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H2W Technologies has promoted these products:

H2W Technologies - Single Rail Positioning Stage - H-Gantry

H2W Technologies’ latest single rail positioning stage H-gantry design is an open frame XY positioning system. It has two bottom parallel axes with one cross axis connecting the two (H-gantry). (read more)

H2W Technologies - XYZ Voice Coil Positioning Stage

H2W Technologies designed the VCS20-20-03-MC-01-XYZ as a 3-axis positioning solution where compact size and cost were important. Using voice coil motors... (read more)

H2W Technologies - Dual Feedback Voice Coil Positioning Stage

The VCS20-020-CR-01-MC-F3K voice coil positioning stage has dual feedback capability. It can operate either under closed loop position control with force monitoring or closed loop force control with position monitoring. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Six-Axis Linear and Rotary Positioning Stage

Our latest six-axis positioning stage design consists of three rotary motors, with encoders, each mounted to three independently moving linear axis. It is ideal for applications that require independent multiple motions on a single travel plane. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Linear Induction Motor: How it Works

Curious how linear induction motors work? Why are they being used in Hyperloop transportation? (read more)

H2W Technologies - Frameless Brushless Torque Motor

H2W Technologies has developed an unhoused arc segmented frameless brushless torque motor with low inertia moving coil assembly for high angular acceleration applications. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Linear Motion Calculator Android App

To help our customers understand their motion requirements and translate them into acceleration and force values, H2W Technologies has developed an Android application that solves linear motion calculations, with a range of velocity profiles. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Linear Magnetic Brakes

Linear permanent magnet brakes are a fail safe, power free, deceleration system that is used in conjunction with a metal reaction plate. Ceramic or rare earth magnets are bonded to a steel back iron plate. No input power is required. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Highest Force Moving Magnet Voice Coil Actuator

H2W introduces its highest force (135 lbs, [600 N] peak force) moving magnet actuator. This NCM series voice coil actuator (NCM08-35-450-3LB) can be operated under either open or closed loop position control, or force control and is ideal for high force motion control applications. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Miniature Voice Coil Actuators

H2W Technologies offers miniature versions of both our moving coil and moving magnet voice coil actuators. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Dual Axis Closed Loop Linear Stepper Stage

The LSS-012-12-060-XY-01A-M is a revolutionary new series of low profile linear stepper XY positioning stage that integrates an absolute linear encoder into the single-axis linear stepper motor stage to operate the linear stepper motor as a 2-phase brushless linear motor, when coupled with state-of-the-art motion control electronics package provided by H2W. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Four Axis Vacuum Compatible Gantry Stage

H2W introduces a fully vacuum compatible four axis positioning gantry (XYθZ). The XY axes are driven by brushless linear motor DR Positioning Stages. The θ axis is a worm gear stage that is driven by a rotary stepper motor under closed loop control in conjunction with an arc-segmented linear encoder. The Z axis linear motion is achieved by using a voice coil positioning stage. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Non-Comm DC Voice Coil Actuator - NCC13-30-108-1H

H2W's moving coil actuator (NCC13-30-108-1H) comes supplied with an aluminum bobbin in order to prevent eddy currents from being generated in the bobbin, and allow for a minimal resistance to the desired motion. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Linear Motor: How It Works?

A linear motor should be thought of as rotary electric motor that have been cut along a radial plane and unrolled. The resultant motor is a direct drive linear electric motor that can produce linear motion without the need of pneumatic, hydraulic cylinders, or translation of rotary to linear motion with the use of belts or screws. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Vacuum Compatible Brushless Linear Motor Stage

H2W introduces a new vacuum compatible SR series positioning stage. The brushless linear motor positioning stage (P/N SRS-024-04-020-01V) is a closed loop system that can be used for positioning applications inside a vacuum environment. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Gold Plated Voice Coil Linear Positioning Stage

H2W Technologies designed a custom gold plated, voice coil positioning stage for a laser beam steering application. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Single Rail Stage - SRS Series

The single rail stage is a compact, small footprint, open type positioning stage. It is used in closed loop positioning applications that require high speed and high accelerations of lighter loads. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Moving Magnet Voice Coil w/ End of Stroke Latching

H2W's newest voice coil NCM08-17-050-2LB provides 0.75" [19.1 mm] travel and 5 lbs [22.3 N] continuous force. A new feature has been added, the voice coil provides an optional latching at each end of the travel. The standard latching force is 2.0 lbs [8.9 N], however this can be removed if the feature is not required. (read more)

H2W Technologies - H2W / Galil | Fully Integrated Closed Loop System

With the help of H2W Technologies, the engineering team at Galil Motion Control have released a new application note (Application Note #5495) titled: Connecting a Galil Controller & Drive to H2W Voice Coil Linear Actuator. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Linear Stepper Motors

A new series of low cost, high performance linear stepper motors has been introduced by H2W Technologies, Inc. Traveling at speeds up to 80 in/sec. [2 m/sec], with strokes to 144 in. [3.6 m], and acceleration to 1G, these 2 and 4 phase linear steppers are ideal for: Pick-and-place, wire bonder, parts transfer, semiconductor, and other robotic applications. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Two Axis Voice Coil Stage

H2W's dual headed voice coil positioning stage (VCS15-050-LB-01-MC-2) is a high precision two axis positioning system for high end motion control applications. Each head that rides on a common linear rail is driven by an NCC moving coil type linear actuator, and is guided by two recirculating linear bearings riding on a common linear bearing rail. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Dual Head Voice Coil Air Bearing Positioning Stage

H2W's dual head voice coil air bearing positioning Stage (VCS15-050-AB-LV-2) is a precision, air bearing, two axis positioning system for high end applications. Each head is driven by a NCC moving coil type linear actuator and is guided by two porous carbon air bushings floating on two precision parallel shafts. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Voice Coil Actuators vs. Solenoids

The question of whether to use voice coil actuators or solenoids for small displacement motion control applications comes up often. This article explains the key differences between each product and why you might choose one over the other for your application. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Dual Axis Linear Stepper Motors

H2W Technologies’ dual axis linear stepper motors are ideal for open loop positioning applications requiring 2 axis of motion in a single plane. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Voice Coil Linear Actuators

H2W Technologies non-commutated DC Linear (NC) Actuators are ideal for short stroke (typically less than 2 inches) closed loop servo applications. Their compact size allows them to fit into small spaces. They have very low electrical and mechanical time constants. The low moving mass allows for high accelerations of light payloads. (read more)