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Enertrols has promoted these products:

Enertrols - Enertrols EV-Sensors for Process Monitoring

Enertrols EV-Sensors have been designed to detect vibrations in industrial automation applications with devices such as linear modules, rotary actuators, grippers and more. The sensors are positively connected with the device and permanently monitor the vibration level during the work process. (read more)

Enertrols - Stacker Crane Shock Absorbers (ESCS Series)

Designed primarily for emergency applications to improve the performance and safe operation of equipment such as automated storage and retrieval systems. (read more)

Enertrols - Enertrols Gas Springs for Lift-Assist

Now manufactured in Farmington Hills, Michigan, new EGS Gas Springs offer fixed force and adjustable models. Push and pull type designs available. Catalog includes Hydraulic Dampers with and without free travel. (read more)

Enertrols - The Most Effective Way to Stop a Moving Object

By eliminating the damage-causing impact forces created by moving loads and objects through controlled linear deceleration, Enertrols shock absorbers let you:

Increase operating speeds Reduce stress in equipment

Increase operating loads Reduce design & fabrication costs

Increase system performance Reduce noise levels

Increase reliability

... (read more)

Enertrols - Stacker Crane and Crane Bumper Shock Absorbers

Enertrols Stacker Crane Shock Absorbers (ESCS Series) are designed primarily for emergency applications to improve the performance and safe operation of equipment such as automated storage and retrieval systems. During normal operation, the shock absorbers are required to provide only minimal resistance, but are designed to function under full load conditions when necessary. In an emerge... (read more)

Enertrols - Elastomeric Bumpers

Elastomeric high performance bumpers from Enertrols are highly engineered products that absorb more energy per unit of weight and volume than many known materials. In various applications, these dependable bumpers significantly outperform rubber, urethane and coiled steel. (read more)

Enertrols - Sub-Miniature SM 5M Industrial Shock Absorber

Only 1.8 inches (30.0 mm) in length, this durable sub-miniature offers three effective weight ranges for handling a variety of load conditions. Applications include: medical equipment, furniture, business machines, testing equipment and more. (read more)

Enertrols - Enertrols Industrial Hydraulic Shock Absorbers

For years, industry was faced with the problem of stopping moving objects used in manufacturing without destroying them, or the stopping device. Everything that moves possesses kinetic energy that must be dissipated to stop movement. The heavier the object, and/or the faster it moves, the higher the kinetic energy becomes. Impact forces due to stopping become extremely high and damaging... (read more)

Enertrols - Robust Solutions for Motion Control Applications

Enertrols offers a rugged, resilient, reliable line of motion control products to handle hot, heavy-duty, dirty, tough industrial environments. (read more)

Enertrols - EDVC Velocity and Feed Controllers

Hydraulic Speed/Feed Controllers from Enertrols are self-contained sealed units designed for precise control of speed in both directions of travel. The travel speed can be adjusted independently in each direction of travel. (read more)