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Harper International Corporation

Harper International Corporation has promoted these products:

Harper International Corporation - Big Scale Thinking with Microline™ Systems

Harper pioneered the Microline™ concept based on flexibility and versatility to change and modify equipment parameters for the needs of customers in carbon fiber research for experimentation with traditional or emerging precursors, process tweaking and development of samples for up to 1.5 tons per year. Our system accommodates line speeds ranging from 0.1 m/min to over 1 m/min (read more)

Harper International Corporation - Custom Furnaces for Ceramic Powder Processing

Harper International is a world leader in thermal processing, offering high temperature Vertical and Rotary reactors for ceramic powders. These systems are used in the production of advanced ceramic materials for applications requiring high thermal conductivity. Harper’s combination of Vertical and Rotary systems performs reactions in controlled gaseous atmospheres at temperatures... (read more)

Harper International Corporation - Advanced Furnaces for Nano Materials

Harper is a world leader in thermal processing systems for cutting edge materials such as carbon nanotubes and more. (read more)

Harper International Corporation - Custom Solutions for Industrial Oxidation Ovens

Harper offers advanced Oxidation Oven technology to complement its industry-leading furnaces for carbon fiber processing. Our state-of-the-art oven designs available for tow-bands from 300mm to greater than 4000mm. Harper's designs incorporate a multitude of improvements beyond what's available on the market today. (read more)

Harper International Corporation - Belt & Conveyor Furnaces for Continuous Processes

Harper's thermal processing designs offer belt and conveyor furnaces for temperature regimes up to 2000ºC for a number of advanced materials. (read more)

Harper International Corporation - Integrated Material Processing Solutions

Providing one-stop solutions for the design, fabrication and setup of complete processing lines, Harper International is ready to take your operation to the next level. Our advanced technologies and experienced customer support will create a seamless environment for your operation. (read more)

Harper International Corporation - Revolutionary Ultra-High Temperature Furnaces

Many of the world’s leading carbon fiber producers have trusted Harper to develop and design custom ultra-high temperature (UHT) furnaces, including a recent system rated to 2700°C. (read more)

Harper International Corporation - Thermal Process Testing & Piloting Systems

Use Harper's thermal process systems to bring your next material innovation from idea to reality. (read more)

Harper International Corporation - Energy Efficient Rotary Furnaces

Harper leads the industry in delivering new, energy efficient solutions for Rotary Tube Furnaces, designed for continuous processing of granular, powder or particulate materials under controlled atmosphere environments at temperatures up to 2400°C. (read more)

Harper International Corporation - Custom Furnaces for Specialty Atmospheres

Harper offers the most advanced technology for thermal processing in specialty atmospheres, including flammables and toxics... (read more)

Harper International Corporation - Technology Research and Pilot Centers from Harper

Harper enables companies in the development of advanced materials, from the lab to full commercialization, helping make their innovations a reality. Harper offers clients access to a number of research facilities to help develop the most efficient and effective regime to meet their goal. (read more)

Harper International Corporation - Rotary Furnaces for Tungsten Processing

Harper utilizes it's industry experience to custom engineer and manufacture electrically heated indirect Rotary Furnaces for tungsten powder production. (read more)

Harper International Corporation - Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) Custom Furnaces

Harper has developed UHT furnaces in a range of sizes, from 10 tons per year, to production rates of 400 tons per year and more. We are your trusted source for a fully customized solution. (read more)

Harper International Corporation - Carbon Fiber Slot Furnaces

Harper is the industry standard choice in continuous furnace technologies for the Carbon Fiber industry. Our involvement in Carbon Fiber began at the market's inception in the 1970s, and since then we have been helping fiber manufacturers achieve new and ever greater heights with our continual evolution of design innovations. (read more)

Harper International Corporation - Unique Design Alternative- Harper Vertical Furnace

Our patented vertical conveyor furnace allows for maximum product uniformity and minimal sticking during high temperature phase change processes. (read more)

Harper International Corporation - Scale Up Thermal Processes with Ease

Check out Harper’s latest video that brings to life the critical scale up path of advanced materials from small scientific research lines to full scale production, using Carbon Fiber as the example in this full 3D animation. (read more)

Harper International Corporation - Rotary Furnaces for Rigorous Environmental Needs

Harper utilizes it's industry expertise to carefully design a new continuous indirect Rotary Thermal Treatment Unit (TTU), which meets stringent environmental requirements. (read more)

Harper International Corporation - Advanced Ceramics Industry Solutions

Our cumulative experience and engineering expertise allows Harper to develop the optimum thermal processing system for your advanced ceramics processing needs. (read more)

Harper International Corporation - Microline™ Research Systems from Harper

Harper is the pioneer of the Microline™ concept, based on the flexibility to change and modify for the needs of customers in the development and research of advanced fiber processing techniques. (read more)

Harper International Corporation - Custom Engineered Furnaces for Advanced Materials

Harper is proud to collaborate with leaders in advanced material development on their most demanding product innovations. (read more)