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Electro Standards Laboratories has promoted these products/services:

Electro Standards Laboratories - Board-Only A/B Switch Slave/Master Pair

The Model 4001 and 4002 are versatile board units that have pushbutton footprints with momentary contact closure that may locally or remotely control the position of the switches based on user's requirements.

- The units can operate as a Master, Model 4001, and Slave, Model 4002, pair or as standalone switches. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Precision Manufactured Fiber Optic Network Cables

For trusted, high-quality, throughly tested fiber cables contact Electro Standards Laboratories.

  • MTP/MPO Fanout Cable Assemblies
  • 12, 24, 36 or 72-fiber trunk cable
  • Terminated fiber, Multi or Single Mode, Duplex, Simplex, PVC or Plenum.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - M8076 2-Channel RJ45/110-Block Keylock Switch

Punch down your own connections with this 110-Block, RJ45, 2-Channel Switch!

  • Removable top cover to allow punch down of connections inside.
  • M8076 accepts (2) 8-conductor Cat 5e cables INPUT via two RJ45/110-Block punchdown connectors allowing user to switch-through or break-from two OUTPUT RJ45 exit ports.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Model 8021 BNC Coaxial A/B Switch

Share any BNC peripherals that have BNC Coaxial Interface

  • Share 1 controller with 2 workstations or 1 terminal with 2 controllers.
  • Switches both shield and center conductor of coaxial interface
  • Manual Operation - No Power Required!
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Electro Standards Laboratories - RJ45 CAT5e On-Line/Off-Line Switch, Remote Port

Model 7340A RJ45 CAT5e On-Line / Off-Line Switch with Contact Closure Remote Port, 1U Rackmount

√ On-Line switch position connects port A to port B

√ Off-Line switch position disconnects and isolates port A from port B

√ Features contact closure remote port with contact closure feedback. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - M7370 Now Certified for Cat6A Compliance!

The Model 7370 is an RJ45 A/B Network switch with Serial Remote Control that allows the sharing of one RJ45 Cat6A interface network or device among two others.

Now Certified for Cat6A Compliance!
♦ Utilizes High Performance Shielded RJ45 Connectors.
♦ Accepts RS232 Serial Data ASCII commands to allow off-site monitorin...
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Electro Standards Laboratories - USB Type-A Switch Connects to Multiple USB Devices

♦ The Model 4506 allows users to switch between three USB devices without having to disconnect cables.

♦ Perfect for connecting a computer to multiple USB devices!

♦ Remote control port allows off-site monitoring and switch management. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Ruggedized ST Duplex 100 Base FX Switch/Converter

QuickSwitch Model 4173 ST Duplex A/B 100 Base FX - 100 Base TX Switch/Converter

  • Ruggedized-for-vibration version of our Model 4183!
  • MIL type power connector, mating cable supplied with unit.
  • Fully compliant with the 802.3u 100 Base TX/FX standard.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - New dataView-LVDT GUI Data Acquisition Software

DataView-LVDT is a software application that allows you to run a Model 4215-L Test System from your Windows® computer.

Two real-time numerical displays of data while the test is running!

Optional export feature to download test results to other programs such as Microsoft Word or Excel. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - M9457 2-Channel A/B/C & 1-Channel A/B RJ45 Cat 5e

M9457 is a unique device comprised of a 2-Channel RJ45 A/B/C, Cat5e Switch and a 1-Channel RJ45 A/B Cat5e Switch.

♦ Manually controlled via two front panel rotary knobs.

♦ Rated for 10/100/1000 networks (Up to Cat5e).

♦ No power required. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - DIN Rail Mounted, Fiber-to-USB Converter/Extender

Models 4162-DIN & 4169-DIN convert USB 2.0 compliant data from a standard PC Host interface over fiber to a remote 4-Port powered Hub.

♦ DIN Rail Mounted Units, Extend USB communications in environments subject to high EM / RF interference.

♦ Supports all USB device types: Control, Interrupt, Bulk & Isochronous at up to 480 Mbps.

♦ Tr... (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Model 6270 SC Duplex A/B Fiber Switch, Remote

QuickSwitch® 6270 Fiber Optic SC Duplex A/B Mirror Switch with Remote Serial Control

  • Insertion losses are less than 1.0 dB.
  • MEMS-based multimode mirror switch, 850nm, supports Gig data rate.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Connect/Disconnect Between 2 Fiber Networks w/6277

QuickSwitch Model 6277 is a Single Channel SC Duplex Online/Offline Switch that allows quick connection or disconnection between two fiber optic networks or devices.

♦ OFFLINE switch position stops any and all data throughput for the unit.
♦ Supports Gigabit data rates! (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Model 9448SH has Shielded RJ45 Port Connectors

Model 9448SH enables users to reroute data between two 10/100/1000 Base-T networks with a simple flip of a switch.

√ Certified for Cat5e compliance.

√ Rated for 10/100/1000 Base-T networks.

√ All ports are shielded RJ45 connectors. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Cat6 A/B Switch Modules for Easy Network Expansion

The Model 9069 allows the user to switch an RJ45 device connected to the Common port among two others connected to A or B ports.Easy Expansion! Add more modules having various switch functions as your system grows.Up to eight of the Model 9069's slide into a standard rackmount cage.- Category 6 Compliant (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - RJ45 CAT5e On-Line/Off-Line Switch, Remote Port

Model 7340 RJ45 CAT5e On-Line/Off-Line Switch with Contact Control Remote Port, 1U Rackmount

  • Absolutely NO data passes through the switch when in the OFF-LINE position!
  • The Ultimate FIREWALL!
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Model 7236 8-Channel RJ45 A/B Switch, Remote

Model 7236 8-Channel switches all (8) RJ45 port channels simultaneously, all 8 signals of each port. All 24 ports A, B, and COM of each channel are RJ45. LED display provides switch position/power status. Control via pushbutton, or remotely via DB9 remote ports. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Model 4181 100BaseFX Auto-Fallback AB Fiber Switch

QuickSwitch Model 4181 SC Duplex 100BaseFX Auto Fallback Switch with Remote Access

  • Fallback mode: Monitors for Signal Detect to determine switch position. If primary link is lost, Model 4181 sends alarm message.
  • A/B mode: Switch via pushbutton or via Remote Control Supervisory Port.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - 2-Channel DB9 A/B/C Switch, Simultaneous Switching

Model 9093 Simultaneously Switches Two DB9 Channels via the Front Panel Rotary Switch!

  • Each channel allows access to three DB9 devices.
  • Improves computer network efficiency by allowing sharing of peripherals.
  • Attractive anodized black box packaging provides EMI/RFI shielding.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - 3-Channel Current Sensor Board, 50 Amp x 3
  • The Model 1050 is a three channel closed loop (compensated) current sensor board which uses the Hall effect.
  • The board contains three independent 50 amp current sensors, which can either be independently powered or bussed together by means of jumper settings.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - 2-Channels of Cat5e Switching, Shielded Connectors

The Model 9455SH is a dual-channel RJ45 Network Switch that has the capability to simultaneously switch both channels to A or B via its front panel rotary switch.

√ Rated for 10/100/1000 Base-T Networks

√ All ports are shielded RJ45 Connectors. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Supercaps for Rapid & Reliable Energy Discharge

ULTIMO Lithium Ion Capacitor Prismatic Cells satisfy both Power Density and Energy Density.

  • Supporting various applications such as power electronic systems, Hybrid Energy Storage Systems (HESS) for backup, storage, peak assist, and energy regeneration, contributing to stabilization of power supply, electricity storage, electricity economization and mor...
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Extend 4 USB Connections via High Speed Fiber

The Model 4662-DIN and Model 5169-DIN comprise a Host and a 4-Port USB Wired Hub that extend USB connections up to 500 meters via a high speed interface.

Ideal for applications involving PC communication that require high speed, secure communication, and optical isolation. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Model 6293 Fiber Optic ABC Switch, Single Mode

QuickSwitch 6293 Fiber Optic Mirror A/B/C Switch, Single Mode LC Duplex with Remote Serial Access.

  • Remotely controllable from Terminal Server connection to switch serial CONTROL port.
  • Ideal for Dynamic Backup Applications!
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Electro Standards Laboratories - LVDT AC Excitation Digital Signal Conditioner

The Model 4338 is a CellMite® LVDT digital signal conditioner that connects directly to a standard AC LVDT transducer and simultaneously generates a serial output for connection to a PC and a +/-10V analog output.

The Model 4338 can be operated with a computer or simply set up by a computer and then used as a stand-alone intelligent LVDT digital signal conditioner with analog... (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - MTP/MPO Cassettes for Quick Fiber Installations

ESL has a Line of High-density, Pre-terminated QuickConnect MTP / MPO Cassettes.

♦ Fiber Cassettes breakout 12-Fiber MTP/MPO male inputs to either 12 or 24 LC or SC outputs.

♦ Military style cassette features one MTP military style connector with an 8-strand single mode angle polish. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Cat5e Rotary Switch with Custom Length RJ45 Legs

The Model 8085-XXX Single Channel RJ45 Cat5e A/B Rotary Switch allows the user the capability of accessing two separate devices, ports A and B, via connection through a device connected to the Common port.

  • Designed for installation in any custom enclosure.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Single Channel DB9 A/B Switch, Remote Control
  • Model 4135 shares a DB9 device connected to COMMON port among 2 devices cnnected to A & B port.
  • Switching
    • Locally via pushbutton
    • Remote port accepts either TTL signaling or contact closure
    • Remote Port overrides pushbutton activity.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Model 7204 BNC 5-1 Switch - Manual & Remote

Model 7204 Remotely Controllable BNC Interface 5-1 Switch shares a BNC interface device with 5 other devices.

  • Front Panel Control or Remote Control via DB9 RS232 serial port.
  • Switch position status via front panel LED or via Remote RS-232 serial port.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Fiber Switch, Extra Security&Electrical Isolation

Model 6275 ST Duplex Fiber Optic 8-Position Switch with OFFLINE Position and Remote Serial Control features a front panel keylock to inhibit or permit pushbutton control. (read more)