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Groschopp, Inc.

Groschopp, Inc. has promoted these products:

Groschopp, Inc. - Custom Gearmotor: Dual Planetary DC Motor

The dual output Permanent Magnet DC (PMDC) Planetary Gearmotor, by Groschopp Inc, drives two hinged arms on an automated surgical table used in orthopedic surgery. It was designed so that two hinged arms could be positionally aligned, and their movement synchronized at all times. (read more)

Groschopp, Inc. - Customized IP66 Motor and Gearmotor Solutions

IP66 Fractional HP Motors and Gearmotors for OEMs provides reliable operation and long life in applications where dust and/or moisture intrusion are present. Completely customizable products include Permanant Magnet DC, Brushless DC and AC motors from 0.05 HP to 1.0 HP. Motors can be coupled with Speed Reducers to create integrated, IP66-rated gearmotor solutions. (read more)

Groschopp, Inc. - One of Few 1000:1 Ratios in the Gearmotor Industry

Groschopp’s planetary reducer product lines provide gearmotor specifiers with cost-effective alternatives and and optimum torque capacity for an array of designs. (read more)

Groschopp, Inc. - Brushless DC Motor Speed Controls

Groschopp, Inc. introduces a family of brushless DC motor controls for their entire product line of BLDC motors and gearmotors. Designed to provide commutated power and variable speed control, these closed loop controls provide excellent speed regulation over a wide range of loads. (read more)

Groschopp, Inc. - AC Motor and Control

If you’re looking for a motor that can produce a low, consistent speed over a wide range of torque, then consider one of our AC motors or gearmotors. Groschopp manufactures a full line of fractional horsepower induction motors ranging from 1/60th to 1 hp. Add our easy-to-install variable frequency drive for more control of your motor and to save time and energy. Check ou... (read more)

Groschopp, Inc. - Fractional HP Motor Tech Tip: Harsh Environments

Watch Groschopp's Tech Tips Video to quickly learn how fractional horsepower motors are rated for harsh environments. (read more)

Groschopp, Inc. - Fractional HP Motor Concerns Tech Tip Videos

Watch our quick video to learn from the motor experts at Groschopp three quick checks you can perform with a volt/ohm meter to determine if a DC motor armature winding is functioning properly. (read more)

Groschopp, Inc. - Groschopp AC Controls

Groschopp AC controls differ from other drives on the market because they are strategically designed to reduce energy consumption and improve speed regulation when matched with
Groschopp motors and gearmotors. (read more)