Inductotherm Group - Banyard Zero Friction Billet Heater

Inductotherm Group companies manufacture Banyard induction heating systems which offer special mechanical handling technology designed specifically to address the needs of the Aluminium micro-tubing sector. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Radyne Pipe Coating

Inductotherm Group companies manufacture Radyne Merlin systems, which deliver the most efficient means of heating and coating field joints by carrying out both operations simultaneously. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Consarc Aluminum Brazing Furnaces

Consarc aluminium brazing furnaces have several unique advantages found in special features in the Vacuum System and the Temperature Uniformity Control System. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - InductoForge® Modular Billet Heating Systems

The powerful combination of advanced engineering, product innovation and decades of experience in induction heating has helped Inductotherm Group companies become world leaders in the production of billet and bar heating equipment for the forging industry. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Thermatool® Seam Annealing Systems

Thermatool® Seam Annealing / Normalizing systems are highly efficient and offer tube and pipe producers proven reliability. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Radyne Spring Wireline

Radyne I.T. (Induction Tempered) Spring Wire Lines produce spring wire suitable for cold coiling as used in a wide variety of wire-based products including automotive suspension springs, overhead garage door springs and general mechanical springs. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Inductotherm Heavy Steel Shell Furnaces

Leading foundries around the world rely on Inductotherm® Heavy Steel Shell induction furnaces. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - InductoScan® Modular Induction Heating System

The InductoScan® is a high performance induction heating system for mid-to high volume and/or multi-shift operations. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Alpha® Flying Shears

Speed, power and precision. These three critical components of high-production flying cutoffs are desired by tube and pipe producers worldwide. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Consarc Vacuum Precision Investment Casting (VPIC)

The Consarc Vacuum Precision Investment Casting (VPIC) furnace, designed to increase productivity and accuracy, is extensively used to manufacture high performance castings in the Aerospace, Industrial Gas Turbine, Automotive and Biomedical markets. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Thermatool® Solid State Welders

Thermatool equipment is manufactured to provide the most advanced, reliable, field-proven High Frequency (HF) welding technology available in the world today. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Consarc® Vacuum Arc Remelting

The use of Consarc equipment for the vacuum and controlled atmosphere heating industries has broken new ground in commercial ingot production. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Inductotherm ARMS® (Automated Melt Shop) Systems

Inductotherm Group companies manufacture the ARMS® System, an automated robotic melt shop system that uses a foundry robot to perform hazardous melt deck operations. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Inductotherm® Channel Furnaces

Inductotherm Group companies all over the world manufacture Inductotherm® Channel furnaces, which combine high productivity with economical operation and can provide you with a continuous supply of ready-to-pour metal 24 hours a day. (read more)