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Hamilton Co. - Syringe Grant Program Announced for Teaching Labs

Hamilton Company proudly supports higher education by awarding up to five $1,000 Syringe Product Grants each month to teaching facilities around the world that use Hamilton syringes or needles as educational guides. In addition to $1,000 worth of Hamilton syringes you will also receive our Syringe Care and Use Guide to be used as an educational guide. The applications describe the propos... (read more)

Hamilton Co. - Precision Pipetting and Syringe Drives

When inertness, accuracy, and high duty cycles matter, Hamilton is your clear choice. From precision syringe pumps to valves to pipetting modules, as a long-time supplier to top automation manufacturers, we’ve built a reputation on exceeding customer expectations. Partner with us today and put our project experiences to work for you. (read more)

Hamilton Co. - Sensor for Viable Cell Density Monitoring

Hamilton Company introduces the Incyte capacitance sensor for viable cell density monitoring in bioprocessing, along with the Dencyteeoptical sensor for total cell density measurement. The two sensors deliver real-time insight into cellular health during a process – data that can be used to optimize product yield and quality. The sensors can be used independently or together with... (read more)

Hamilton Co. - Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Hamilton Company introduces the VisiTrace Optical DO Sensor for low-ppb dissolved oxygen measurement in power processes, where maintaining low oxygen is critical. VisiTrace measures very low – 0 to 2,000 ppb – levels, and the optical technology is not affected by hydrogen or CO2, which have plagued electrochemical DO sensors. The sensor’s unique design integr... (read more)

Hamilton Co. - SoftGrip ™ Manual Pipettes & Pipette Accessories

SoftGrip ™ Manual Pipettes and Pipette Accessories from Hamilton. The SoftGrip pipette sets new standards in pipette technology with its award-winning*, innovative design. Using our expertise in precision fluid measurement, we've developed the highest quality pipette with an emphasis on minimizing the hand strain, fatigue and injuries caused by other pipettes. (read more)

Hamilton Co. - Valves - Inert, Ceramic Valves and Positioners

Our superior performance valves with ceramic, PTFE, and CTFE inserts provide comprehensive liquid handling for delivering chemically inert flow paths. (read more)

Hamilton Co. - GC Autosampler Syringes

Hamilton maintains a large catalog of replacement syringes for the most popular GC autosamplers. Our syringes are handmade with an unmatched attention to detail. The manufacturing process and quality assurance procedures ensure that every syringe we sell will provide superior accuracy and precision as well as cycle life. Choose the sub category that is associated with your autosampler ma... (read more)

Hamilton Co. - Syringe Pumps - OEM Fluid Handling

Hamilton Company is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of manual, semi-automated, and robotic products for precision fluid measuring. For over 50 years, Hamilton has been helping customers satisfy end-users' needs by providing high performance fluid handling systems for the entire flow path: pumps, valves, syringes and needles. (read more)

Hamilton Co. - High-efficiency Separations At Any pH

The Hamilton PRP-C18 is a new HPLC column designed to provide high-efficiency, reversed-phase separations over an extended column life in nearly any mobile phase or pH. The rigid stationary phase has excellent mechanical and thermal stability
(> 100°C), does not shrink or swell, and is completely inert to most conditions commonly encountered in reversed-phase chromatography.... (read more)

Hamilton Co. - Syringes: Microliter ™ Syringes 0.5 uL – 500 uL

Microliter™ syringes (0.5 uL – 500 uL) from Hamilton Company. These micro-volume syringes have a tight tolerance between the plunger and the barrel. This type of syringe is for use with liquids and incorporates a stainless steel plunger that is individually fitted to its matching syringe barrel. (read more)

Hamilton Co. - Instrument Syringes

Hamilton offers everything that is required of an instrument syringe: chemical inertness, long life, reduced friction and well-known Hamilton precision and accuracy. (read more)

Hamilton Co. - C-Line Syringe Optimized for CTC Autosamplers

Hamilton Company, world leader in fluid measurement, introduces a new family of durable syringes specially designed for optimal performance and long life when used with autosamplers from CTC Analytics AG. (read more)

Hamilton Co. - Spark Holland Autosampler Syringe Line

The World Famous Hamilton Syringe is now available for your Spark Holland AutoSampler!!! • Rugged polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) plunger tip for GASTIGHT® applications • Economically designed to give true value at an affordable price • Strictly machined tolerances for reproducible results from injection-to-injection (read more)

Hamilton Co. - ARC Sensors The Complete Solution From Hamilton

More than simply sensors, Hamilton's ARC Sensors are the complete solution: innovative premium quality sensors with a robust, direct, and standard interface to the PLC. (read more)

Hamilton Co. - DURACAL pH Buffers

The DURACAL pH buffer family, from Hamilton Co., offers the advantages of high stability, high resistance against contamination, easy handling, and long lifetime (read more)

Hamilton Co. - Syringe for Neuroscience Research

Hamilton Neuros™ Syringe for Neuroscience Research Maximizes Precision and Minimizes Injection Site Damage (read more)

Hamilton Co. - Oxidation-Reduction Potential Arc Sensor

Hamilton Extends Transmitter-Free Arc Sensor Technology to ORP Measurement for Biopharmaceutical and Food Applications (read more)

Hamilton Co. - Integrated Liquid Handling

The Z-Excursion Universal Sampler™ (ZEUS™) Pipetting Module is a fully automated, self-contained liquid handling module that integrates into instruments requiring on-board pipetting. (read more)

Hamilton Co. - Industry’s First Guided Pipetting System

The Microlab 300 Pipettor, from Hamilton Co., is a guided pipetting system that minimizes pipetting errors and ensures consistency across all technicians and sample types. (read more)

Hamilton Co. - Arc Wi 2G Sensor Adapter

The Arc™ Wi 2G Adapter not only provides wireless communication, but also simplifies analog connection of Arc sensors to the process control system (PCS). The Arc Wi 2G adapter (second generation Arc wireless adapter) includes an additional internal galvanic isolator for enhanced signal quality. Connection to the process control system is simplified to four wires, consisting of the... (read more)

Hamilton Co. - Compact Full Height Syringe Pump

The Hamilton PSD/6 is the newest full-height syringe pump to join the Hamilton PSD family. It is Hamilton’s most compact full height pump and offers the largest range of compatible syringes sizes. Enhanced flow stability and increased dispense times make it ideal for applications like flow cytometry and micro fluidics.

The PSD/6 performs all standard liquid handling function... (read more)

Hamilton Co. - Highest HDHT Temperature Headspace Syringe

Hamilton introduces a new headspace syringe featuring a unique needle attachment in combination with the High Dynamic (HD) plunger designed specifically for PAL COMBI–xt Headspace Autosamplers. (read more)

Hamilton Co. - S-Line Syringes Economical choice for CTC PAL

S-Line syringes deliver great performance in everyday use for GC injections at an exceptional value. (read more)

Hamilton Co. - Bluetooth added to Arc Process Sensors

Hamilton Company introduces ArcAir – a new communication package for its Arc family of intelligent process sensors. Arc Air enables reliable, economical Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity in all environments. The new Bluetooth capability allows users to view or control Hamilton Arc sensors from a wide range of devices, including smart phones and tablets. ArcAirapps are available o... (read more)

Hamilton Co. - S-Line Syringes economical for CTC PAL HPLC

S-Line syringes are the cost-effective choice for CTC PAL HPLC autosampler applications. (read more)

Hamilton Co. - Unmatched Accuracy and Precision

Every laboratory has tasks that are too small to automate and too large to reliably accomplish by hand. The Microlab 600 is a semi-automated liquid handler designed specifically for these in-between applications. The Microlab 600 increases throughput and consistency while reducing cost and wasted buffer. Common industries utilizing the Microlab 600 for sample and standard preparations in... (read more)