GE Digital Energy - GE HV/MV Equipment

As a global leader in grid infrastructure products and services, GE supports a broad set of utility applications ranging from transmission and substation automation to distribution networks and smart metering. Through an alliance with XD Electric®, GE has extended its portfolio to include high and ultra-high voltage power equipment.

Transformers: GE offers a wide ra... (read more)

GE Digital Energy - Grid IQ Insight™

Grid IQ Insight allows customers to visualize, analyze, and optimize their data to provide a unified, real-time view of their operations. Our solution allows utilities to drill down into root causes, optimize operations with powerful algorithms, and work in concert with their underlying infrastructure. (read more)

GE Digital Energy - CyberSentry™ SEM Security Event Manager

CyberSentry™ SEM Security Event Manager is GE's cyber security management and monitoring system, specifically designed to help utilities and energy intensive industrial companies manage security risks. Standing guard 24/7, CyberSentry SEM monitors for configuration changes and cyber security issues. (read more)

GE Digital Energy - MultiLink™ ML3000 Managed Ethernet Switch

The MultiLink™ ML3000 Managed Ethernet Switch has been designed for the specific requirements of devices used in utility and industrial environments. The MultiLink ML3000 supports many unique features that allow for full redundancy under network fault conditions. (read more)

GE Digital Energy - Multilin™ D20MX Substation Controller

Distribution and transmission industries are under pressure to ensure that their grids are reliable and to prolong the usability of their assets. Data from these assets can be collected, aggregated and processed, to provide visibility of system conditions. (read more)

GE Digital Energy - PowerOn™ Fusion Advanced DMS

The PowerOn Fusion Advanced DMS (ADMS) enables distribution utilities to deliver higher reliability, customer service and reduced operating costs while maintaining workforce safety and addressing major evolving technology challenges. (read more)

GE Digital Energy - PowerOn™ Control DMS

As utilities invest in Smart Grid solutions, including communications and Distribution Automation, PowerOn Control DMS makes full use of these investments to improve reliability and reduce operational costs. Through its advanced applications, PowerOn Control enables utilities to proactively manage their distribution networks and provides the tools to deal with unplanned events and outages. (read more)

GE Digital Energy - Multilin A60™ Arc Flash System

The Multilin A60™ Arc Flash System utilizes GE's patented light and pressure signal fiber sensor to help ensure fast and reliable protection against arcing events. (read more)

GE Digital Energy - MDS™ Orbit MCR-4G Wireless Communications

MDS™ Orbit MCR-4G is a highly secure, industrial grade, wireless communications product for broad based applications, such as control center and well site pad monitoring, and video surveillance. (read more)

GE Digital Energy - Power to Critical Equipment during Power Outages

Multilin™ C90Plus Automation Control System

  • Maintains Power to Critical Equipment and Processes during Power Outages
  • Simplifies Configuration of Complex Load Shedding Schemes Reducing Installation, Maintenance and Operating Costs
  • Easily Integrates into Existing Energy Management Systems
(read more)
GE Digital Energy - Universal Relays -- Protection & Control Systems

The UR incorporates the most complete and unique protection algorithms to provide unparalleled security and system uptime. The UR selector guide (in the following pages) lists all the protection elements found in each relay. To support the protection and control functions of the UR, various types and forms of I/O are available (specific capabilities are model dependent). (read more)

GE Digital Energy - SMTB4 Compact IEC Test Block and Test Plug System

GE's SMTB4 is a 4-pole compact IEC test block and test plug system designed to isolate protection relays and other secondary devices from voltage and current sources, and to allow functional testing of power equipment without interruption of service. Current and voltage block and plug assemblies are available with a several mounting and wire termination options. (read more)

GE Digital Energy - MDS Mercury Series

The MDS Mercury Series is a highly secure, industrial-grade WiMAX communications platform for mission critical, industrial applications. The Mercury product line provides a global licensed and unlicensed solution designed to facilitate high throughput wireless networking requirements. Existing frequencies include 1800, 3650 and 5800 MHz. (read more)

GE Digital Energy - MultiLink ML800 Managed Ethernet Switch

Industrially hardened to ensure reliable operation in harsh utility and industrial environments, the MultiLink ML800 Managed Ethernet Switch offers secure, simplified network management. (read more)

GE Digital Energy - Rugged Wireless / MDS

From the first meter to the last mile - GE Digital Energy - MDS™ is a world leading single-source, end-to-end wireless solution provider. From wellhead monitoring to utility substation automation, our wireless devices are packaged for industrial environments and have been rated and tested to harsh industrial specifications. (read more)

GE Digital Energy - Multilin EPM 7000 Power Quality Meter

The EPM 7000 provides continuous metering of three-phase systems with waveform and data logging. It performs energy measurements with 0.2% accuracy and supports optional Ethernet, relay, status, and analog output communication modules. This flexible meter can be used for a wide range of high accuracy applications including disturbance recording and power quality studies. (read more)

GE Digital Energy - GPM-F Field Ground Protection Module

The field ground protection module, GPM-F works with the Multilin G60 to detect ground faults in the field winding of the generator. The GPM-F can be configured for single point injection or double point injection, and includes two stage field ground detection, injected voltage and current supervision, brush lift-off detection, field over and under current elements and field ground fault... (read more)

GE Digital Energy - MDS PulseNET

Monitoring and managing the health of your network is a critical consideration when designing and deploying communications networks. Equally important is ensuring that you maximize your network's return on assets by increasing system throughput and uptime, improving the utilization of networked devices, and supporting the deployment of maintenance resources when problems surface. (read more)

GE Digital Energy - Smallworld Water Office

GE's Smallworld Water Office solution enables efficient design, implementation and management of water supply and drainage networks. (read more)

GE Digital Energy - High Voltage Capacitor Units

GE Digital Energy manufactures capacitor units for power factor correction. Ratings of 25 to 1,000 kVAR for single-phase units, 300 to 400 kVAR for three-phase units and 2.4 kV to 25 kV. Our non-PCB low loss power capacitor dielectric system provides superior performance and reliability, lowers operating costs and enhances fuse coordination for the prevention of case ruptures. (read more)

GE Digital Energy - Three-Phase Pad-Mounted Distribution Transformer

Prolec GE offers a complete line of liquid-filled three-phase pad-mounted distribution transformers designed to meet applicable ANSI and IEEE standards. Prolec GE compartmental-type three-phase pad-mounted commercial transformers are designed for outdoor installation on a concrete pad and provide underground power distribution to commercial, industrial and institutional loads. (read more)

GE Digital Energy - GE Multilin Distribution Automation Controllers

GE Digital Energy offers a new platform of Multilin Distribution Automation (DA) Controllers, including a Voltage Regulator Controller, Capacitor Bank Controller and Field RTU. GE's DA Controllers provide utilities with advanced technologies to optimize grid efficiency through peak load shaving and reduced power losses, as well as asset visualization through advanced power quality measur... (read more)

GE Digital Energy - GE WattStation™

As plug-in vehicles begin hitting the roads, GE is building a smart charging system ready to serve the millions of cars that will be plugging-in instead of gassing-up. the WattStation will help build the smart grid by allowing utilities to manage the impact EVs have on the power grid. (read more)

GE Digital Energy - MDS WiYZ™

Intelligent data acquisition and networking platform combining wireless connectivity for sensors, I/O, and meters with network infrastructure solutions (read more)

GE Digital Energy - kV2c Commercial and Industrial ANSI Meters

Whether you are metering the simplest energy rate or collecting critical quality of service and load analysis information on a polyphase or a single phase circuit, there is a kV2c meter configuration to meet your needs. (read more)