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INVISTA has promoted these products:

INVISTA - FlexiSolv® Microemulsions

FlexiSolv® microemulsions are clear, single phase solutions which offer strong solvency power in a water-dilutable, water-rinseable system. They allow you to do more while using less organic solvent. (read more)

INVISTA - TERRIN™ polyols–Unveiling innovation at UTECH 2015

INVISTA will be showcasing its TERRIN™ polyols at the Urethanes Technology Europe Exhibition (booth 1530) April 14-16 in Maastricht, The Netherlands. (read more)

INVISTA - Alternative Solvent for Degreasing Concrete

FlexiSolv® 1120C microemulsion concentrate offers the formulator of concrete degreasing products an excellent alternative to conventional hydrocarbon solvents. (read more)

INVISTA - TERRIN™ polyester polyols - Expands to Europe

INVISTA is bringing production of its TERRIN™ polyols to Europe via its facility in Vlissingen, The Netherlands. TERRIN™ aliphatic polyester polyols contain a minimum of 50 percent recycled content. Formulators can use TERRIN™ polyols in lieu of or in combination with conventional polyether or polyester polyols to formulate a variety of polyurethane products. (read more)

INVISTA - FlexiSolv® DBE® esters-Aerosol Coating Application

FlexiSolv® DBE® MIR .23 esters and DBE® MIR .51 esters are specifically designed for the aerosol coatings market. The products offer increased flexibility to formulators of aerosol coatings faced with meeting federal and state regulations limiting the volatile organic compounds in their products based on photochemical reactivity as measured by the MIR scale. (read more)

INVISTA - Dytek® Nitriles

INVISTA nitriles are highly polar liquids that can be used as reaction or crystallization solvents or as intermediates in the manufacture of acids, amines, amides, and other products. (read more)

INVISTA - FlexiSolv® products as alternative to MeCl2

If you're a formulator looking for an alternative to methylene chloride, INVISTA's FlexiSolv® DBE® esters and microemulsions may be the solution to your graffiti and paint stripping needs. (read more)

INVISTA - Experience INVISTA’s TERRIN™ polyols at CPI 2015

INVISTA will showcase its TERRIN polyols at the Polyurethanes Technical Conference (booth 507) Oct. 5-7. As published in PU Magazine International, Issue 04/2015, TERRIN aliphatic polyester polyols contain a minimum of 50% recycled content with some containing renewable content. These versatile polyols can be used in applications such as viscoelastic foam, spray coatings, adhesives and m... (read more)

INVISTA - INVISTA Grows Research and Development Capability

Expanded research center will help meet customer demand for new products, innovations

NEWARK, Del. (Nov. 27, 2012) — INVISTA’s Specialty Materials business expanded its footprint by 20 percent at the company’s 60,000-square-foot Applied Research Centre in Newark, Del. (read more)

INVISTA - Amine Intermediates for Plastics and Resins

DYTEK® amine and boron products give improved attributes to a wide variety of plastics and resins. The use of these additives often leads to improved product appearance, performance and higher productivity. Just a few of the applications for these additives are shown below. (read more)

INVISTA - FlexiSolv® products - Solvents for Adhesives

FlexiSolv® products provide an alternative to traditional solvents when slower evaporation is desired. DBE® esters play an important role in adhesive applications (read more)

INVISTA - FlexiSolv® DBE® esters - Coatings Applications

DBE® esters are used extensively in coating applications. Coating applications include coil coatings, can coatings, industrial coatings, decorative or architectural coatings, and inks. DBE® esters have a combination of high solvency and slow evaporation enabling it to perform well as a "tails solvent" in coating formulations. As a tails solvent, it is the last solvent to leave th... (read more)

INVISTA - FlexiSolv® products as alternative to d-Limonene

If you're a formulator looking for an alternative to d-Limonene, INVISTA's FLEXISOLV® microemulsions may be the solution to your cleaning needs. (read more)