Product Announcements



GAF has promoted these products:

GAF - Water-Based WeatherCote™ Elastomeric Coating

Get the benefits of a quality elastomeric coating without breaking the bank! GAF introduces WeatherCote™ Elastomeric Coating, a water-based acrylic roof coating that provides a durable, protective weathering layer for commercial roofs. (read more)

GAF - M-Thane™ One-Part Pourable Sealant

GAF M-Thane™ One-Part Pourable Sealant is a moisture cure, self-leveling sealant. Use with the M-Curb™ Pitch Pan System and M-Bond™ Adhesive/ Sealant on asphaltic built-up (BUR) and modified bitumen (SBS & APP) roof systems. (read more)

GAF - M-Thane Two-Part Pourable Sealant

GAF M-Thane™ Two-Part Pourable Sealant is a self-leveling, two-component urethane rubber sealant. When Part A and Part B are mixed properly, M-Thane™ Two-Part Pourable Sealant cures as a tough, waterproof rubber with excellent adhesion to asphaltic membranes, concrete, steel, aluminum, wood, glass, and PVC. (read more)

GAF - GAF Supporting Building Industry

GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, is honored to have been selected by GreenWizard as the Category Leader for Roofing in its selection of manufacturers that achieved outstanding performance in green building. (read more)

GAF - GAF Asphalt Shingle Plant Earns Certification

GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, is proud to announce that its Myerstown, Pennsylvania, plant is the first asphalt shingle plant in North America to achieve the Waste Diversion from Landfill certification. (read more)

GAF - TruSlate™ - Genuine Slate Roofing

The TruSlate™ system can make your dream of owning ­a genuine slate roof a reality. It features real hand-split quarried slate, not some synthetic imitation. Most important, TruSlate is often comparable in price to imitation slate. (read more)

GAF - EverGuard® Extreme™ Thermal Protection TPO

GAF scientists have created a new grade of TPO single-ply membrane that is built to handle the extreme demands that new roof top applications can place on roofing membranes. EverGuard Extreme TPO uses proprietary stabilizers and UV absorbers to achieve weathering performance far beyond current standards. (read more)

GAF - Affordable Luxury Shingles

GAF Materials Corporation, the largest roofing manufacturer in North America, has expanded its Lifetime Designer Shingles Value Collection, which features Camelot® II, Country Mansion® II, and Grand Slate™ II shingles. This line offers the beauty of luxury designer shingles at an incredibly affordable price. (read more)

GAF - GAF Announces Groundbreaking Lifetime Warranty

GAF Announces Groundbreaking Lifetime Limited Warranty On All Of Its Laminated Roofing Shingles

Homeowners To Benefit From Multiple Decades Increase In Warranted Performance* (read more)

GAF - GAF Materials Drives to Greener Operations

GAF Materials Corporation, the nation's largest roofing and ventilation manufacturer, is pleased to announce that all of its roofing plants now recycle manufacturing shingle waste, diverting thousands of tons of material from landfills annually. (read more)

GAF - Master Flow Green Machine Solar Powered Vent

GAF, the nation's largest roofing and ventilation manufacturer, announces the addition of Master Flow® Green Machine™ Solar Powered Ridge Vents to its line of ventilation products. (read more)

GAF - Ruberoid® Family Modified Bitumen Membranes

GAF, the largest roofing manufacturer in North America, has added two new modified bitumen membranes to the Ruberoid® family: Ruberoid® EnergyCap™ MOP FR and Ruberoid® MOP PLUS SMOOTH. (read more)

GAF - Timberline® Cool Series Shingles

Now get potential energy savings (and even tax credits) when you install GAF-Elk Timberline® Cool Series Shingles. Thanks to modern reflective technology, you can join the green revolution with Cool Series roofing shingles. Our highly reflective shingles can help to reduce temperatures in your attic, so your home will stay cooler in the summer-to save on air conditioning costs. (read more)

GAF - EverGuard® TPO HW Membrane

EverGuard® Freedom™ TPO HW is a self-adhered membrane with a heat weldable seam available in 45 mil and 60 mil thickness in 2 versatile colors: ENERGY STAR®qualified white and earth tone tan. (read more)