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Inductotherm Group

Inductotherm Group has promoted these products:

Inductotherm Group - Inductotherm Heavy Steel Shell Furnaces

Leading foundries around the world rely on Inductotherm® Heavy Steel Shell induction furnaces. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Inductotherm Holding Furnaces

Inductotherm offers true volume flexibility for continuous and batch duplexing with advanced metal holding systems. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Inductotherm ARMS® (Automated Melt Shop) Systems

Inductotherm Group companies manufacture the ARMS® System, an automated robotic melt shop system that uses a foundry robot to perform hazardous melt deck operations. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Radyne VersaPower® Xtreme™ Power Supplies

The VersaPower®Xtreme™ benchtop induction power supplies provide a premium model for the brazing/heat treating customer who needs advanced features, rugged design, and outstanding speed. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - Consarc Vacuum Precision Investment Casting (VPIC)

The modern vacuum precision casting furnace incorporates the latest PC SCADA controls to accurately monitor and control melting and casting parameters thereby consistently producing the optimum metallurgical properties in the cast component. (read more)

Inductotherm Group - InductoForge® Modular Billet Heating Systems

The powerful combination of advanced engineering, product innovation and decades of experience in induction heating has helped Inductotherm Group companies become world leaders in the production of billet and bar heating equipment for the forging industry. (read more)