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Electro Standards Laboratories has promoted these products/services:

Electro Standards Laboratories - 9-Channel DB15 2-Position Switch Supports MIL Apps

Model 8461 9-Channel DB15 switch consists of 9 individually controlled Connect/Disconnect switches.

  • Utilizes MIL components and designed to support rugged MIL applications.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Cat6 RJ45 Switch w/Secure Off-Line Position&Remote

PathWay® Model 7372 is a Cat6 RJ45 2-position switch that allows the user the capability of connecting two separate devices via an Online or Offline connection.

♦ Certified for Cat6 Compliance!
♦ Secure Off-Line switch position
♦ Front panel pushbutton control and Contact Closure Remote Control
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Electro Standards Laboratories - DB9 A/B Auto-Fallback Switch, Contact Closure

Model 4124 DB9 A/B Automatic Fallback Switch shares a single device among two devices connected to A & B ports, Contact Closure Remote Port.

  • Automatic fallback based on data monitoring of pin 3 of the A port and automatic switching occurs after 3 seconds of data loss
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Electro Standards Laboratories - QuickSwitch 6272 ST Duplex Fiber A/B Switch

QuickSwitch Model 6272 ST Duplex Fiber Optic Mirror A/B Switch with Remote Serial ControlSupports fiber optic wavelength of 1300 nm and gigabyte data rate.Features pushbutton control or Remote ASCII Command access through the serial port. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - Model 7387 RS232 A/B Auto Fallback Switch

The Model 7387 Single-Channel RS232 DB25 A/B Switch with Fallback and Remote Port

  • Automatic Fallback Mode - Select the trigger signal: RD or DCD
  • Contact Closure for remote control operation.
  • Pushbutton for local switching.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - M8448 Provides Switch Backup for BNC&RJ45 Networks

Model 8448 is a 4-Channel A/B Switch with Channel 1 utilizing RJ45 connectors certified for Cat 5e Compliance and Channels 2, 3, and 4 utilizing BNC coaxial connectors.

All 4 channels switch simultaneously.
♦ No external power required.
♦ Improves network efficiency by allowing sharing of peripherals.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - M6288 ST Fiber Optic Mirror A/B Switch with Remote

Allows capability to access two separate devices, ports A and B, via a device connected to the Common port.

  • All Fiber Optic Ports are Duplex, Multimode ST Ports.
  • MEMS-Based 1300 nm Mirror Switch supports Gigabyte data rate.
  • Remote Control via ASCII RS232 Serial Data.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - LVDT AC Excitation 2-Channel Signal Conditioner

Model 4338-200 CellMite LVDT AC Excitation Dual-Channel Intelligent Digital Signal Conditioner

  • Connects to 2 AC LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) transducers and simultaneously generates a serial output for connection to a PC and a +/-10V analog output.
  • Operate with a computer or set up with a computer and use as a standalone.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - RoHS, REACH & SVCH Compliant DB25 3-Pos. Switch

Model 9451R is a RoHS, REACH and SVCH compliant Switch that allows quick connection to any one of three DB25 devices or networks from one common device or network.
- Provides reliable network backup for mission critical systems.
- Applicable to switching ANY DB25 interface devices. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - 8-to-1 COAX/RJ45 Cat6 Switch with RS232 Remote

The Model 7383 COAX/RJ45 Cat6 Switch allows quick conversion and connection to any one of 8 RJ45 Cat6 interface devices from one Common COAX interface device.

*Certified for Cat6 Compliance! (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - 16-Channel Cat5 Switch w/ Ethernet & RS232 Remote

Provides the Best of Both Worlds!
Remote Control access through 2 Remote Ports:
RJ45 Remote Port via 10/100Base-T LAN OR DB9 Remote Port accepting ASCII RS232 Serial Data. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - 8-Strand Single Mode Fiber A/B Switch w/Remote

QuickSwitch® 6261 Gigabit 8-Strand Single Mode Fiber Optic (SMF-28) Mirror A/B Switch, 1310 nm LC with Ethernet Access

  • Shares 8 Fiber Optic LC Strands connected to COMMON port among 2 sets of 8 strands connected to A and B ports.
  • Convenient, IP Addressable Switch Control
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Electro Standards Laboratories - ST Duplex Gigabit Fiber Optic A/B Switch, Remote

QuickSwitch® Model 6273 ST Duplex Fiber Optic A/B Switch w/Remote Serial Control

  • Access either of 2 separate Fiber Optic networks.
  • Wavelength: 850nm
  • Gigabit data rate
  • Mirror technology!
  • Remotely monitor status & control switch or pushbutton control.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Gigabit Fiber Switch w/Off-Line pos.& RS232 Remote

QuickSwitch® Model 4292 is a Single Channel Fiber Optic LC Duplex Network Switch with ABCD and Off-Line positions and RS232 Serial Data for Remote Control.

  • MEMS-based mirror/prism switch technology supports Gigabit data rates.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Fiber Optic SC Duplex A/B Switch w/Remote Port

Model 4184 SC Duplex A/B Switch Box Provides Secure Fiber Optic Link Backup!

  • Connects a workstation or device between 2 other devices or networks.
  • RS-232 serial security enhanced Supervisory Remote Port included.
  • Internal circuitry insures isolation between the A & B devices/networks.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - ABCD Switch with 2-Terminal Barrier Strip

The Model 8067 is an A/B/C/D Switch with a 2-Terminal Barrier Strip.

  • Switching connection between devices is quick and easy via front panel rotary selector.
  • No need to plug and unplug cables!
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Keylock Switch & Display Unit for Conference Rooms

Model 5535 4-State, RJ45 Cat5e Switch and Model 5532 Display Indicator Unit comprise a robust conference communications switching system.

Permit signals to pass uninterrupted to SVCN, XNET, and GPCN positions
♦ Isolates in/out copper in the OFF (Off-Line) position.
♦ Keylock actuator for secure switching.
♦ Certified for Cat 5e...
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Cat5e ABCD Switch Ideal for RS485 Multi-Drop Apps

The Model 7332 is an RJ45 Cat 5e A/B/C/D Switch with RS485 Remote that allows access to two RJ45 networks from one Common network or device.

♦ Certified for Cat5e compliance.

♦ 4-Position Switch with Remote port designed for RS485 multi-drop applications. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - M7203 BNC A/B Switch w/Remote Control
  • Capability of accessing 2 separate BNC ports
  • Remote RS-422 ASCII Command access through Serial port or Local Control via Front Panel Pushbutton
  • All Aluminum desktop configuration reduces EMI/RFI
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Electro Standards Laboratories - HD15 & DB9 Crossover Toggle Switch w/Remote

Model 7280 HD15 & DB9 Video Crossover Toggle Switch with Remote Contact Control allows two pairs of compatible devices to exchange interconnections.

  • Operate via front panel toggle switch or remotely via screw terminal Remote port.
  • Each channel (A/B/C/D) contains one HD15 port and one DB9 port.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Model 7209 BNC A/B Switch, RS422 Remote

Model 7209 BNC A/B Switch with RS422 Remote Control, Rackmount

  • Accesses two BNC ports via the common port
  • Remote Control via RS-422 Interface serial port using ASCII Commands
  • Front panel pushbutton control may be locked out remotely
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Electro Standards Laboratories - M8039 Switches Data, Audio & Video to 2 Locations

Model 8039 allows quick & easy connection of PC data, Microphone XLR Audio, and Video channels to either of two remote locations.

  • Simultaneously switches all three channels via front-panel rotary switch.
  • High quality sealed switch with self-wiping low impedance contacts.
  • The RJ45 data channel is certified Cat5 Compliance.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - M7259 2-Channel RS530 AB Switch, Remote

Model 7259 2-Channel RS-530, A/B Switch, DB25, Exclusive Automatic Remote Control & Monitoring

  • The switch will monitor data and when the switch detects a loss of signal it will provide a 1 second time delay before reporting to the external remote control device.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - SCUPS™ Supercapacitor Uninterruptible Power Supply

The SCUPS™ Model 1027 is an encased Super Capacitor Uninterruptible Power Supply unit that provides backup DC power to a nominal 12VDC system in the event that the primary power supply is interrupted.

Typical applications include remote locations with intermittent grid power or renewable energy systems such as solar powered systems. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - USB to Serial Converter Cable, USB to DB9 Male

Cat. No. 528693 is a USB to Serial Converter Cable, USB to DB9 Male, with Male Hardware provides an external plug adn play RS232 serial connection with your computer, allowing you to free up your existing serial port. (read more)

Electro Standards Laboratories - CAT5e Full/Half-Duplex Auto-Fallback AB Switch

Model 7339 CAT5e 10/100/1000 BASE-T Full/Half-Duplex RJ45 AB Auto-Fallback switch with 10/100 BASE-T Remote Port and GUI

  • Auto-switch to backup channel B when data is lost on primary channel
  • Data activity "Watch Dog" switch keeps data flowing
  • Doubles the reliability of data throughput in critical network applications
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Electro Standards Laboratories - Fiber Optic AB Switch, SC Duplex, Secure Remote

The Model 6282 is a single channel SC Duplex A/B Switch with RS232 Remote control.

  • Remote RS232 ASCII commands that allow the user to control switch position, lockout front panel operations and obtain switch status.
  • Remote control of the switch is password protected.
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Electro Standards Laboratories - 2-Channel A/B Switch - Simultaneous Switching

Model 9455 Dual-Channel RJ45 CAT5e A/B Switch, Manual, Simultaneous Switching, Rackmount

  • Rated for 10/100/1000 networks (Up to Cat 5e)
  • High Quality sealed switch with self wiping contacts
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Electro Standards Laboratories - RJ45 PoE Switch w/Touch Control&Programmable Timer

Model 7182 RJ45 Connect/Disconnect PoE Switch with Touch Sensitive Display Control & 8-Hour Countdown Programmable Timer (read more)

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