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Fischer Technology, Inc.

Fischer Technology, Inc. has promoted these products/services:

Fischer Technology, Inc. - FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDV®-SDD

High performance X-ray measuring system with a programmable X/Y-stage and Z-axis for automated measurements of very thin coatings and for trace analysis. (read more)

Fischer Technology, Inc. - FISCHER Receives ISO 17025 Accreditation

Technology has accreditation to ISO/ IEC 17025:2005 by the
American Association of Accreditation Laboratories. ISO 17025 is the leading,
internationally accepted standard for calibration laboratories and
accreditation by A2LA demonstrates Fischer’s continued pursuit of quality
excellence. (read more)

Fischer Technology, Inc. - Phosphorus Content and Thickness of ENP

Fischer Technology is pleased to announce the capability of non-destructively measuring simultaneously the phosphorous content and thickness in electroless nickel (NiP) coatings using X-ray Fluorescence Instrumentation (XRF). (read more)

Fischer Technology, Inc. - Compact Instruments Measure Coating Thickness

The DUALSCOPE® MP0 and PERMASCOPE® MP0 pocket instruments measure coating thickness easily, quickly and non-destructively with the precision that is typical for all Fischer instruments. (read more)

Fischer Technology, Inc. - Measure lubricant thickness in metal processing

With the FISCHERSCOPE® MMS® PC2 and the probe Z15NG, it is possible to measure the thickness of lubricants on metals to ensure optimal workflows for chipless sheet metal forming. (read more)

Fischer Technology, Inc. - Inspection Plans and DUALSCOPE® FMP100

FISCHER's DUALSCOPE® FMP100 used in combination with the optionally available inspection plan management software, FISCHER DataCenter IP, turns this professional measurement instrument into a powerful multi-functional data terminal, opening up a whole new dimension in metrology. (read more)

Fischer Technology, Inc. - Testing Gold Bullion using Electrical Conductivity

How can you make sure that you don’t buy faked bullions or gold coins? (read more)

Fischer Technology, Inc. - XRF Measurements on PCB & Electronic Components

Measuring applications in the electronics industry are extremely diverse and often very challenging. To ensure the ideal instrument is available to suit the particular needs of the customer, FISCHER offers a broad range of X-ray fluorescence measurement systems. (read more)

Fischer Technology, Inc. - FISCHER Conductivity Standards

Fischer Technology, Inc. offers new conductivity standards or the re-certification of existing conductivity standards. Certified standards are available for the entire conductivity range traceable to internationally recognized calibration standards. (read more)

Fischer Technology, Inc. - Holiday testing of enamel coatings on equipment

Vitreous enamel makes an excellent anti-corrosion barrier for the boilers and tanks used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. But this protection is only guaranteed if the coating is 100% continuous and has no pores, cracks, or other defects that could allow exchange between the equipment and its contents. This requires a reliable porosity (holiday) test. (read more)

Fischer Technology, Inc. - Fischer Instruments for Corrosion Protection

In the field of corrosion protection, the importance of coating thickness measurement and conformance to regulations and standards such as the International Maritime Organization Performance Standard for Protective Coatings (IMO PSPC) and the Society of Protective Coatings Paint Application Standard No. 2(SSPC-PA2) are increasingly important. (read more)

Fischer Technology, Inc. - Universal Coating Thickness Measurement

Different applications require different test methods. The FISCHERSCOPE® MMS® PC2 combines the most commonly used non-destructive test methods in one measuring system. (read more)

Fischer Technology, Inc. - Rotating Screen Coating Thickness Gauge

Measuring the thickness of coatings on parts determines how long and well they will perform. It is a critical requirement for the production and incoming inspection of finished goods. (read more)

Fischer Technology, Inc. - Testing Solder Quality on PCBs

Because many directives prohibit lead and other heavy metals on printed circuit boards, the coating systems used must now be lead free. Therefore the thickness of the pure tin in the coating must be checked before soldering. (read more)

Fischer Technology, Inc. - Coating thickness of PVD-coated tools Using XRF

As with all types of coatings, the PVD process must also be closely monitored and the thickness of the PVD-deposited layer measured. Alongside standard destructive testing methods, the non-destructive X-ray fluorescence method (XRF) is preferable for this purpose. (read more)

Fischer Technology, Inc. - Measure copper thickness in thru holes on PCBs

The precise measurement of copper thickness in plated PCB through-holes is made easy with specialized probes (ESL080B / ESL080V) used in conjunction with FISCHER eddy current instruments, such as the PHASCOPE® PMP10 or the FISCHERSCOPE® MMS® PC2. (read more)

Fischer Technology, Inc. - FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY for Thin Coatings

Measure and analyze very thin coatings, even with complex compositions with the FISCHERSCOPE® XDAL® (read more)

Fischer Technology, Inc. - XRF for Assaying and Refineries

The well-established X-ray fluorescence method (XRF) provides an excellent alternative for analyzing the content of precious metals – without damaging the object. (read more)

Fischer Technology, Inc. - Entry level X-ray fluorescence

The FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XAN® 315 is the cost-effective entry-level X-ray fluorescence measuring instrument for non-destructive analysis of jewelry, coins and precious metals. (read more)

Fischer Technology, Inc. - Porosity testing on pipelines & marine structures

Ensuring the long-term protection of parts exposed to the extremely harsh conditions found in offshore environments requires intact anti-corrosion coatings. Any void, gap or pore in the coating can significantly shorten the lifetime of protected components. To control the quality of these crucial coatings, porosity testing is mandatory. (read more)

Fischer Technology, Inc. - Measure CDP Coatings Inside Hollow Car Parts

In the automotive industry, the anti-rust warranty has become an important hallmark of car quality. Particularly in hard-to-reach areas such as the cross beams and pillars of the steel car body, specified tolerances for CDP coating thicknesses must be ensured, because in these areas, corrosion can proceed long undetected. (read more)

Fischer Technology, Inc. - High Tech Element Identification with XRF

Precious metals are the basis for jewelry production; however, they are also often used in high-tech industries such as electronics and medicine. Highest purity of the base metals, precise alloying and control of trace and minor elements are the basis of all precious metal products. (read more)

Fischer Technology, Inc. - Measuring Electrical Conductivity of Aluminum

The electrical conductivity is an important material property that not only gives information about how well a metal conducts electricity but also about its composition, microstructure or mechanical properties. It can be used to draw conclusions about the hardness and strength of heat-treated materials. (read more)