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Harwood Engineering Company

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Harwood Engineering Company - Gas Boosters

Harwood Engineering has produced gas boosters for industrial, military and laboratory use. Systems have ranged from pilot plant sized Ethylene compressors to small 1 horsepower units for 14 kilobar service. We can offer systems for use with inert gases (Argon, Nitrogen, Helium, etc.) as well as Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide and others. (read more)

Harwood Engineering Company - Laboratory Sized Gas Booster

Our Laboratory Gas Booster is sized for small applications such as neutron scattering and magnetic studies. For Helium and Nitrogen the gas booster tops out at 200,000 psi and for argon 150,000 psi at the outlet pressure.

We also offer standard units in the 5- to 100 hp range at pressures to 14 kilobar. Contact Harwood for more information. (read more)

Harwood Engineering Company - Manganin Cell

One type of Manganin cell is designed for non-polar, non-hygroscopic, dry non-solids. This cell is directly exposed to the high-pressure fluid. The second type is designed for use with polar fluids. In this cell the active coil is isolated from the pressure fluid, being placed within a bellows which is vacuum filled with a non-polar high pressure fluid. Both cells can go as high as 14kbar. (read more)

Harwood Engineering Company - DWT-25 KG Deadweight Tester

The DWT is a favorite for those interested in a primary source for measuring pressure.

This gage's extreme sensitivity, repeatability and accuracy are attributes made possible by the design's tight clearance between piston and cylinder.

The controllable long float allows for easy evaluation of the effective area which leads to a very accurate determination of the meas... (read more)

Harwood Engineering Company - Small Batch Isostatic Compaction Systems

Harwood Engineering Company, Inc. offers small batch isostatic compaction systems in a variety of configurations with manual or semi-automatic operation. Standard equipment includes strain gauge transducer and digital indicator. Pressure vessels up to 200,000 psi with quick opening as an option. Talk to us about your unique situation. (read more)

Harwood Engineering Company - D-4430 Pressure Generating Unit

The Type D-4430 pressure generating unit is the current version of 200,000 psi equipment first supplied in 1948. The output pressure is generated by a Harwood laboratory intensifier driven by a commercially available hand pump. (read more)

Harwood Engineering Company - Check Valves

Some Check Valves rated for up to 200,000 psi. Optical flat plunger for gas, while liquid could use either the flat or the optical plunge Valves are constructed for minimal down time for a quick replacement of spares as well as ruggedness. Valves can be modified for hydrogen service, elevated temperature or exposure to chemically active fluids. (read more)

Harwood Engineering Company - Rupture Safety Assemblies

Rupture tube safety assemblies are used to release excessive pressure in case of an emergency, when the system's relief or release pressure valves have failed. It is usually the "last line of defense" in any high pressure system. The burst pressure should be about 10-15% higher than the maximum pressure of the system. (read more)