB25 Switch with all 25 leads switched.
    • Channel 3: A/B BNC Switch with center conductor and shield switched.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - M7198 2-Channel BNC A/B Switch with Telnet

Ideal for switching BNC connections remotely via the internet.

♦ Each of two channels allows quick connection to any one of two devices from one device.

♦ Remote access is password protected.

♦ IP Addressable. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - ST Duplex 8-Position Fiber Switch w/OFFLINE

Model 6275 ST Duplex Fiber Optic 8-Position Switch with OFFLINE Position and Remote Serial Control features a front panel keylock to inhibit or permit pushbutton control. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Power Distribution Switch, 4 Independent Channels

Model 4417 4-Channel Power Supply Distribution Switch with Independent Channel Control

  • Each channel has a power ON/OFF and a mode AUTO/MANUAL rocker switch control of power output and mode of operation.
  • The presence / absence of a 24VDC signal toggles a channel to operate between AUTO and MANUAL mode.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Very High Speed Fiber-to-RS485/422/232 Converter

Models 4149/4159 Very Hi-Speed Rugged Fiber-to-RS485/422/232 Interface Converters

  • Ideal for defense apps

Operating speeds:1.5 Mbps for RS232 to fiber; 20 Mbps for RS485/422 to fiber. Operates from -40 to +85° C. Protection circuitry on receivers/transmitters for RS232 & RS485/422 interfaces. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Flat Design of ULTIMO Li-Ion Capacitors Save Space

ULTIMO Lithium Ion Capacitors are ideal for power systems requiring bidirectional high power pulses, very low leakage with very high life cycle. The unique, flat design of the ULTIMO Cells allow for more compact stacking when used in series, making the most efficient use of space! (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Model 4193 8-Way Fiber Optic Switch/Converter

QuickSwitch® Model 4193 Fiber Optic Network Switch/Converter accesses any of eight fiber optic networks from one computer.

  • The Fiber Optic/Twisted Pair Media Conversion is Built in!
  • All eight network ports are 1300nm 100 Mbps ST duplex multimode fiber optic ports
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Electro Standards Laboratories - 4-Chan'l RS530 A/B Switch, DB25, 2 Remote Ports

M7283 4-Channel RS530 A/B Switch with DB25 Interface achieves highest reliability through Redundant Remote Control and Redundant Power Supplies. All switched signals are passed via copper contact relays that maintain their position and continuity even in the event of a power loss or failure. The Doubly Sure Switch! (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Model 4502 USB Type-A, A/B Switch with Remote

Model 4502 USB A/B Switch with Remote Control

  • Allows quick connection to any one of two USB Type-A interface devices from one COMMON device
  • Remote control port allows off-site monitoring and switch management
  • Retains last switch position in event of power loss and continues to pass data
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Modular Cat5 Switch Ideal for Network Expansions

Model 7008 RJ45 CAT5 A/B/Offline Switch Modules with Contact Closure Remote Control Port

100 BASE-T, Modular Expandable System!

  • Fit 8 Modules into a Model 9030 Rack
  • Rack's power supply powers all modules in rack
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Electro Standards Laboratories - HP Fiber Repeater Regenerates, Extends Data Range

Model 4154 HP Fiber Repeaters with RS232 Traffic Monitor Port

♦ Allows the interference-free fiber optical transfer of data to be
regenerated and its range extended.

♦ Fiber connections via two standard Versatile Link connectors.

♦ RoHS Compliant (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Over 200 Copper & Fiber Optic Switches on GSA!

Over 200 Copper and Fiber Optic Network Switches available to choose from on GSA Schedule GS-35F-0286V!

- U.S. City, State and Federal Government Agencies,Hospitals, Schools and Many Others are eligible for discounted prices and favorable payment and shipping terms for these products. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - 20 Channel ST Fiber AB Switch w/Gang Operation

Model 6265 has 20 channels that allow quick connection to any one of two ST fiber optic interface devices from one common device.

  • Features Gang operation to allow all connected units in gang mode to stay synchronized in the same position.
  • Gang-Connect multiple Model 6265 switch units to simultaneously switch 40 channels, 60 channels, 80 channels...
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Electro Standards Laboratories - High Speed Ethernet-to-RS485/422/232 Converter

Model 4164 (board) High Speed Ruggedized Ethernet-to-RS485/422/232 Interface Converter

  • RoHS Compliant!
  • Convenient board designed for bussed applications!
  • Great for POS, Barcode Readers, ATM's and other multi-drop data collection devices.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - RJ45/48 T1 Interface A/B Switch w/Telnet & GUI

Model 7358 allows the sharing of one RJ45/48 T1 Interface Device among two others.

♦ Remote Control via an Ethernet 10/100 Base-T connection and either Telnet commands or GUI.

♦ Software features simple pint and click operation.

♦ IP Addressable! (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - M8093 DB9 A/B Network Switch, Desktop

Adds Efficiency to Network; Allows Sharing of any DB9 Interface Devices

  • Quick and Easy A/B Switching via Front Panel Rotary Selector
  • No Need to Plug and Unplug Cables; No Chance for Network Reconfiguration Errors!
  • All 9 Leads Switch Simultaneously
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Electro Standards Laboratories - New 3-Channel RJ45 A/B Switch Box w/ RS232 Remote

The PathWay® Model 7251 Tri-Channel RJ45 A/B Switch with RS232 Serial Remote Control

- Switches all 8 pins of the RJ45 interface.

- All three channels switch simultaneously.

- The REMOTE port accepts RS232 Serial Data ASCII commands for switch position control and monitoring. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Model 7406 RJ45 A/B Switch with Remote Control

Model 7406 RJ45 A/B Switch with Remote Control Port

  • Access (2) RJ45 ports via the COMMON port.
  • Control manually via front-panel pushbutton or remotely via RS-232 serial port.
  • Switch retains current position in event of power failure.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - 3-Chn'l SC Duplex A/B/OFFLINE Fiber Switch Remote

The Model 6256 allows the sharing of one SC Duplex device among 2 others, with a secure OFFLINE position, for each of its three channels.

  • Individual Control for each Channel
  • Accepts Contact Closure switch commands for Remote Control
  • Supports Gigabit data rates!
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Hi-Density CAT5/5e Up to 40-Chan'l A/B Switch

Select # of Channels, 100Base-T or 1000Base-T, Cat5 or 5e. We'll do the rest.

M9740/9741 High Density A/B Switch Systems. These switches accommodate up to 40 channels in only 8.75" of panel height. A ton of switching capability! (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Model 4408 A/B Switch Box is Certified for Cat5e!

Model 4408 is a Single Channel Cat5e RJ45 A/B Switch box with Contact Closure Remote Control.

♦ Allows quick connection to any one of two devices from one Common device

♦ Switches all 8 pins of the RJ45 interface.

♦ Certified for Cat 5e compliance. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Fiber/RS485 Converters Support Casino/VLT Networks

Models 4127 and 4129 are ideal for Casino / VLT Data Networks!

These HP Fiber / RS-485 converters connect fiber optic linked terminals to a controller having an RS-485 interface port.

The advantage of conversion to a fiber optic communication standard is that the data transmission is no longer susceptible to electrostatic or electromagnetic fields. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - M9256 Dual Channel RS530 DB25 A/B Switch

Model 9256 has (2) Independent Channels of A/B Switch Function!

  • All 25 leads switched
  • Supports the complete RS530 interface
  • Manual switch - Requires No Power
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