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Hudson Technologies

Hudson Technologies has promoted these products/services:

Hudson Technologies - Diaphragm Solutions

Precision engineered metal diaphragms for mechanical seals and edge welded bellows. (read more)

Hudson Technologies - What is deep draw?

What is deep draw?

Deep draw manufacturing forms metal into a seamless round, square or rectangular shape called an enclosure, or case (read more)

Hudson Technologies - Deep Drawn Instrument Cases: Standard & Custom

Little or no tooling charges when you order Hudson Technologies standard sizes. They are tooled for over 15,000 round, square, rectangular and special shapes and sizes. Custom services to build precision products to your specifications. (read more)

Hudson Technologies - Metal Diaphragm Design/Metal Stamping from Hudson

Hudson Technologies has the engineering expertise, capacity and experience to help you design solid metal diaphragms.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) - feasibility, design and testing

Engineering Design Assistance (read more)

Hudson Technologies - Flat & Corrugated Metal Diaphragms; Design

Hudson Technologies manufactures flat and corrugated metal diaphragms from prototype through low to high volume production. Design services. ISO 9001:2003, ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications. (read more)

Hudson Technologies - Implantable Medical Device Components: Hudson

Leading US manufacturer of deep and shallow drawn precision engineered components for implantable medical devices (read more)

Hudson Technologies - Capacitor Housings: implantable medical devices

Capacitor housings for implantable medical devices, aerospace, aviation, military, hybrid electric vehicles, and other energy storage and delivery applications worldwide from Hudson Technologies... Little to no tooling charges, including prototypes, on standard products. (read more)

Hudson Technologies - Relay Cases, ISO Certified, No Tooling Charges

Little or no tooling charges when you order relay cases from Hudson Technologies. Proven expertise in drawing precision square and retangular shapes in stainless steel, mu metal, cupro nickel and more (read more)

Hudson Technologies - Battery Enclosures: aerospace, military, medical

Hudson Battery Enclosures work in places we've never been: the surface of Mars, beneath the earth's crust, and inside the human body. If your technology depends on a case to perform reliably, even in the most demanding environments, it's time to look at deep drawn battery enclosures (read more)

Hudson Technologies - MIL-Spec Cases, Cans, Covers

MIL-T-27 Specification Cases, Cans, Covers. Hudson Technologies' huge tooling library includes many standard deep drawn MIL-T-27 cases, with inside and outside covers. No tooling charges on standard products. (read more)

Hudson Technologies - Hudson Technologies Switch & Control Components

Turn to Hudson Technologies for precision, seamless, metal enclosures when designing controls and switches. Prototype or high-volume production. Custom or standard. (read more)

Hudson Technologies - Seamless Battery Cases & Battery Solutions

Seamless battery solutions with little to no tooling charges when you order standard deep drawn cases and covers from Hudson Technologies. (read more)

Hudson Technologies - Shallow & Deep Drawn Implantable Medical Devices

Hudson Technologies is a leading manufacturer of deep and shallow drawn precision engineered components for implantable medical devices used in active stimulation and surgical treatment of disease. Expertise drawing titanium (including 6AL-4V) and stainless steel. (read more)