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GF Piping Systems has promoted these products:

GF Piping Systems - ecoFIT High-Density Polyethylene Piping System

Offers High Safety and Reliability Even at Low Temperatures

GF Piping Systems announces the new ecoFIT Industrial Polyethylene (PE) Piping System designed for a wide spectrum of broad-based applications. The new welded system features excellent chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and high impact strength, even at low temperatures. These characteristics make it well su... (read more)

GF Piping Systems - Oxygen Sensor - Expanded Communication

New Signet Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Features

Expanded Communication Capabilities

TUSTIN, Calif. - Oct. 16, 2013 - GF Piping Systems has introduced the Signet 2610-41 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor featuring expanded communication protocol capabilities. The 2610-41 Sensor utilizes optical technology to measure dissolved oxygen with high... (read more)

GF Piping Systems - Signet 9900 Transmitter with Batch Controller

GF Piping Systems Introduces Second Generation Signet 9900 Transmitter Featuring Batch Controller Capabilities

GF Piping Systems has introduced the second generation Signet 9900 Transmitter featuring a Batch Controller option along with all the proven features of the original model. (read more)

GF Piping Systems - 2610 Process Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

GF Piping Systems' New Signet Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Reduces Maintenance and Energy Consumption.

GF Piping Systems has added the new 2610 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor to its extensive line of flow and analytical instrumentation product line. The new sensor utilizes optical technology to measure dissolved oxygen with high reliability and accuracy while red... (read more)

GF Piping Systems - Metering Ball Valve

New Metering Ball Valve Offers Precision Flow Control and Actuation for Wide Range of Chemical Applications

GF Piping Systems has introduced the new Metering Ball Valve Type 523, completing the company’s 5 Series Generation of Ball Valves. The new series incorporates a number of unique features that include improved flow control, easy actuation, new scale and display, and la... (read more)

GF Piping Systems - Double Containment Vinyl Piping System

New Double-See™ Double Containment Vinyl Piping System from Georg Fischer Makes Installation Fast and Easy.

GF Piping Systems has introduced Double-See™
in response to market demand for an improved pressure-rated double containment system for transporting hazardous liquids. (read more)

GF Piping Systems - New Cone Check Valves

GF Piping Systems Introduces New Generation Cone Check Valve Series Featuring Improved Safety, Simplicity and Efficiency. (read more)

GF Piping Systems - Signet Transmitter w/ Multi-Parameter Capabilities

GF Piping Systems Introduces the Next Generation of Signet Transmitters Featuring Multi-Parameter Capabilities, Modularity and Improved Display Visibility. (read more)

GF Piping Systems - Ultrasonic Flow System

GF Piping Systems Introduces Ultrasonic Flow Measurement/Logging Systems with Uninterrupted Process Installation and Operation

GF Piping Systems has added an Ultrasonic Flow Measurement and Logging Family to its extensive line of flow and analytical measurement instrumentation. Featuring advanced DSP technology, the new ultrasonic family includes two portable models... (read more)

GF Piping Systems - 4630 Chlorine Analyzer System

The Signet 4630 Chlorine Analyzer System is an integrated all-in-one system designed to measure free chlorine. The 3-4630-21 chlorine panel with the optional pH sensor is used to accurately calculate free chlorine in applications that have varying pH values (±0.20 pH units).

In applications where the pH is stable, the pH sensor is not required and the pH value is manually entered... (read more)

GF Piping Systems - Pneumatic Diaphragm Valves DIASTAR

The new pneumatic Diaphragm Valves of GF Piping Systems represent a revolution in terms of safety, efficiency and simplicity.

Like the hand valves the new DIASTAR also has a central union nut. This connection is non-corrosive, temperature stable and high pressure rating up to 240PSI.

Because of the doubled Cv values the energy expenditure can be reduced considerably. At the... (read more)

GF Piping Systems - New Generation Diaphragm Valve

The new Generation Diaphragm Valve of GF Piping System sets new standards regarding safety, efficiency and simplicity.

Instead of the commonly used four metal screws it has a central union nut - this non-corrosive connection is characterized by homogeneous temperature behavior, an even surface pressure and high pressure rating up to 240PSI.

The optimal flow geometry offers... (read more)

GF Piping Systems - COOL-FIT; Pipe Fittings for Cooling/Refrigeration

COOL-FIT is a complete system solution for secondary cooling and refrigeration piping systems.

The system is based on the tried and tested ABS plastic system from GF Piping Systems which contains pipe fittings valves and transition fittings, now with the option for preinsulated pipe and fittings with outer jackets in black.

You can adapt the system solution to your particul... (read more)

GF Piping Systems - GF PE100 Industrial Polyethylene

Consistent with Georg Fischer tradition, the introduction of GF PE100 Industrial Polyethylene ushers-in a new generation piping system designed specifically for broad based applications. The dynamic combination of specifiable pipe, fittings, valves, and cutting-edge fusion technologies integrates well into the industrial process industry.

Due to its robust mechanical strength, hig... (read more)

GF Piping Systems - Diaphragm Valve-Improved Flow, Reduced Energy Use

GF Piping Systems has introduced the Type 514-519 High Flow Diaphragm Valve Series, a uniquely designed valve that provides a true break-through for weir style valves. The new valve features an optimized, turbulence-free flow geometry that offers significantly increased flow rate performance and lower energy consumption. (read more)

GF Piping Systems - Metal Magmeter with Expanded Range

GF Piping Systems has expanded the configuration of the new Signet 2552 Metal Magmeter, the company's newest electromagnetic insertion flow sensor, for greater application range and versatility.

The 2552 is a rugged flow sensor that features easy hot tap installation without system shutdown, that now accommodates pipes from 2 to 102 inches. (read more)

GF Piping Systems - Wafer Check Valve

GF Piping's New Wafer Check Valve Features Sizes up to 12-Inches, Vertical or Horizontal Mounting Capabilities and Easy Installation (read more)

GF Piping Systems - Lug Style Butterfly Valve

GF Piping System has introduced the new corrosion-resistant Type 568 Lug Style Butterfly Valve. The new valve's lug style design is intended specifically for dead-end service and fully pressure rated at 150 psi to allow for easy system expansion to the pipeline without the expense of system shutdown. Typical applications include industrial water treatment, potable water treatment (read more)

GF Piping Systems - Uniquely Designed Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve

GF Piping Systems has announced expansion of its large diameter size range for the Type 567 Butterfly Valve to include sizes 14-16". The new size range features a unique double eccentric off-center design and excellent chemical compatibility. Suitable applications include landfills where large size valves are required for drainage of underground leachate. Other applications include industrial w... (read more)

GF Piping Systems - Large Diameter Ball Valve

GF Piping Systems has introduced the Type 546 Ball Valve in sizes 2-1/2", 3" and 4". Complete modularity and versatility is achieved through its multifunctional module, pneumatic or electric actuation, and a wide range of accessories, from simple to complex. (read more)

GF Piping Systems - PVC Aqua Butterfly Valve

GF Piping Systems has introduced the Type 563 Aqua Butterfly Valve designed specifically for water applications. With its low-cost PVC material and EPDM seal, this new specialty valve is priced to provide a very economical product for non-chemical water applications. Suitable uses include swimming pools, water parks, aquariums, water processing, and filtration systems.

The Type 563 Aqua V... (read more)

GF Piping Systems - Paddlewheel Flow Sensor

The NEW Signet 2537 Flow Sensor is the next generation in fluid measurement technology from the inventor of the original Paddlewheel flowmeter. This new sensor is an improvement on what's already a classic and has the added functionality of various output options including flow switch, pulse divider, digital (S3L) or 4 to 20mA. (read more)

GF Piping Systems - PROGEF® Polypropylene Piping Systems

GF Piping continues its commitment to provide the best material of choice for transport of high purity fluids and corrosive chemicals with on-going, innovative developments to its PROGEF® Natural (natural polypropylene) and Beta (ß) Polypropylene thermoplastic piping systems. (read more)

GF Piping Systems - Signet Turbidimeter - Analytical Intrumentation

GF Piping Systems Expands Analytical Instrumentation Line with New Signet Turbidimeter Featuring Quick and Easy Calibration (read more)

GF Piping Systems - Fuseal Mechanical Joint

GF Piping Systems introduces the newly re-designed Fuseal Mechanical Joint for the Fuseal corrosive waste piping system. The new design allows easier assembly, eliminates leaks and is usable for an increased temperature range. The system is suitable for use in a variety of corrosive waste handling applications including chemical, institutional and industrial plants. (read more)