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Hitachi Metals America, LLC

Hitachi Metals America, LLC has promoted these products/services:

Hitachi Metals America, LLC - Low-Cost Corrosion-Resistant Ceramic Magnets

Hitachi Metals America, Ltd. (HMA) is a global supplier offering a complete line of permanent magnets, including ceramic (Ferrite) magnets. Internationally recognized as a solution provider, Hitachi promotes product development by offering application engineering support from experts in the magnetics field. An application engineer will work beside you to design the best solution. (read more)

Hitachi Metals America, LLC - NEOMAX® Rare Earth Magnets for Clean Energy

With its dramatically advanced magnetic performance, NEOMAX® has created a new horizon. In an era of environment, ecology and energy, NEOMAX® is playing a vital role in meeting technological needs and is increasingly adopted in electronics equipment, industrial equipment, hybrid cars and electric vehicles to name a few. (read more)

Hitachi Metals America, LLC - Engine Components in High-Grade Specialty Steels

The Hitachi Metals Group integrally makes the most of its alloy design, casting, and electronics technologies, which have been long accumulated in the specialty steel field, for the development of engines and exhaust lines. (read more)

Hitachi Metals America, LLC - Magnetic Materials Used in Hybrid & Electric Cars

The Hitachi Metals Group contributes to the development of next-generation automobiles by consistently developing magnets to improve the drive motor performance of hybrid and electric cars, soft magnetic materials mainly used inside inverters of these automobiles and other automotive components and materials. ( (read more)

Hitachi Metals America, LLC - Steering & Brakes Components and Materials

The Hitachi Metals Group supports the development of basic automotive functions, that is, "drive," "turn" and "stop" motions, by supplying parts, components and materials for the electric power steering and antilock braking systems. (read more)

Hitachi Metals America, LLC - Leading-Edge Castings for Chassis & Body

The Hitachi Metals Group places a high priority on being able to enact weight reduction actions to your current vehicle by optimizing the part design as well as utilizing lightweight material substitutions. In addition, the group aggressively responds to auto manufacturers' requests by maximizing our leading-edge casting and surface treatment technologies. (read more)

Hitachi Metals America, LLC - Electrical Components in Utilities/Passenger Space

The Hitachi Metals Group works to make automobiles more comfortable and convenient by supplying a wide variety of electrical components, information and telecommunications components, sensors and various EMC-compliant noise suppression products to prevent diverse electronic equipment from malfunctioning. (read more)

Hitachi Metals America, LLC - Improved Fuel Cell Performance in Automobiles

The Hitachi Metals Group has developed conductive separator materials and filters to improve the performance of fuel cells, thereby supporting the propagation of fuel cell automobiles as one type of next-generation eco-friendly car. (read more)

Hitachi Metals America, LLC - Production Facilities for Car Development

The facilities for car development continue to evolve daily. The Hitachi Metals Group supports new car development in diverse modalities by leveraging its long history in the automobile industry. (read more)

Hitachi Metals America, LLC - Innovative Solutions Clean Energy Technology

Pioneering a bright energy future, the Hitachi Metals Group is development driven and distinguished for its advanced technology and development capabilities. Hitachi Metals has established a substantial position in high-grade metal products, electronics and information technology devices, high-grade functional components, and other cutting-edge fields. (read more)

Hitachi Metals America, LLC - Target Materials for CIGS Photovoltaic Cells

With skyrocketing fossil fuel energy prices, solar power energy is booming as an alternative source of renewable energy. Supplying several markets, Hitachi Metals is a leading manufacturer of target materials for CIGS Photovoltaic Cells (Mo and CuGa). (read more)

Hitachi Metals America, LLC - Interconnect Materials for Photovoltaic Cells

Hitachi Metals' interconnect materials can improve power generation efficiency, productivity, and the lifetimes of photovoltaic panels. (read more)

Hitachi Metals America, LLC - ZMG®232L for SOFC Fuel Cell Separator

Hitachi Metals has developed a metallic material, ZMG®232L, for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) separator applications. SOFC is a promising fuel cell with high efficiency and low environmental impact. (read more)

Hitachi Metals America, LLC - Cladding Materials Battery Electrode Connection

Hitachi Metals' cladding materials are built for use in connecting materials with different properties (e.g., aluminum and copper) in cathodes and anodes. (read more)

Hitachi Metals America, LLC - Amorphous Cores Improve Electric Power Efficiency

Hitachi Metals' amorphous cut cores greatly contribute to the improvement of electric power conversion efficiency as reactors in conditioners for solar power, wind power, and the other power conversion. (read more)

Hitachi Metals America, LLC - NEOMAX® Rare Earth Magnets for Energy Conservation

Hitachi Metals America, Ltd.'s NEOMAX® Rare Earth Magnets surpass any of its global rivals. Its main components are Neodymium (Nd), Iron (Fe) and Boron (B) and it has the strongest magnetic characteristics among all permanent magnets. (read more)

Hitachi Metals America, LLC - FINEMET® Common Mode Choke Cores

FINEMET® common mode choke cores are made of a nanocrystalline soft magnetic material that Hitachi Metals developed as a world first. (read more)

Hitachi Metals America, LLC - Metglas® Amorphous Metal Materials

Hitachi Metals' Metglas® amorphous metal material is the earth-friendly high-technology material for distribution transformers that can reduce no-load loss (standby electricity) in distribution transformers to about one-third the level compared to those using grain-oriented electrical steel. (read more)

Hitachi Metals America, LLC - YSS Plastic Molding Steels: HI-PM Series

Hitachi's YSS Plastic Mold Steels "HI-PM" Series are increasing popularity in compliance with advanced plastic molding technology. "HI-PM" Series are fulfilling demands of plastic industry for molds that provide crepe- and mirror-finishability and mold durability for corrosive gas generating and reinforced resins. (read more)

Hitachi Metals America, LLC - MR/GMR Magnetic Encoder Sensors

Hitachi Metals is developing and manufacturing a magnetic sensor utilizing magnetic recording head technologies. Magneto-resistive (MR) and giant magneto-resistive (GMR) sensors offer high magnetic sensitivity for a wide variety of markets, such as rotary and linear magnetic encoders. (read more)

Hitachi Metals America, LLC - SIALON Ceramics ~ ideal for tools

Hitachi Metals' SIALON is ideal for tools that contact molten aluminum on the aluminum melting and casting line. SIALON has high density and keeps high strength within the temperature range of molten aluminum; and moreover, SIALON shows no corrosion from molten aluminum. (read more)

Hitachi Metals America, LLC - Hitachi Indexable Cutting Tools

Hitachi designs and manufactures high-performance indexable cutting tools especially for face milling, pocket milling, side milling and finishing milling applications. (read more)

Hitachi Metals America, LLC - Hitachi Solid Carbide End Mills

Hitachi designs and manufacturers high-performance solid carbide end mills especially for high-hardened materials and stainless steel with a unique coating and design. We offer a Ball End Mill Series, Square End Mill Series and a Corner Radius End Mill Series. (read more)

Hitachi Metals America, LLC - HERCUNITE® Exhaust Casting Components

Hitachi Metals America's HERCUNITE® Exhaust Casting Components are offered in this proprietary raw material which can endure high engine temperatures and contributes to the improvement of fuel consumption and the purification of exhaust gas. (read more)