Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. - Flow Measurement Solutions for Subsea Applications

There is only one clear choice for every critical, complex flow measurement application in the offshore drilling, production, and well-servicing environment: Hoffer Flow Controls. We are a leading supplier of highly customized flow meters to meet the extreme conditions associated with subsea applications. (read more)

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. - Sanitary Design Turbine Flow Meters

The Sanitary Design Turbine flowmeter from Hoffer Flow Controls meets high sanitary requirements for process liquid measurement and is compliant with the ASME Bioprocessing Equipment Standard BPE-2012. The sanitary meter is designed to provide outstanding accuracy in liquid applications for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. (read more)

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. - First Full Capacity 4" WECO Flow Meter

Hoffer Flow Controls is now accepting inquiries for the first 4" WECO 1502 turbine flow meter with the full capacity of a conventional 4" flow meter. Previous 4" WECO 1502 turbine meter designs have been limited in flow range of no more than a few hundred GPM. The Hoffer design has a flow capacity of 75 to 1250 GPM standard and 50 to 1500 GPM over an extended range. (read more)

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. - Turbine Flow Meters for Shipboard Applications

Hoffer Flow Controls has turbine flowmeters on almost every “class” of ship in the US Navy. Our meters are currently in use to monitor the fuel supply to the diesel engines. Our meters are currently specified for use to monitor the fuel supply to the engines on the TAOE, LSD, SSBN, CG 47, DDG 51, FFG, LHA, CVN, T-ARS, and LPD Class ships within the US Navy fleet. (read more)

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. - Flow Meters for Government & Military Applications

Hoffer Flow Controls is a supplier of flow products to various agencies within the U.S. government including the Navy, Army, Air Force, NASA and numerous other agencies within the government (read more)

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. - HRT1 RATE INDICATOR/TOTALIZER

Hoffer has released the HRT1, an upgrade to our popular HIT-2A Rate Indicator/Totalizer which incorporates HART® Communications Protocol. The HRT1 rate and total indicator works flawlessly with Hoffer turbine flowmeters and other frequency producing flowmeters. (read more)

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. - “NEW” Nor-Mag Magnetic Flow Meters by Hoffer

The Nor-Mag Magnetic flow meter by Hoffer is offered as a new line of flow measurement solutions offering users high measurement accuracy for electrically-conductive liquids in industrial applications. The Nor-Mag is AC/DC powered meter best suited for measuring flow rates in the water, heat and supply systems, various food-processing and chemical applications. (read more)

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. - Wing Nut Turbine Flowmeters for High Pressure

Hoffer Wing Nut High Pressure turbine flowmeters excel in both liquid and gas applications such as water, liquid carbon dioxide, cement/sand slurry, and nitrogen gas. The wing nut turbine can handle pressures up to 15,000 psi and supply accurate flow measurement of ±0.5% for liquids and ±1% for gases. (read more)

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. - HIT-2A - Rate Indicator & Totalizer

The HIT-2A is Hoffer's newest addition to it's series of compact, versatile rate indicators and totalizers. It operates by battery, DC, AC or 4-20MA loop power and offers a large LCD display for rate and total readouts. The HIT-2A unit offers a variety of features including infrared capabilities, output diagnostics, and a 20 point linearization option. (read more)

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. - Low-Cost Industrial Turbine Flowmeters

The STAR Series turbine flowmeters are low cost meters that offer a reliable solution to industrial applications. These economical flowmeters are available to measure liquid flow applications in 11 sizes and cover a flow range of .35 to 650 GPM. (read more)

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. - “Patented” Hoffer TriFlo Liquid Flow Meter

The "Patented" Hoffer TriFlo Liquid Flow Meter is now available to system integrators and operators where cost, space and weight savings are an issue. This new meter is targeted specifically at providing flexible measurement systems in the Oil Patch for produced water flow and hydrocarbon condensate or even general liquid applications. (read more)

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. - Ice - Integrated Cryogenic Electronics

The ICE, Integrated Cryogenic Electronics is Hoffer's most advanced truckmounted cryogenic flow metering system. The design culminates from over 40 years of Hoffer experience with cryogenic fluid measurement. The full color graphical display and electronic touch screen ensure user-friendly operator interface and provide direct access to all measurement and configuration paramet... (read more)

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. - Transi-Flow I Ultrasonic Flow Meters

The Hoffer Ultrasonic flow meters of the Transi-Flo I single beam and dualbeam type series are intended for flowrate measurements of conductive, non-conductive and aggressive liquids. Ultrasonic flow meters operate on the principle of measuring the difference in transit times of ultrasonic waves traveling in and against the fluid flow direction. (read more)

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. - API Series

The Hoffer API Series of turbine flowmeters provide extremely accurate flow rate measurement and dependable service as required for custody transfer of liquid petroleum products. (read more)

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. - Premier Gas Series

The Premier Gas Series of turbine flowmeters provides extremely accurate gas flow measurement at a cost less than typical mass or ultrasonic type flowmeters. Designed to measure flow through a pipeline, this flowmeter provides high accuracy measurement for a variety of applications, including energy consumption, plant cost allocations, and general fiscal measurement. (read more)

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. - HHP Series Turbine Flowmeters

The Hoffer HHP Series turbine flowmeters for high pressure liquid and gas applications provide the user with the ability to monitor their high pressure flow applications providing outstanding accuracy of +/-0.5% of reading (+/-0.25% typical) for liquids and +/-1% of reading for gases. (read more)

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. - Nova-Flow

Designed and manufactured by Hoffer, the Nova-Flow is configurable as a rate indicator/totalizer, batch controller, or mass flow computer through the use of a system architecture previously seen only on more sophisticated and costly devices. (read more)

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. - HP Series Insertion Turbine Flowmeters

These flowmeters are used in leak detection flow applications to check the integrity of the pipeline. This in turn prevents loss of product and, as a result, saves money and also prevents pollution to the environment. (read more)

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. - Mini-Flowmeter Turbine Series

The Hoffer Mini-Flowmeter Series handles low flow measurement for clean, low and moderate viscosity liquids and gases used commonly by industrial and laboratory users. (read more)

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. - Hose Series Turbine Flowmeters for Liquid Service

The Hose Series turbine flowmeters are ideal for use in liquid applications where the flowmeter will be installed and fitted to hose or plastic tubing. The Hose Series is available in sizes ¼" through 3" and provides extremely accurate flow rate measurement of +/-.5% of reading over the linear flow range. (read more)

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. - CAT Series Conditioners, Amplifiers & Transmitters

Hoffer Flow Controls is pleased to present the CAT Series of flow electronics, a new compact design of flow conditioners, amplifiers, and transmitters for use in combination with Hoffer turbine flowmeters. This trio of microprocessor based devices is capable of providing signal conditioning and amplification, as well as signal transmission depending on customer needs. (read more)


Hoffer has recently introduced a new series of insertion style turbine meters that provides a turbine meter insertion design for liquids that can be installed in small metal, composite or plastic piping. This meter is suitable for 2", 3", & 4" line sizes and is interchangeable amongst these sizes. (read more)