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FKN Systek, Inc. - S100 Diamond Blade Depaneling Saw

The S100 is a diamond blade depaneling saw for singulating assembled PCBs. The blade is 2.95" (75mm) in diameter and .021" thick. Blade support knives can be used to assure that the board is set at the right heigth for cutting throught the material without touching overhanging components. The edge finish of PCBs cut with the diamond blade saw is as smooth as the surface of the panel. (read more)

FKN Systek, Inc. - Singulate pre-scored LED lighting strips In-line

The FKN Systek K5000 multiple blade PCB depaneling system is the economical way to singulate Pre-Scored PCBs in high volume production. Available as in-line system, automatic rack feed or operater fed system. (read more)

FKN Systek, Inc. - SMT Flow Sensor on a chip.

Thermal Flow Sensors are ideally suitable for measuring minor deviations in pressure and possess the highest sensitivity at low flow rates, as well as a good zero point stability. By using a Thermal Flow Sensor to measure minor deviations in pressure costs can be reduced by a tenth compared to using a Pressure Sensor. (read more)

FKN Systek, Inc. - Safely Insert and Extract PGA Components

The safe way to extract PGA components is to use the correct tool. This PGA extractor can be adjusted to fit any size PGA. Turning the extraction screw will gently lift the Pin Grid Array out of the socket. (read more)

FKN Systek, Inc. - Modular Microliter Pump with 5 or 10 flow channels

DNE microtechnology and 2E mechatronic have developed a new pump system for conveying a wide variety of fluids. It combines all the benefits of different pumps, such as diaphragm, piston injection and peristaltic pumps. The aim was to develop a reliable pump with an exchangeable fluid impelling part which, due to its modular construction, is capable of conveying a variety of fluids in pa... (read more)

FKN Systek, Inc. - Blade Resharpening for Depanelizers

Re-sharpening blades is one way to get the most mileage out your equipment Clean and safe singulation of printed circuit panels using circular blades requires that blades need to be sharp so that there is no excess pressure on the panels as they are separated. As part of your Maintenance schedule you should inspect the blades every 30 days to make sure they are in good condition (read more)

FKN Systek, Inc. - Singulate odd shaped tab routed PCBs with punch.

Singulating round Tab Routed PCBs is clean and quick with the N200 depaneling punch. The upper and lower blade cut the panel cleanly at the edge of the board, eliminating any further board finishing requirements. The operator places the routed section over two locating pins and steps on a pneumatic foot switch to separate the board from the tab. (read more)

FKN Systek, Inc. - Tooling for Circular Blade Depanelizers.

Reduce scrap due to board handling Issues

Certain panels can be difficult to place and keep steady during the singulation process. The right tooling from FKN Systek can make the process of depaneling your PCBs safer and more efficient. Skip scored panels in particular may tend to get out of control after the first few panels are released. (read more)

FKN Systek, Inc. - MID Technology leads to LEDs for Laryngoscopes

Prototypes of LED lights for Laryngoscopes built with MID technology lead to production of long lasting low power requirement lamps for the medical industry. Replace hot power hungry halogens with long lasting LEDs. Contact 2E SysCom for LED Lamps or MID development of connector products. (read more)

FKN Systek, Inc. - Rugged Stepper Motors for Harsh Environments

Rugged Stepper Motors for Harsh Environments are CE certified. Step accuracy ±3% based on a 1.8° step angle and a Dielectric motor strength 1,800 Volts / 1 min. (read more)

FKN Systek, Inc. - Troquelador de PCB garantiza cortes precisios

El troquelador de PCB (tarjetas de circuitos impresos) N100, para singulacion enrrutada por etiquetas, es ideal para volumenes de produccion bajos y medios o como respaldo de costosos equipos. Las placas son cortadas de forma limpia al ubicarlos bajo la cuchilla y apretando el pedal de pie. Todo los que se requires es una conexion a la red de aire a presion de 100 psi. (read more)

FKN Systek, Inc. - Singulate Tab Routed PCBs with the N100 Nibbler

Depaneling square or rectangular tab routed PCBs is dust free and easy with the low cost N100 PCB nibbler. Pneumatically operated, this tool speeds up your production process by cleanly cutting a tab from between two PCB panels. This leaves a clean edge with no further finishing operation needed. Cut off tabs are stored inside the N100 to be discarded at operator convenience. (read more)

FKN Systek, Inc. - Depaneling Saw cuts up to 14 PCB in one pass..

Depaneling up to 14 rows of PCBs in one panel is made convenient and safe with the S300. The saw blade is a 2.95" (75mm) diameter .021" thick diamond coated cutting blade. This PLC controlled machine can singulate up to 24 lines in one pass. (read more)

FKN Systek, Inc. - DIN 41617 Male and Female Headers

DIN 41617 Male and Female Headers for connecting PCBs to backplanes are available off the shelf from 2E SysCom. Male connectors feature straight or right angle solder pins. Female connectors pins are straight solder pins or solder tags. (read more)

FKN Systek, Inc. - Inclination Sensor measures 360 Degrees of Tilt.

Inclination sensors determine the angle of an object in relation to the gravitational field of the Earth. The application possibilities for these sensors are varied: for example the inclination angle of the boom of a crane or a digger could be recorded in order to prevent from tipping over. Machines are being levelled using an inclination sensor. (read more)

FKN Systek, Inc. - PCB work holding Tray for Board Assembly.

Lightweight and sturdy Flat PCB trays hold up to 25 cards for storage and transport at manual workstations. L shaped and standard PCB racks are also available. (read more)

FKN Systek, Inc. - Pneumatic press for wire crimp and IDC assembly.

The C 200 is an economical pneumatically operated table top press which can do a variety of jobs in the electronic and electromechanical assembly process. As a wire crimp tool it is the next step up from the tedious job of hand crimping connector pins to wire assemblies. This versatile tool accepts a variety of crimp dies from different manufacturers (Rennsteig,AMP, Ideal and others). (read more)

FKN Systek, Inc. - F Series Eurocard Connector - 48 pins at 6A/pin

Now available from 2E SysCom, the F Series 48 pin power DIN rated at 6A per pin. The female connector is available in the standard card cage mountable version and in low profile back plane version. Pin configurations include faston forks which can have the contacts soldered onto the pin or be connected to discrete wiring via faston crimp contact. (read more)

FKN Systek, Inc. - IGBT Connector and Cable Assemblies

The IGBT connectors and cable assemblies from 2E SysCom are designed specifically for attaching to the spade terminals on IGBT modules. These are used to connect the IGBT power modules to a printed circuit board (read more)

FKN Systek, Inc. - Thin blade depanelizer for close component spacing

Singulating .020" pre-scored PCBs can be problematic on standard depanelizers because the boards tend to flex when placed between cutting blades. Due to the symmetrical design of the blades and the extra stiffness given to the circular blade by using two bearings, this problem is largely eliminated when using the K7000 for separating thin PCB panels. (read more)

FKN Systek, Inc. - Motorized depanelizer lowers operator stress.

Singulating skip routed PCB panels up to 24" long is made simple and easy with FKN Systek's K4000 PCB depanelizer. Just place the bottom scoreline of the PCB onto the linear blade and step on a foot switch to bring the circular blade across the top scoreline for clean separation of the PCB panels. Available with optional output conveyor. (read more)

FKN Systek, Inc. - Singulate Aluminum core panels up to 24

The K3000 ML36 is specificially designed to singulate panels up to 36" Long. With a custom board support rack and motorized circular blade travel this machine makes it possible to singulate pre-scored pcb panels longer than 24".The K3000 is available in three sizes for singulating 18, 24" and now 36" long panels (read more)

FKN Systek, Inc. - Modular PCB Storage Solutions - F9000

The FKN Systek F9000 is the solution to finding the right size PCB rack for your board holding and transport requirements. You can customize your own board storage solution with this modular system. The basic unit holds 32 boards up to 6.7" (170mm) long. Modules can be assembled side by side to hold longer Printed Circuit Cards. (read more)

FKN Systek, Inc. - Tabletop Router for Depaneling Tab Routed PCBs

The R100 router from FKN systek can be used to safely singulate tab routed panels. Routing speed up to 35,000 rpm with standard router bits (same as used in high speed CNC routing of PCBs) provides a clean edge finish to singulated panels. With built in dust extraction plenum. (read more)