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FLEXIM AMERICAS Corp. has promoted these products/services:

FLEXIM AMERICAS Corp. - Process Analytics by Inline Refractometry

Every substance is characterized by a specific relationship between its refractive index, the temperature and the concentration of its components. Once the refractive index and temperature of the medium are measured, the measurement system is capable of determining the concentration of the medium based on this relationship.

The PIOX® R inline Process Refractometer w... (read more)

FLEXIM AMERICAS Corp. - Clamp-On Flow Meter for Hazardous Areas

With the FLUXUS F808, FLEXIM moves one step further and presents its first clamp-on flow meter for liquids with FM Class I, Div. 1 approval.
The highly rugged FLUXUS F808 flameproof housing is suited for every industrial application.
With its connection and electronic compartment being hermetically sealed, the FLUXUS F808 provides for a maximum of operational safety (read more)

FLEXIM AMERICAS Corp. - Precision Thermal Energy Flow BTU Meter

Looking for lost BTU's? FLEXIM's uncomplicated Thermal Energy / BTU Flow Meters for the Real Estate Sector and Industrial Processes are the answer! (read more)

FLEXIM AMERICAS Corp. - Rugged Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The rugged FLUXUS ADM 7407 clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter from Flexim Americas, just got stronger:

Introducing the FLUXUS ADM 7407.316SE Stainless Steel housed flow meter - FM Class I, Div. 2 approved - withstanding the harshest environments including Offshore.

The FLUXUS ADM 7407.316SE offers all the benefits as our standard FLUXUS flow meters but in a corrosion res... (read more)

FLEXIM AMERICAS Corp. - Flexim HIgh Temperature Transducer

FLEXIM's high temperature transducers for the direct pipe coupling are capable of withstanding permant pipe tempertaure of up to 392°F. For applications where pipe temperatures are exceeding these limits, FLEXIM engineered the patented WaveInjector.

The WaveInjector thermically separates the ultrasonic transducer from the hot pipe, allowing a permanent, reliable and accurate o... (read more)

FLEXIM AMERICAS Corp. - Non-intrusive Water/Wastewater Flow Measurement

In comparison to conventional measurement methods, FLEXIM provides an easier, cheaper and much more reliable solution - also for applications in the wastewater sector. (read more)

FLEXIM AMERICAS Corp. - Process Control Concentration Analyzers

The process analyzer PIOX® S from Flexim Americas, determines the concentration or the density of liquids or further process quantities using ultrasounds. The sound velocity of the liquid is the primarily measured quantity for this task. (read more)

FLEXIM AMERICAS Corp. - Portable Flow Meter for Hazardeous Areas

The new FLUXUS F608 portable flow meter, from FLEXIM AMERICAS, is based on the widely used, highly reliable and versatile F601, but has been specifically engineered for its use within hazardous areas and is covered by an ATEX certification. (read more)

FLEXIM AMERICAS Corp. - FLUXUS® G709 - the Rack Gas Flow Meter

The FLUXUS® G709 gas flow meter is designed for permanent installation in 19" rack systems, with 2 flow channels and a flexible configuration of various inputs and outputs. (read more)

FLEXIM AMERICAS Corp. - Flow Meter for High Temperatures

FLEXIM's WaveInjector® has been specially engineered for high-temperature flow measurement applications. Using patented technology, the WaveInjector thermally separates the ultrasonic transducers from the hot pipe, allowing measurement at temperatures up to 400°. The ultrasonic transducers are simply clamped to the outer surface of the pipe, using coupling plates for acoustic contact. (read more)

FLEXIM AMERICAS Corp. - FLUXUS® F601 Portable Flowmeter

The battery-powered ultrasonic flowmeter FLUXUS® F601 is an ideal tool for service work and quick control measurements. Its clamp-on flow transducers are simply mounted onto the pipe from the outside and are thus quickly installed, without process interruption. (read more)

FLEXIM AMERICAS Corp. - Clamp-On Hydrocarbon Flowmeters

FLEXIM's HPI Flow Meter is designed for standard volume compensated flow measurement
in hydrocarbon applications. The meter also identifies fluids and detects
interfaces between batches of different fluids. (read more)

FLEXIM AMERICAS Corp. - Portable Gas Flowmeter FLUXUS® G 601

FLEXIM's portable gas flowmeter FLUXUS ® G601 offers unmatched flexibility. Clamp-on ultrasonic transducers are fixed to the pipe rapidly and without interrupting the process. The range of application is uniquely wide. The battery-powered meter is an ideal tool for service work and quick control measurements. (read more)