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Inspec Inc.

Inspec Inc. has promoted these products/services:

Inspec Inc. - MicroVu Vision Systems

Inspec Inc. -Micro-Vu measuring machines are used by industries around the world from Automotive and Aerospace to Telecommunications and everything in between. These businesses utilize Micro-Vu systems to measure and inspect all types of materials, parts and assemblies. (read more)

Inspec Inc. - A2LA Accredited...Not Sure What You Need?

Inspec Inc - We have experts who are waiting to help you find your solution. A2LA Accredited (read more)

Inspec Inc. - Pin Gage Sets...ISO Certificate of calibration

Inspec Inc. carries Pin Gage Sets and Handles. Sets are available with Long Form ISO Certificate of calibration, which shows the exact size of each pin. (read more)

Inspec Inc. - Gage Block Sets...ISO Certified

• ISO 17025:2005 Accredited - Long Form Certification
• ISO Certificate shows deviation of each block
• Deluxe Wooden Case
• Serialized (read more)

Inspec Inc. - CMM Probes, Styli and Accessories

Measurement is vital to any manufacturing business, providing information to control processes and verify products. Older coordinate measuring machines can become bottlenecks if they fail to keep pace. In the current economic climate, upgrading makes good economic sense. Inspec can provide a range of retrofit solutions, from simple touch-trigger probing to advanced 5-axis measurement. (read more)

Inspec Inc. - Project a Greatly Magnified Image

An optical comparator is an instrument that projects a greatly magnified image of a part feature onto a screen for examination. It is used to compare the shape, size, and location of its features against prescribed limits. (read more)

Inspec Inc. - Magnify Part Features for Inspection

A vision system uses a video camera to magnify part features for inspection. This system can check complex 3D and 2D parts and is available in manual or Direct Computer Control (DCC) models (read more)

Inspec Inc. - Surface Plates for Inspecting Parts.

Surface plates are a hard, flat surface, usually made of granite that is used as a base for inspecting parts. (read more)

Inspec Inc. - Individual Gage Blocks

We Carry: Inch Individual Rectangular and Square Steel Gage Blocks, Grade 0 and Metric Individual Rectangular Steel Gage Blocks, Grade 0 (read more)

Inspec Inc. - Gage Block Accessories and Accessory Sets

We carry a very wide variety of Gage Block Sets, Accessories, Individual Gage Blocks in inch and metric, and Pin Gage Sets ready for you to order today. (read more)

Inspec Inc. - Gages and Precision Hand Tools

Precision tools come in a very wide variety. Including: 1-2-3 blocks, calipers, micrometers, gage blocks, height gages, indicators, pin gages, plug gages, pressure gages, ring gages, scales, squares, steel rules, tape measure, taper/thickness gages, test indicators, thread plug gages, torque wrenches and so much more. (read more)

Inspec Inc. - Gently Used - Just Like New!

Inspec Inc. has all types of “like new” equipment available including CMMs, Vision Systems, Force Measurement Systems, Optical Comparators and more. (read more)

Inspec Inc. - Full Service Electronics Lab

Inspec can provide innovative solutions to your electronics and instrumentation problems including heaters, temperature controllers, meters, oscilloscopes, controllers and much more.

We can also provide customized thermocouples. (read more)

Inspec Inc. - Upgrades and Retrofits Save Money

Upgrading or retrofitting equipment ensures your business is up to date without investing in new machines. It's a cost effective way to maximize the accuracy, capability and life expectancy of your equipment. Solutions include hardware, software and training.

Inspec can upgrade all types of equipment including;

  • Compartors
  • CMMs
  • Vision Systems...
(read more)
Inspec Inc. - Square Gage Block Accessories
  • Square Gage Block accessories are made of same steel used to make the gage blocks.
  • Manufactured in controlled enviroment to ensure maximum accuracy.
  • Meets or exceeds the latest Federal Spec ASME B89.1.9-2002.
  • Constructed of a special alloy steel with high carbon and chrome content & hardened to 65 Rc.
(read more)
Inspec Inc. - CMM Probes Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

Measurement is vital to any manufacturing business, providing essential information to control processes and verify products. But older coordinate measuring machines can become bottlenecks if they fail to keep pace with changing measurement needs. (read more)

Inspec Inc. - Keep Track of All Your Equipment in One Place

Keeping track of calibration due dates, equipment and more is at your fingertips with InspeGage. (read more)