Fredericks Company - Televac - MP4AR Remote Convection Gauge by TELEVAC

The MP4AR provides a compact stand-alone measurement solution for applications that do not require traditional panel-mounted instrument readouts. These modules can provide local readout, relay control, and analog output for data acquisition or computer control systems. The patented 4A convection sensor provides high stability and fast response. It measures a wide vacuum range with repeat... (read more)

Fredericks Company - Televac - Penning Cold Cathode Sensor by TELEVAC

The 7B cold cathode is a penning-type sensor. In this configuration the anode is placed midway between two parallel-connected cathodes. The anode is a loop of metal wire whose plane is parallel to that of the cathodes. A potential difference of a few kilovolts is maintained between the anode and the cathodes. In addition, a magnetic field is applied between the cathodes by a permanent ma... (read more)

Fredericks Company - Televac - TELEVAC ETI Nude Ionization Gauge

The ETI Nude Ionization Gauge is a high-sensitivity gauge covering the vacuum range of 1 x 10-3 to 2 x 10-11 Torr (Argon). This tube features replaceable filaments, dual Tungsten or single iridium, and a small diameter-cage tantalum grid on platinum-clad, molybdenum support rods. A .005" - diameter collector is used. This results in a low X-ray limit, sensitive tube... (read more)

Fredericks Company - Televac - TELEVAC Vacuum Measurement Product Guide

Televac is a leading company whose only business is producing products for vacuum measurement and control. Our single minded focus enables us to better serve our markets and customers than our competitors. In an age when customers often feel their needs come last, Televac remembers who we work for. (read more)

Fredericks Company - Televac - Ball Bank Indicators by Fredericks Company

Slip / Ball Bank Indicators: For tilt applications where a visual indication or measurement is required, Fredericks ball bank indicators are ideal. Ball bank indicators are comprised of a glass tube, bent to a specific radius, which determines its angular range. (read more)

Fredericks Company - Televac - TELEVAC 7FCS Quick Start Cleanable Cold Cathode

The Televac model 7FCS is specially designed for applications where power interruption is expected at ultra high vacuum. If your application requires turn on in the 10-8 Torr range or higher, turn on will occur in less than 5 seconds, 10 times faster than standard cold cathodes. The 7FCS employs patented Double Inverted Magnetron sensor technology combined with a thermionic ig... (read more)

Fredericks Company - Televac - Glass-to-Metal Sealing by Fredericks Company

Press stem sealing requires the specialized glass techniques and equipment which Fredericks has developed over the decades. These stem assemblies consist of a glass wafer containing a series of hermetically sealed leads and, where required, a glass tubulation. (read more)

Fredericks Company - Televac - Fredericks Dual Axis Tilt Switch 0729-1736-99

The Fredericks - Dual axis tilt switch has been designed with the ability to be pre-programmed via an RS232 link to be adaptable for many applications. These features can be preset by the factory to customer specifications or by the end product user. With one basic model all features can be preset such as - set trip angles, set zero position, set trip delay (on and off), set polarity of... (read more)

Fredericks Company - Televac - Fredericks Single Axis Programmable Tilt Switch

Fredericks Programmable Tilt Switch is a combination Microprocessor based electronics and TrueTiltTM dual axis tilt sensor in a compact, high-impact plastic case. This design provides the user with a non-mercury, field settable switch solution for many applications. The assembly can be easily custom configured for a wide variety of angle range trip points. It avoids the wide hysterisis e... (read more)

Fredericks Company - Televac - TELEVAC Piezo Diaphragm Vacuum Sensors

Piezo Diaphragm Vacuum Sensors Provide a Wide Range of Measurement and Fast Response Time at a Fraction of the Cost of Capacitance Diaphragm Gauges (read more)

Fredericks Company - Televac - Signal Conditioner Assembly by Fredericks Company

The Signal Conditioner Assembly is a combination Microprocessor based electronics and TrueTiltTM dual axis tilt sensor in a weather resistant, high-impact plastic case. This new design has proven successful in applications that demand high accuracy, low power consumption, "field" durability, and easy mounting. The assembly can be custom configured for a wide variety of angle ranges and o... (read more)

Fredericks Company - Televac - TELEVAC 2A and Miniature 2A sensors

In order to transport cryogenic gases over distances between storage vessels and point of use, the piping that contains the gases is suspended within an annulus that is reduced in pressure in order to maintain a thermal barrier to the ambient temperature. (read more)

Fredericks Company - Televac - TELEVAC MX4A Active Vacuum Gauge

The MX4A Active Gauge utilizes an easily replaceable Televac 4A convection vacuum sensor. It has a variety of features including a wide range of measurement from 1 x 10-4 up to 1000 Torr, RS-485 communications, two programmable set points, and a selectable analog output. (read more)

Fredericks Company - Televac - 0751 Series Absolute Stand Alone Inclinometer

The 0751 Series contain 3D-MEMS-based dual axis inclinometer modules that provide instrumentation grade performance for leveling applications in harsh environment.

The measuring axis of the sensing elements are parallel to the mounting plane and orthogonal to each other.

Low temperature dependency, high resolution and low noise, together a with robust sensing element design... (read more)

Fredericks Company - Televac - Have you Considered Electrolytic Tilt Sensors?

Electrolytic tilt sensors have a long history of reliable operation in applications ranging from high performance avionics systems to precision seismic monitoring instruments to consumer electronics. Recent years have seen an increase in the popularity of MEMs accelerometers and tilt sensors. They can be found in consumer products such as automobiles, gaming controls, and mobile phones.... (read more)

Fredericks Company - Televac - Analog Inclinometers by Fredericks Company

Dual Axis Analog Inclinometer 0729-1755-99

The 0729-1755-99 analog inclinometer utilizes a Fredericks TrueTilt™ wide range electrolytic tilt sensor and analog signal conditioner. Its robust plastic housing and epoxy potting provide excellent durability and environmental protection. This inclinometer has superior tolerances and unit to unit performance. Its low profile... (read more)

Fredericks Company - Televac - TELEVAC Portable Vacuum Gauges

This economical, portable gauge is ideal for field applications. It is lightweight, compact, and easy to operate. Solidly built and rechargeable, the B2A-1-BAT offers excellent accuracy and versatility. Controls are front-panel mounted for direct access. Simply lift the flap of the carrying case, apply the sensor, and use. This reliable vacuum gauge offers unmatched flexibility and accur... (read more)

Fredericks Company - Televac - Custom-designed Wire Filaments by TELEVAC

Televac/ETI, a leading ISO9001 manufacturer of UHV measurement sensors, filaments, glass-to-metal seals and feedthroughs, has announced availability of custom-designed ribbon and wire filaments and completed assemblies in short run quantities.

Fabricated from tungsten, rhenium, or iridium, the filaments are available in straight, hairpin, “V” shape, spiral or special c... (read more)

Fredericks Company - Televac - Proportional Linear Sensor by Fredericks Company

Specialty Tilt Sensor 0726 Series Mid-Range Toroidal

This gravity-sensing toroidal tilt sensor is designed for minimum sensitivity to vibration. The specific design can be modified to change resonant frequency for specific applications.

Fredericks Company is the leading ISO9001-2008 designer and manufacturer of precision tilt sensors, vacuum measurement device... (read more)

Fredericks Company - Televac - Dual Axis Programmable Tilt Switch 0729-1736-99

The Fredericks - Dual axis tilt switch 0729-1736-99 has been designed with the ability to be pre-programmed via an RS232 link to be adaptable for many applications. These features can be preset by the factory to customer specifications or by the end product user. (read more)

Fredericks Company - Televac - Fredericks expands line of Dual Axis Inclinometers


Fredericks Company - Televac - CC-10 Compact Gauge and Controller by TELEVAC

The CC-10 is a self-contained compact gauge and controller designed to replace multiple conventional vacuum gauges by incorporating the latest sensor technology to permit seamless measurement of twelve decades of pressure. This gauge uses dual sensor technology. Rough vacuum, from atmospheric pressure to 10-2 Torr is measured using a crystal sensor, while pressure from 10-2 Torr to 1 x 1... (read more)

Fredericks Company - Televac - New MX2A Active Thermocouple Gauge

Televac Expands MX Series Active Gauge Line with Addition of New MX2A Active Thermocouple Gauge (read more)

Fredericks Company - Televac - Fredericks Company Tilt Sensors & Electronics

Fredericks' comprehensive product lineup includes TrueTilt™ electrolytic tilt/inclination sensors & switches, signal conditioning boards, inclinometers/tilt instrumentation, ON/OFF and tilt switches, MEMS inclinometer and the V-PRO vehicle predictive rollover system covering a range of measurement solutions from arc seconds to 180°.

Fredericks Company is the leading... (read more)