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FLEX-CORE has promoted these products:

FLEX-CORE - Transducer For Use on Power Frequency Applications

High accuracy over wide frequency ranges.

Provides analog output which is proportional to the instantaneous frequency of the input signal.

UL and CUL listed. (read more)

FLEX-CORE - For 3 Phase Voltages & 3 Current Transformers



• 600V - 30 Amp Base
• 1, 2, or 3 Pole
• Fuse Block supplied with fuse cover (read more)

FLEX-CORE - Split-Core Current Transformers


Designed for easy installation on large bus or wire conductors in order to make electrical load surveys or for continuous monitoring of current (read more)

FLEX-CORE - For enclosures with dimensional constraints


• Ideal for use in enclosures with dimensional constraints.

• Designed for industrial environments.

• OEM measurement systems.

• Designed for use with current transformers.

• Easily integrated into control systems. (read more)

FLEX-CORE - Flexible Split-Core Current Transformers

Manufactured in the United States, the Flex-Core current transformer has been developed with the customer's application needs in mind. The unique twisting motion supplies fast and easy installation on busbars and cable conductors. Various ratios and opening sizes are in stock and ready for immediate delivery (read more)

FLEX-CORE - Small Transformer with Metering Class Accuracy

2DARL Features

Low cost solutiuon

Small size transformer with metering class accuracy

Ratios available from 50:5A up to 300:5A

Perfect for ammeters, wattmeters, and cross current compensation (read more)

FLEX-CORE - UL Recognized Flexible Split-Core Transformer

Most Ratios Stocked

Seven Opening Sizes

Other Ratios Available

1 or 5 Amp Secondaries

0-.333V or 1.0V Secondaries

Custom Inserts Available (read more)

FLEX-CORE - AC Operated Current Switch

SCS-1150A-LED, CS-1150A-LED

AC Operated Current Switch (Split-Core)

• Adjustable Setpoint
• Self-Powered
• Smart LED
• UL Listed
• Switches AC or DC (read more)

FLEX-CORE - Accurate regardless of variations in voltage

For use with SCR controls, chopped waveforms, or where harmonic components exist

Accurate regardless of variations in voltage, current,power factor, or load (read more)

FLEX-CORE - Intelligent Digital Meter Relay

Intelligent Digital Meter Relay for Monitoring, Measurement, and Control Applications (read more)

FLEX-CORE -  For Outdoor or Direct Burial Applications!

For use with energy management systems and instrumentation

Designed for assembly without the need for dismantling the primary bus or cables (read more)

FLEX-CORE - Transformers Designed For Operation Line to Line

These transformers are designed for operation line-to-line. They may also be operated line-to-ground or line-to-neutral at reduced voltage. (58% of rated volts) (read more)

FLEX-CORE - Current Transformers for Relaying or Metering



For relaying or metering

High Relay Class Models

UL Recognized

Window I.D. - 7.31" (read more)

FLEX-CORE - Analog Switchboard Meters For Industrial Use

Analog Switchboard Meters from FLEX-CORE are designed for industrial use, featuring strong steel case with rugged mounting studs and electrical terminals. (read more)

FLEX-CORE - High Voltage Potential Transformer

• Frequency ....60Hz.
• Standard Secondary Voltage .. 120VAC
• Insulation Class ....15.5kV, BIL 110KV Full Wave
• UL Recognized
(read more)

FLEX-CORE - CDT Transducer: When Space Is A Consideration

AC current Transducer/transformer, model CTD.

• The CTD Series of AC Current Transducers provide a DC output which is proportional to the AC current input. The output is derived from the average absolute value of the input and calibrated as the RMS value of the sine wave.

• Ideal for Applications where space is a consideration. (read more)

FLEX-CORE - Insensitive to Polarity and easy to install

AC Current Transducer/CT

• Insensitive to Polarity

• Designed for applications requiring accurate current measurements.

• Easy to install (read more)

FLEX-CORE - When inexpensive voltage measurement is required.

AVT AC Voltage Transducer

Accurate , reliable voltage measurement

2200Vac input/output isolation

UL, CUL,CE Recognized (read more)

FLEX-CORE - Accurate, reliable voltage measurement!

Accurate, reliable voltage measurement.

Three seperate inputs, three outputs.

Input/output isolation.

UL, CUL, CE Listed. (read more)

FLEX-CORE - For inexpensive current measurement

• Designed for use in applications which require inexpensive current measurement.

• Designed to withstand motor start-up transients. (read more)

FLEX-CORE -  The MT Series of Transducers

The MT Series of Transducers were designed as a Watt Transducer capable of multiplying two individual DC voltage signals to provide an output directly proportional to the instantaneous product of the two input signals (read more)

FLEX-CORE - For Continuous Monitoring of Current


• For Indoor or Outdoor Use
• Most Ratios Stocked
• Seven Opening Sizes
• Other Ratios Available
• 1, 3, or 5 Amp Secondaries
• Dual Tap Ratios Available
• 0-1 Volt Ac Output Available
• 0-.333 Volt Ac Output Available
• Loop Coil... (read more)

FLEX-CORE - For Nonsinusoidal Waveforms Measurement

Accurate measurement of the true RMS value of input signals over a wide frequency range.

Input/output isolation. (read more)

FLEX-CORE -  Easy Installation On Bus or Wire Conductors

The Model FCL flexible split-core current transformer is designed for easy installation on bus or wire conductors in order to make electrical load surveys or for continuous monitoring of current (read more)