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Inductotherm Group

Inductotherm Group has promoted these products:

Inductotherm Group - Inductotherm Heavy Steel Shell Furnaces

Leading foundries around the world rely on Inductotherm® Heavy Steel Shell induction furnaces. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Consarc Electroslag Remelting (ESR)

Consarc brand ESR furnaces are advanced and innovative - many features that have become "standard" on modern ESR installations were initially developed and installed on Consarc ESR systems. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Inductoheat CrankPro® Heat Treat Systems

CrankPro® systems utilize patented technology, SharP-C™ which eliminates the rotation of the crankshaft and movement of the inductor during heating and quenching cycles. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Radyne Induction Brazing & Soldering Systems

Radyne Brazing Systems deliver unmatched quality, repeatability, throughput, and safety that can’t be achieved with flame or hand induction systems. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Radyne Pipe Coating

Inductotherm Group companies manufacture Radyne Merlin systems, which deliver the most efficient means of heating and coating field joints by carrying out both operations simultaneously. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Thermatool Welding Lines For I-Beam:

Since our patent application in 1970, Thermatool has continued to develop the design and manufacture of field proven structural beam systems. With the advent of new steel chemistries and improved flat rolled technologies, a new era in engineered structural section production has begun to meet the demands of ever-growing infrastructures. (read more)