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Epoxy Technology - Extensive Line of Specialty Hybrid Adhesives

Epoxy Technology Inc, a leading manufacturer of high performance specialty epoxy, UV & Hybrid adhesives for 50 years, is pleased to announce our new line of UV Hybrid adhesives. Developed over several years of research along with advances in the industry, this specialty UV Hybrid line allows engineers to reach new levels of production/process improvement. (read more)

Epoxy Technology - EPO-TEK Product 301-2FL

EPO-TEK 301-2FL is a two component optical, medical and semiconductor grade epoxy resin. It is a more flexible version of EPO-TEK 301-2. (read more)

Epoxy Technology - EPO-TEK® Selector Guide

Epoxy Technology, Inc. (EPO-TEK®) announces the newest version of its product selector guide. This piece provides a full range of electrically & thermally conductive, thermally conductive/electrically insulating, optical/fiber optic, UV curing and UV hybrid epoxy adhesives. (read more)

Epoxy Technology - Epoxy UV Cure Optimization & Novel UV Hybrids

This FREE presentation explains the mechanism of action of epoxy (cationic) UVs and acrylic (free radical) UVs, along with best practices for proper curing. The discussion will include a complete review of proper UV lamp selection (type and format), proper exposure/intensity (and measurement), and optimal product selection (cationic or free radical). (read more)

Epoxy Technology - Novel Epoxy Chemistry with Enhanced Performance

Epoxy Technology's new, state-of-the-art, hybrid adhesives combine the speed of a UV tacking material with the robustness of a heat curing epoxy. This new line will UV tack in seconds; followed by a heat cure. Benefits include: overall process improvement, easier handling, lower stress & shrinkage, tack free in 10-20 seconds, increased thru-put and excellent 85°C/85%RH resistance. (read more)

Epoxy Technology - EPO-TEK® Epoxy/UV Hybrid Adhesives

Epoxy Technology, Inc. (EPO-TEK®) presents our new Epoxy/UV Hybrid Adhesives for Optoelectronics based on the "Industry Standard" EPO-TEK® 353ND. This piece highlights three new hybrid products that allow initial UV tacking, followed by a thermal cure for overall process improvement, ease of handling and higher thru-put. (read more)

Epoxy Technology - EPO-TEK® New Medical Adhesive Catalog

Epoxy Technology, Inc. (EPO-TEK®) announces its latest Specialty Medical Adhesives Brochure. This piece highlights our 18 USP Class VI Bio-Compatible Epoxies including 9 ISO-10993 Certified Materials: EPO-TEK 353ND, H20E, 301, 301-2, OG116-31, 377, 353ND-T, OD2002 and OG198-54. (read more)

Epoxy Technology - EPO-TEK® Specialty UV Curing Adhesives

Epoxy Technology, Inc. (EPO-TEK®) offers an exclusive line of high performance, UV curing adhesives based on Epoxy and Acrylate systems. Our unique formulations provide superior performance for a wide variety of applications. (read more)

Epoxy Technology - Optimizing Thermal Management in Microelectronics

Epoxy Technology, Inc. (EPO-TEK®)presents an updated Thermal Management Brochure to include the Newest additions to the EPO-TEK® Products for Optimizing Thermal Management: EK1000, EK2000 & EK1000-1 (read more)

Epoxy Technology - Glob Top Applications Guide

Epoxy Technology, Inc. (EPO-TEK®) offers a wide selection of optical, thermal and UV epoxies needed for glob top applications. These materials are grouped by the two main types of glob tops: single material hemispherical and two material dam-and-fill. (read more)

Epoxy Technology - EPO-TEK® 353ND Family of Products Selector Guide

Epoxy Technology, Inc. (EPO-TEK®) presents a new comparative piece focused on the industry standard, EPO-TEK® 353ND, and it's related family of products used in semiconductor, hybrid, fiber optic and medical applications. This is a visual and informative piece showing where each product falls based on a variety of physical properties. (read more)

Epoxy Technology - Room Temperature Curing Optical Adhesives

Epoxy Technology, Inc. (EPO-TEK®) presents New Room Temperature Curing Electrically Conductive Optical Adhesives. These materials are ideal for temperature sensitive substrates, no need for an oven to accomodate large parts, and the lowest stress cure for large parts or high stress temperature cycling. (read more)

Epoxy Technology - EPO-TEK® 301 Spectrally Transparent Epoxy

EPO-TEK® 301 is a two component, room temperature curing epoxy featuring very low viscosity, and excellent optical-mechanical properties. (read more)

Epoxy Technology - Room Temp Curing Electrically Conductive Adhesives

Epoxy Technology, Inc. (EPO-TEK®) introduces New Room Temperature Curing Electrically Conductive Adhesives (ECAs). These ECAs are ideal for temperature sensitive substrates, allowing for a lower stress cure, and are best for large parts as well as high stress, temperature cycled parts. (read more)

Epoxy Technology - Custom Formulation Services

Epoxy Technology, Inc. (EPO-TEK®) provides custom formulating services to our customers. Leveraging our over 45+ years of specialty adhesive formulating expertise for your unique application to ensure that we meet your specific formulation requirements. (read more)

Epoxy Technology - EPO-TEK® 353ND Family of Products for Fiber Optics

Epoxy Technology's optical line of adhesives is used for bonding and protective coatings in various fiber optic applications. Our epoxy adhesives are frequently used to bundle optical fibers and bond components in optoelectronic devices. (read more)

Epoxy Technology - Cure Matters

After selecting the appropriate adhesive, determining the proper cure schedule is a very important aspect to achieving optimal adhesive performance for your specific application. (read more)

Epoxy Technology - EPO-TEK® Underfills Guide

Epoxy Technology, Inc. (EPO-TEK®) manufactures a variety of underfills for several applications, with a key distinction being cure temperature. (read more)

Epoxy Technology - EPO-TEK® PCB Applications Guide

Epoxy Technology, Inc. (EPO-TEK®) announces its latest offering for epoxy adhesive selection, our PCB Applications Guide. This interactive tool allows users to select applications within a PCB in order to view each corresponding product recommendation. Each sheet provides mechanical and physical properties for each product to help in selecting the most appropriate epoxy. (read more)

Epoxy Technology - EPO-TEK® Adhesives for Solar Applications

Epoxy Technology announces an expanded line of solar adhesive products for thin film panel assembly. (read more)

Epoxy Technology - EPO-TEK® Low Outgassing Adhesives

Epoxy Technology, Inc. (EPO-TEK®) announces its newly updated Low Outgassing Adhesives brochure. This technical piece has been revised to include several new products that now meet the NASA ASTM E595, MIL-STD 883/5011 and Telcordia GR-1221 Standards. (read more)

Epoxy Technology - Epoxy Adhesive Application Guide

Epoxy Technology, Inc. (EPO-TEK®) offers our newest educational tool designed to assist adhesive users in gaining a more thorough understanding of adhesive properties and testing. (read more)

Epoxy Technology - How to Work Properly with Epoxies

Epoxy Technology, Inc. (EPO-TEK®) announces its new instructional sheet on how to work properly with epoxies from storage and handling to surface preparation, application and proper curing. (read more)

Epoxy Technology - Tech Tip 16 - Understanding Epoxy Resin Bleed

Epoxy Technology, Inc. (EPO-TEK®) announces a new tech tip that provides an overview of resin bleed, ways to avoid it and is meant as a general guideline for epoxy adhesive users. (read more)

Epoxy Technology - Tech Tip 26 - Pot Life, Working Life & Gel Time

Understanding the terms pot life, working life and gel time with regards to EPO-TEK adhesives. Knowing the difference will help with material selection for a specific application. (read more)