Greyline Instruments, Inc. - !NEW! Multi-Sensor Area Velocity Flow Monitor

Monitor flow through large open channels, partially full sewer pipes and surcharged pipes without a flume or weir. Designed for municipal stormwater, stream flow, irrigation water, raw sewage, sluiceways, water intake channels, cooling water discharges and industrial effluent... (read more)

Greyline Instruments, Inc. -  Doppler Flow Switch... NEW Ultrasonic Sensor

Greyline Instrument - New Model DFS 5.1 Doppler Flow Switch controls flow with a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor mounted on the outside of pipes ½ inch diameter or larger. It installs in minutes. No pipe drilling or cutting is required and there is no maintenance. (read more)

Greyline Instruments, Inc. -  Transit Time Flow Meter ...Clean Liquids

Greyline Instruments - This new PTFM 1.0 Portable Transit Time Flow Meter is designed to accurately measure clean liquids like water, oils and chemicals. Use it for calibrations, troubleshooting, spot checks and balancing flow. Easily measure flow from outside a pipe. (read more)

Greyline Instruments, Inc. - Data Logger... Portable Ultrasonic Sensor

Greyline Instruments - The Stingray uses a submerged ultrasonic sensor to continuously measure both Velocity and Level in the channel. The sensor is a completely sealed ultrasonic unit with no orifices or ports. It mounts inside the pipe or at the bottom of a rectangular channel. No special compounds, tools or hardware are required. (read more)

Greyline Instruments, Inc. - Portaflow PT400 Portable Transit Time Flow Meter

Recommended for clean fluids like water, glycol, oil and most chemicals. Sensors can be mounted without shutting down flow and there is no obstruction or pressure drop. The ultrasonic signal travels through all common metal and plastic pipe materials (read more)

Greyline Instruments, Inc. - Hybrid Pump Station Level Controller

Ideal for sewage pump stations, lift stations, wet wells and tank level control with a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor mounted above the liquid. The new Greyline PSL 5.0 Level Controller has 6 independently programmable control relays for pump or valve control, level alarms, dialers, temperature alarm and echo-loss alarm. (read more)

Greyline Instruments, Inc. - Doppler Flow Meter - DFM 5.0

The new DFM 5.0 Doppler Flow Meter from Greyline Instruments measures flow from outside a pipe. (read more)

Greyline Instruments, Inc. - PDFM 5.0 Portable Doppler Flow Meter

It's ideal for flow troubleshooting, balancing and checking performance of permanent flow meters. The new PDFM 5.0 is fast and easy to operate – you can mount the sensor on the outside of a pipe in less than a minute. (read more)

Greyline Instruments, Inc. - New - TTFM 1.0 Transit Time Flowmeter

Accurately measure the flow rate of clean, non-aerated liquids like water, chemicals, and oils in full pipes. Ultrasonic transducers mount on the outside of a pipe without shutting down flow. Flow rate is displayed on the large, backlit display along with totalizer and signal strength. Use the built-in control relays for flow alarms or flow proportionate pulse. (read more)

Greyline Instruments, Inc. -  Flow Monitor 'NEW'... Multi-Sensor Area-Velocity

Greyline Instruments - Monitor flow through large open channels and partially filled pipes. This new AVMS 5.1 Multi-Sensor Area-Velocity Flowmeter is designed for municipal stormwater, combined effluent, raw sewage and irrigation water. (read more)

Greyline Instruments, Inc. - NEW!! Level and Flow Monitor SLT 5.0

This new SLT 5.0 Level & Flow Monitor from Greyline Instruments features a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor and a simple, built-in 5-key calibration system. The SLT 5.0 can be used as a level transmitter for tank inventory applications with continuous display and control, or it can be used as an open channel flow monitor with display and totalizer.

Features include a non-c... (read more)

Greyline Instruments, Inc. - OCF 5.0 Open Channel Flow Monitor

Continuously monitor, display, totalize and data log flow through any flume or weir. The OCF 5.0 includes a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor that mounts just 8" (203.2 mm) above the flowing water. It is accurate (±0.25%) and reliable. There is no obstruction to flow and no fouling. (read more)

Greyline Instruments, Inc. -  Differential Level Transmitter... DLT 2.0

Greyline Instruments - Reduce costs and simplify instrumentation at treatment plant headworks. The DLT 2.0 can measure both differential level plus flow through a flume. Install one Sensor on each side of a mechanical barscreen to continuously monitor, transmit and control level. Use the built-in control relays or 4-20mA outputs to automatically activate the barscree... (read more)

Greyline Instruments, Inc. - WEFTEC 2014!

Please stop by and visit Greyline Instruments at the weftec 2014 show. It will be held September 29 to October 1, 2014 at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. Booth number 1938.

See you there! (read more)