POSITAL - FRABA - New POSITAL Rotary Encoder Finder

POSITAL has updated its web site to give customers a more convenient tool for specifying rotary and tilt sensors that meet the exact requirements of their applications. (read more)

POSITAL - FRABA - New IXARC Incremental Encoders

IXARC magnetic encoders provide an incremental interface with A, B, Z, and inverted signals available as HTL (Push-Pull) or TTL (RS422). (read more)

POSITAL - FRABA - IXARC 16 bit High Precision Magnetic Encoders

Meeting the high performance of an optical encoder, but providing much smaller size, IXARC magnetic encoders can replace most optical encoders in almost all applications, even in dynamic situations like motor feedback applications. (read more)

POSITAL - FRABA - Absolute Rotary Encoders w/ Many Great Interfaces

POSITAL's IXARC absolute rotary encoders support a wide range of output interfaces, including serial (SSI), bit-parallel, DeviceNet, CANopen, SAE J1939, PROFIBUS and the most widely used varieties of industrial Ethernet (EtherNet/IP, Modbus, Powerlink, PROFINET and TCP/IP-UDP). These versatile, affordable devices offer precision and multi-turn capability in a compact, rugged package (read more)

POSITAL - FRABA - 100,000 Encoder Models Available Through Amazon

POSITAL has opened a new distribution channel for their high-performance IXARC rotary encoders and TILTIX inclinometers through an arrangement with the popular Amazon online retail portal. (read more)

POSITAL - FRABA - Fast EtherCAT Rotary Encoder

POSITAL’s new optical encoders with EtherCAT provide high-speed data for positioning and speed control – they ensure extremely short cycle times of up to 62 µs. Thanks to their distributed clock function, they allow users to synchronize axes with a deviation of <1 µs. (read more)

POSITAL - FRABA - ATEX Explosion Proof Encoders

POSITAL's IXARC explosion proof rotary encoders are designed with mining, agricultural and oil and gas applications in mind. These sensors are ATEX certified and meet stringent IECEx regulations. (read more)

POSITAL - FRABA - Super Heavy Duty Inclinometers

POSITAL-FRABA’s versatile TILTIX inclinometers are available packaged in extra-rugged die-cast aluminum housings designed to withstand accidental impact loads from tools, rocks or unsecured pieces of equipment. They also feature reinforced connection points for heavy-duty cables and connectors, mounting holes for ¼” (M6) bolts and solid flanges that won’t be dama... (read more)

POSITAL - FRABA - POSITAL IXARC Incremental Rotary Encoders

Meeting the high performance of an optical encoder, but providing much smaller size, IXARC incremental high precision magnetic encoders can replace most optical encoders in almost all applications, even in dynamic situations like motor feedback applications. (read more)

POSITAL - FRABA - LINARIX Draw Wire Sensors for Linear Measurements

Draw wire sensors are a reliable and low cost approach to get short (=<15m) length measurements. Also called string-pots or cable-pulls, these absolute sensors are available with many different interfaces (analog, SSI, CANopen, Ethernet, etc). They are ideal for positioning tasks ranging from production lines to mobile machinery. (read more)

POSITAL - FRABA - EtherNet/IP Absolute Rotary Encoder

POSITAL's IXARC absolute rotary encoders offer excellent accuracy, reliability and versatility, plus a full-function EtherNet/IP interface. IXARC encoders have 16-bit resolution (65,536 steps/turn) and optional multi-turn capability (16,384 revolutions). They operate reliably in most conditions, with an operating temperature range of -40 to +85 °C and environmental protection to IP67 (read more)

POSITAL - FRABA - POSITAL's Expanded Rockwell Encompass Products

POSITAL has recently expanded its line of products in the Rockwell Encompass Program. In addition to the full line of POSITAL Inclinometers, the program now includes the Programmable Potentiometer. This non contact device is easily scalable, comes in a variety of different mechanical options and is much more reliable than traditional contact-based potentiometers. (read more)

POSITAL - FRABA - Encoders and Tilt Sensors for Mobile Machinery

Absolute Position Sensors used in Mobile Machinery highly precise and environmentally robust to provide accurate and reliable information. To meet the needs of the construction, agricultural and mining industries POSITAL offers a wide vareity of absolute rotary encoders, inclinometers and draw wires. CANopen, SAE J1939 and many other interfaces (read more)

POSITAL - FRABA - Hollow Shaft Encoders

Cologne – FRABA POSITAL's OPTOCODE series of absolute rotary encoders now also includes models with a hollow shaft (Ø 12 mm) that may be fitted with a torque support or clamping rings on both sides. The encoders feature an SSI interface as well as single-turn encoders with a CANopen interface. All multi-turn models, including the through hollow shafts, are equipped with FRABA's proven gearing tech... (read more)

POSITAL - FRABA - TILTIX Inclinometer with CANopen + J1939

Robust inclinometer available as a dual-axis (+/- 80°) or single axis (0-360°) device in a compact and heavy-duty industrial design (IP69). With devices interfacing with CANopen, SAE J1939, DeviceNet, SSI and Analog these devices integrate easily into a wide variety of industrial and heavy duty enviornments. (read more)

POSITAL - FRABA - VITECTOR Safety Edges Protect People & Equipment

VITECTOR Safety Edges' are devices that are mounted on the edge of large moving objects - such as doors, robot arms or automated guided vehicles - to provide an instantaneous warning signal to a control system when the object collides with a person or object in its path. This can prompt the control system to stop or reverse the motion to avoid harming the person or object. (read more)