Group Four Transducers, Inc. - Introducing our new Rocker Column Weigh Module!

Do you have a problem getting accurate product measurements in your silo, bin or hopper? Are inventory discrepancies driving your accounting department crazy? Your problem might be resulting from your measuring technology. (read more)

Group Four Transducers, Inc. - Industrial Weigh Modules When You Need Them

Some scales are fixed in place while others need to be removable to maintain a calibration in the field. Getting accurate readings from measuring devices can be critical depending on the application. (read more)

Group Four Transducers, Inc. - Single Point SP12

The type SP12 is an aluminum single point load cell with improved potting and integral overload stop. (read more)

Group Four Transducers, Inc. - Group Four Chemical Oil/Gas Measurement Solutions!

Looking for measurement/weigh solutions for your Chemical and Oil & Gas application? Our website is filled with load cell and force measuring component information. We have a ton of product. Group Four manufactures in the Massachusetts as well as Internationally. Let our logistics experts come up with a supply chain plan that works best for you. (read more)

Group Four Transducers, Inc. - Weigh Module RC-WM

The type RC-WM is a self aligning weigh module with superior load introduction. (read more)

Group Four Transducers, Inc. - G4-BB-GF Load Cell Assembly

Tank weighing load cell assembly for use on small tanks and hoppers. G-Force Hardware provides the same ease of installation as the heavier range units. Stainless steel construction. Provides shock absorption for impact loading. (read more)

Group Four Transducers, Inc. - Group Four Food Processing Measurement Systems!

Featuring stainless steel construction and hermetically sealed design, Group Four weigh assemblies are perfect for food process weighing applications. They will withstand a direct hose wash down without failure. The low profile (3 inches tall) makes it easy to insert this module under tanks, bins and hoppers without costly modifications. (read more)

Group Four Transducers, Inc. - Group Four 8006 Insert Sensor

The 8006 Insert Sensor is a low cost weight sensor that installs in less than an hour and is perfect for monitoring inventory levels in bulk storage.

Contact Group Four for your load cell and sensor needs today! (read more)

Group Four Transducers, Inc. - Group Four 1001 Single Ended Stainless Load Cell

Group Four 1001 Single Ended Beam Stainless Steel Load Cell

Low capacity, accurate single ended beam stainless steel load cell with cost effective price.
Capacity: 5kg to 500kg
Output: 2.0±0.25% mV/V

The de facto standard in extreme wash-down environments. Call one of our application engineers for more information on this load cell at 800-419-1444. (read more)

Group Four Transducers, Inc. - New Weigh Modules From Group Four

Weigh modules are used in a variety of weighing applications including tank, silo, bin, and hopper weight measurement. Simply place a module underneath each leg, calibrate to an instrument, and that structure is now a scale.The 5000WM weigh module is a cost-effective and efficient solution for such applications. (read more)