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Greenleaf Corporation

Greenleaf Corporation has promoted these products:

Greenleaf Corporation - Milling Cutters

Hushcut® II milling cutters are ideal where horsepower limitations or harmonic vibrations are a concern. An advanced chipform design on the ADGT/APHT screw-on style insert combined with free-cutting pocket geometries results in longer insert life and improved surface finishes. (read more)

Greenleaf Corporation - Metalcutting Solutions for Gas Turbine Industry

Over the last several decades, Greenleaf's global reputation as the top company in gas turbine parts machining with advanced ceramic inserts continues to grow. Greenleaf's innovative, engineered solutions in tooling coupled with carbide grades and specific chipforms complement their advanced ceramic products in meeting the very demanding machining applications specific to aerospace. (read more)

Greenleaf Corporation - New Phase-Toughened Ceramic Inserts

XSYTIN™-1 is engineered by Greenleaf to machine more materials than any other ceramic grade in the industry today. It is designed to mill, turn and groove even the most difficult materials you can encounter... and do it at unprecedented feed rates and the higher speed rates of ceramic inserts. The end result is unbelievable! (read more)

Greenleaf Corporation - Greenleaf Technical Ceramic Composite Materials

Built on over 50 years of knowledge, Greenleaf technical ceramic products have established a reputation of quality and innovation. They produce custom products to your specifications utilizing high quality raw materials and their extensive array of capable production processes in six facilities totaling 140,000 square feet. Quality is a hallmark of Greenleaf products, from design to deli... (read more)

Greenleaf Corporation - Carbide Insert Grade for Heavy Turning

Developed for the heavy turning of forged steels and ductile and nodular irons, Greenleaf's new carbide grade G-5135 provides excellent tool life in heavy depths of cut at medium to high feed rates. Grade G-5135 handles forging scale and interrupted cuts while maintaining edge integrity, providing consistent and predictable performance. (read more)

Greenleaf Corporation - Ring Max™ Ring Groove Cutter System

Greenleaf Corporation offers an expanded line of Ring Max™ ring groove cutters to the international marketplace. Designed specifically for the oil and gas industry, Greenleaf's Ring Max™ line of ring groove tooling is engineered to cut the machining time of API ring grooves. (read more)

Greenleaf Corporation - Silicon Nitride Grade for Cast Iron

Greenleaf Corporation's ceramic insert grade GSN100™ is an engineered blend of silicon nitride and proprietary toughening agents that redefine productivity in the machining of cast iron. GSN100™ is available in standard and special geometries. (read more)

Greenleaf Corporation - Custom Crankshaft Cutters

Greenleaf's industry-leading crankshaft milling cutters are manufactured to the same exacting and meticulous engineering standards to which all of our cutting tools adhere. If the application permits, most cutters can be designed for high-speed milling and high metal removal rates. (read more)

Greenleaf Corporation - Multifunction Cutters For Pump Housings

For decades Greenleaf Corporation has been aiding pump manufacturers to innovate the machining processes of their housings and components. In both cast iron and cast aluminum Greenleaf has been able to increase productivity by cutting machining time as well as increasing tool life. (read more)

Greenleaf Corporation - Grooving, Profiling and Cut-Off Systems

Greenleaf's toolholder system for grooving, profiling and cut-off applications is one of the most comprehensive in the industry and is designed to accept carbide or ceramic inserts. The system features a "V"-bottom pocket design for superior insert stability and precision cutting. An interchangeable support blade system includes Capto and KM quick-change shanks. (read more)

Greenleaf Corporation - Most Sophisticated Whisker-Reinforced Ceramic Ever

Greenleaf’s WG-700™ whisker-reinforced ceramic insert features a coating that provides low-friction machining, high-temperature stability, abrasion resistance, oxidation resistance and chemical inertness. With WG-700™, customers can expect superior wear resistance and toughness at high speeds and feeds, maximizing their production capabilities in these ultra-competitive... (read more)

Greenleaf Corporation - High Performance Milling Grade GA5125

Greenleaf's advanced coated carbide grade GA5125 is designed for high-performance milling. GA5125 is particularly suited for alloy steels and offers excellent tool life and performance. This grade should be applied at high speeds with moderate feed rates. (read more)

Greenleaf Corporation - Excelerator® Milling Systems

Greenleaf's line of small-diameter end mills is designed for high-performance milling in difficult-to-machine materials using Greenleaf's advanced carbide or ceramic inserts. (read more)

Greenleaf Corporation - TurboForm® Inserts for Precision Finishing

Greenleaf’s TurboForm® carbide inserts with built-in chip control are ideal for precision finishing of thin wall sections. The high, positive-rake cutting edges of these precision-ground, negative-style inserts minimize tool deflection for a truly superior and accurate surface finish. (read more)

Greenleaf Corporation - Heavy Turning Inserts

The manufacture of rolls for use in steel making is an area where machinability has been decreased significantly by the introduction of alloyed materials, especially chromium content. In addition, the use of forged rolls is increasing, and centrifugally cast products with high hardness levels and surface contamination are another challenge. (read more)

Greenleaf Corporation - Excelerator® XF High-Feed Cutters

Greenleaf's Excelerator® XF cutters are designed for high-feed milling on a wide variety of materials including hard steels and high-temp alloys using Greenleaf's advanced ceramic and carbide inserts. (read more)

Greenleaf Corporation - Rail Milling Solutions

The tough demands of rail, frog and switch milling are met with Greenleaf’s heavy-duty rail milling cutters and inserts. Rugged cutters designed for maximum durability and productivity combined with carbide grades optimized for high manganese steel milling will provide the outstanding performance required for rail track machining operations. (read more)

Greenleaf Corporation - Ceramic Inserts

With over 30 years of experience, Greenleaf is an industry leader in the development of ceramic grades for cutting tool and specialty applications. In ultra-modern facilities, Greenleaf produces top-performing ceramic and coated ceramic inserts in both ANSI/ISO standard and special engineered geometries. (read more)

Greenleaf Corporation - Coated Whisker-Reinforced Ceramic Inserts

Greenleaf's WG-600® is ideal for the roughing and finishing of high-strength alloys and hardened steels. WG-600® is a coated Al2O3 whisker-reinforced ceramic that delivers better performance than uncoated whisker-reinforced ceramic inserts. (read more)

Greenleaf Corporation - Carbide and Ceramic Ball Nose End Mills

Greenleaf's ball nose end mills are the only complete line of ball nose cutters designed to use both carbide and ceramic inserts in the same qualified cutter bodies. Greenleaf's patent pending ball nose insert geometry prevents excess tool pressure at high metal-removal rates. (read more)

Greenleaf Corporation - Industry-Standard Toolholders for Carbide Inserts

Greenleaf industry standard turning and boring tools feature industry common, multi-lock hardware components, qualified to current ANSI / ISO specifications and are available in a wide variety of styles for all common insert geometries. (read more)

Greenleaf Corporation - Toolholders for Ceramic Inserts

The Greenleaf 'C' series advanced toolholder system is specially engineered to provide maximum productivity and tool life when machining heat-resist alloys with Greenleaf advanced ceramic grades. Insert pocket geometry for negative style tools is at 10° negative side rake rather than 5°, common to tools designed for carbide inserts. (read more)

Greenleaf Corporation - Hushcut® Series II Screw-On Insert Cutters

Greenleaf's Hushcut® milling system is designed to create a shear zone and chip control unlike any other cutter body and insert geometry combination on the market. Whether you are machining alloy steel or aluminum, you will see better tool life and surface finishes with this unique milling cutter design. (read more)

Greenleaf Corporation - G-925 Carbide Inserts

Multi-layer PVD-coated carbide grade specifically designed for machining abrasive and difficult-to-machine materials. (read more)

Greenleaf Corporation - Carbide Inserts

Greenleaf offers a comprehensive line of carbide inserts. An industry pioneer in coated carbide, Greenleaf offers a wide variety of CVD-coated and PVD-coated grades. Greenleaf offers 25 carbide grades ranging from top-performing, sub-micron carbides for heat-resistant aerospace alloys to high-speed turning and milling grades for irons, stainless and alloy steels. (read more)