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H2W Technologies has promoted these products:

H2W Technologies - Brushless Linear Motors

With the recent acquisition of the Baldor linear motion product line, H2W Technologies now manufactures brushless linear motors in its Santa Clarita, California facility. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Lower Cost Voice Coil Positioning Stage

The engineers at H2W have developed a new lower cost voice coil positioning stage that incorporates dual mounting options. H2W reduced cost by using a lower resolution encoder and simplified design. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Crossed Roller Stages (XRS)

The XRS Stages are wide footprint, crossed roller bearing, brushless linear motor stages with large load capabilities 200 lbs, high resolution 0.1 micron, high velocity 100 In/sec., and high acceleration of 9 G's. The large, low profile stage with it's smooth motion, makes the XR Positioning Stages ideal for use as the base or "X" axis in stacked multi-stage (X-Y) applications. (read more)

H2W Technologies - High Velocity Hybrid XY Stepper Gantry

This revolutionary new series of single axis 2 phase brushless linear motor stages, which are also integrated in a variety of XY gantries, integrate a linear encoder with each single-axis linear stepper motor stage to operate the linear stepper motor as a 2-phase brushless linear motor, when coupled with state-of-the-art motion control electronics package provided by H2W. (read more)

H2W Technologies - XZ Brushless Linear Motor Positioning Stage

H2W Technologies introduces a high acceleration, brushless linear motor driven, XZ positioning stage gantry for controlled dual axis motion profiles of customer supplied payloads. (read more)

H2W Technologies - TMR Series Limited Angle Torque Motors

This Limited Angle Torque Motor was designed for applications requiring a compact rotary actuator for closed loop operation and extremely smooth, torque-ripple-free motion. The TMR series motors offer a desirable linear torque profile (constant torque) for the rated angular displacement. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Single Rail Stage - SRS Series

The single rail stage is a compact, small footprint, open type positioning stage. It is used in closed loop positioning applications that require high speed and high accelerations of lighter loads. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Linear Brakes

Linear permanent magnet brakes are a fail safe, power free, deceleration system that is used in conjunction with a metal reaction plate. Ceramic or rare earth magnets are bonded to a steel back iron plate. No input power is required. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Moving Coil Actuators with Built In Bearings

H2W now provides moving coil voice coil actuators with built-in bearing systems in a compact package. Previously, customers' would be required to either implement a bearing system through a stage, or make an accommodation on the envelope by trying to integrate a Moving Magnet Design. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Multi-Headed Linear Motor Positioning Stage

H2W Technologies introduces a multi-headed linear motor positioning stage which is ideal for applications that require independent control of multiple axis on a single plane. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Earthquake Simulation Using Linear Motion Stages

With the goal of safer buildings and saving lives, scientists and engineers, through the simulation of many recent earthquakes, need to test building materials and structural designs. Using either a one or two-axis high force linear positioning stage from H2W Technologies, they can simulate the effects of earthquakes as large as the largest recorded earthquake in history. (read more)

H2W Technologies - High Thrust, High Speed AC Linear Induction Motor

H2W engineers have developed a new Linear Induction Motor (LMG-03-325-SSE) that is capable of generating 1444 N at a 3% duty cycle. Operating at 400 VAC, 75 Hz, the synchronous velocity of this LIM is 675 in/sec [17 m/s]. This LIM was designed for high speed operation, however it can also be operated at stall (zero speed) in order to produce static thrust. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Moving Magnet Voice Coil Positioning Stage

H2W's Moving Magnet Voice Coil Positioning Stage - VMS05-180-LB-12-LS is designed for a variety of short stroke and high velocity applications. They have a stroke lengths of up to 2.0 in. (50 mm), a continuous forces as high as 100 lbs (445 N) and a peak forces of up to 300 lbs (1335 N). (read more)

H2W Technologies - High Force Brushless Linear Positioning Stage

H2W introduces a new high force SR series positioning stage. The brushless linear motor positioning stage (P/N SRS-012-07-100-01) is a closed loop system that can be used for high force positioning applications. (read more)

H2W Technologies - H2W Stepper Driver

The SD-03-48-125 is a cost effective, high performance, bi-polar, two phase micro-stepping drive which utilizes the pure-sinusoidal current control technique. It is best suited for applications which require extreme low noise and heat. It operates well in an environment where input voltage may experience instability and fluctuation. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Voice Coil Positioning Stages

H2W Technologies' voice coil positioning stage are compact, small footprint stages ideal for closed loop positioning applications with a short stroke where intricate position, velocity, and acceleration control is necessary. (read more)

H2W Technologies - 6 lb Single Axis Linear Stepper Forcers

H2W introduces the 6 lb Single Axis Linear Stepper Forcers - STS-0620-RNL and STS-0620-RNR. Linear steppers are designed to move light loads very quickly (or very slowly). They are supplied with roller bearings that guide the forcer as it moves down the platen (track). (read more)

H2W Technologies - High Acceleration, Precise SR Positioning Stage

H2W engineers have developed a new Single Rail Stage (SRS-006-04-030-A) that is capable of generating 30 pounds at 100% Duty Cycle. The SR stage is a compact, small footprint, open type positioning stage. It is used in closed loop positioning applications that require high speed and high accelerations of lighter loads... (read more)

H2W Technologies - Moving Magnet Voice Coil DC Linear Actuator

This Moving Magnet Voice Coil Linear Actuator is ideal for short stroke applications that require the simplicity and small size of a solenoid or a pneumatic actuator but require the control of a servo. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Four Axis Vacuum Compatible Gantry

H2W introduces a fully vacuum compatible four axis positioning gantry (XYθZ). The XY axes are driven by brushless linear motor DR Positioning Stages. The θ axis is a worm gear stage that is driven by a rotary stepper motor under closed loop control in conjunction with an arc-segmented linear encoder. The Z axis linear motion is achieved by using a voice coil positioning stage. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Highest Force Moving Magnet Voice Coil Actuator

H2W introduces its highest force (135 lbs, [600 N] peak force) moving magnet actuator. This NCM series voice coil actuator (NCM08-35-450-3LB) can be operated under either open or closed loop position control, or force control and is ideal for high force motion control applications. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Linear Stepper Motors

A new series of low cost, high performance linear stepper motors has been introduced by H2W Technologies, Inc. Traveling at speeds up to 80 in/sec. [2 m/sec], with strokes to 144 in. [3.6 m], and acceleration to 1G, these 2 and 4 phase linear steppers are ideal for: Pick-and-place, wire bonder, parts transfer, semiconductor, and other robotic applications. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Linear Stepper Positioning Stage

H2W introduces the LSS-060-04-006-ME linear stepper positioning stage which is part of the LSS series family. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Two Axis Voice Coil Stage

H2W's dual headed voice coil positioning stage (VCS15-050-LB-01-MC-2) is a high precision two axis positioning system for high end motion control applications. Each head that rides on a common linear rail is driven by an NCC moving coil type linear actuator, and is guided by two recirculating linear bearings riding on a common linear bearing rail. (read more)

H2W Technologies - Voice Coil Linear Actuators

H2W Technologies non-commutated DC Linear (NC) Actuators are ideal for short stroke (typically less than 2 inches) closed loop servo applications. Their compact size allows them to fit into small spaces. They have very low electrical and mechanical time constants. The low moving mass allows for high accelerations of light payloads. (read more)