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Excelitas Technologies Corp.

Excelitas Technologies Corp. has promoted these products:

Excelitas Technologies Corp. - Compact, High Irradiance UV LED Curing System

The OmniCure® AC275 and AC2110 air-cooled UV LED curing systems are designed with advanced front-end optics to provide high peak irradiance and exceptional uniformity. The standard AC2 systems provide a reduced output angle from typical LED systems, ideal for printing applications, to help eliminate back reflection of the light to print heads. Customized optics available. (read more)

Excelitas Technologies Corp. - New SiAPD Module delivers easy low light detection

The New HeliX™ Silicon Avalanche Photodiode Module is a compact, user friendly, analogue instrument ideal for fluorescence & distributed temperature measurement, flow cytometry, confocal laser endomicroscopy, laser range finding, LIDAR and other low-light-level detection. Optimized for exceptional sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio across the 400–1100nm range. (read more)

Excelitas Technologies Corp. - TPiM DigiPile Module for Temperature Measurement

Excelitas Technologies’ the DigiPile™ Module TPiM 1T 1256 L5.5, allows for greater customization and easy connectivity for non-contact temperature measurement and a range of industrial and commercial applications. (read more)

Excelitas Technologies Corp. - OmniCure® UV LED Curing Systems

New OmniCure® AC8 Series UV LED Curing Solutions for Commercial, Industrial and Medical Applications. This latest addition to the AC Series of UV LED Curing solutions features superior optical uniformity, enhanced process control and ease of integration to support diverse applications in the curing of inks, adhesives and coatings (read more)

Excelitas Technologies Corp. - White High CRI ACULED for Medical OEM Applications

Excelitas' newest "White" ACULED® Model, based on the superior ACULED platform, contains four separately-addressable LED chips. The standard ACULED Model R3C6 comes with Warm-white, Cool-white, Red, and Cyan LED dice. It provides a variety of benefits tailored specifically for medical OEM applications including surgical operating room lighting, dental operatory lighting, a.. (read more)

Excelitas Technologies Corp. - X-Cite® 110LED

New X-Cite® 110LED is a compact, white light LED light source for fluorescence imaging applications. Providing excitation for DAPI, GFP, mCherry, Cy5 and other commonly used fluorophores, the X-Cite 110LED offers a superior LED solution for routine imaging on compound or stereo microscopes with exceptional field uniformity through liquid light guide delivery. (read more)