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Interpower - One-Stop Shop for Power System Components

Interpower is the premier supplier of power system components worldwide. Now based in Oskaloosa, Iowa, Interpower manufactures cord sets and power cords in the United States for the North American and international markets and has an office in the United Kingdom. (read more)

Interpower - Interpower International Power Source

The InterpowerTM International Power Source is an AC power source used to verify your product design and for product testing. The unit can be used on a bench top, or is rack mountable. We offer a 1-week manufacturing lead time, and same day shipping for in-stock items. Contact our Customer Service Department at (800) 662-2290 or (read more)

Interpower - New Brazil Power Cords/Cord Sets w/10A/20A Plug

Interpower Corporation announces new Brazil Power Cords and Cord sets with Brazil 10A and 20A plug. Standard lengths of the new Brazil cord are available from stock, and there is a 1 week manufacturing lead-time on all custom lengths. Applications include equipment designed for business, consumer, or testing in Brazil. (read more)

Interpower - South African panel-mount socket

Interpower Corporation is pleased to announce the addition of the panel-mount South African socket to its Plugs, Sockets, and Connectors product line.

The South African panel-mount socket is rated at 15A/250VAC per BS 546 and 16A/250VAC per SANS 164-0/1/3:2007. This new panel-mount socket complies with the European RoHS Directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). (read more)

Interpower - Interpower Has ALL the Angles

Interpower Corporation now molds five different IEC 60320 C13 connector configurations. The various C13 angles allow for connections to be made to equipment helping to eliminate the possibility of pinched or tangled cable. (read more)

Interpower - Your one-stop shop for power system components

Interpower Corporation is your one-stop shop for power system components. We offer same day shipments on over 4 million parts in stock. (read more)

Interpower - IEC 60320 C5 Cords

Interpower Corporation manufactures a variety of power cords and cord sets with a molded IEC 60320 C5 connector. The Interpower molded C5 connector carries UL, CSA, VDE and NSW Department of Fair Trading approvals. (read more)

Interpower - IEC 60320 Sheet I Jumper Cord Sets and Power Cords

Interpower Corporation carries IEC 60320 Sheet I molded jumper cord sets and power cords for North American and international use. (read more)

Interpower - PC Adapter Cord Set

Interpower Corporation offers a PC Adapter Cord Set with an IEC 60320 Sheet E plug with a NEMA 5-15 receptacle on 18/3 SJT cable. It is rated at 10A/125VAC. Our standard length is .42m, however custom lengths are available upon request. (read more)

Interpower - IEC 60320-2-2 Sheet F Screw Mount Outlets

Interpower Corporation is pleased to announce the introduction of the IEC 60320-2-2 Sheet F Screw Mount Outlets. These Sheet F Screw Mount Outlets, Part numbers 83030600 and 83030610 are direct replacements of previous part numbers 83011512 and 8301511. (read more)

Interpower - Japanese Medical Cord Sets and Power Cords

Interpower Corporation announces Japanese Medical Cord Set 86589100 and Japanese Medical Power Cord 86589110. (read more)

Interpower - Plug-in to Continental Europe

Interpower Corporation has Continental European cord sets in stock! We have no minimum order requirements, and just a 1-week lead time on nonstock cords. Need your cords tomorrow? We offer same-day shipping on cords in stock. (read more)

Interpower - Rewireable Plug and Connector for Brazil

Interpower Corporation is proud to announce that we have expanded our plug, socket, and connector product line to include Brazilian rewireable plugs and connectors. (read more)

Interpower - Power Cords In-Stock!

Interpower Corporation has North American and international power cords that are available to ship immediately! 1-week manufacturing lead time on nonstock cords! Order online at Interpower has a wide range of international and North American cords in various lengths. From 1 piece to 1,000 pieces or more, we offer no minimum order requirements! (read more)

Interpower - Accessory Power Strips/Power Distribution Units

All of the Interpower Accessory Power Strips are enclosed in an 18 gauge steel case and are intended for use with professional-quality industrial equipment. All stock Accessory Power Strips include a resettable Circuit Breaker for Equipment (CBE). (read more)

Interpower - Angled NEMA 5-15P

Interpower Corporation is pleased to offer Angled NEMA 5-15 cord sets in eight directions. (read more)

Interpower - Hospital-Grade Cordsets

Interpower Corporation has North American Hospital-Grade cord sets that are available to ship immediately! 1-week manufacturing lead time on any nonstock cord! Custom lengths and special packaging options are available and no minimum order requirements! (read more)

Interpower - Filtered Inlets and Outlets

Interpower Corporation's IEC 60320 Filtered inlets and outlets are intended for computer, medical, general purpose, and/or custom indoor type equipment applications. The features include: IEC 60320 class I inlet or outlet; robust screw mount, nickel plated... (read more)

Interpower - Fuse Holders and Fuse Carriers

Interpower Corporation has two new fuse holder series. 8092 series fuse holders accommodate international and North American fuses. UL recognition at 20A, CSA at 16A, VDE at 10A.

8093 series fuse holders accommodate the international fuse. cURus (Canadian and US UL recognition) at 16A, VDE at 10A. Both series are rated at 250V, carry an IP40 rating, RoHS compliant and are "touch p... (read more)

Interpower - Interpower Strain Reliefs

Interpower Corporation has a full line of strain reliefs for use in North American and international markets. Interpower strain reliefs provide a liquid-tight seal on the power cord entry and, at the same time, provide extra protection to power cords. (read more)

Interpower - 19 inch Rack Mount PDU 852Q2J22

Interpower Corporation adds to the Interpower 19 inch rack-mount Power Distribution Unit family! With a 1U slim design, these units are a compact and convenient way to provide domestic and international single-phase power to equipment racks.

The 852Q2J22 offers ten individually switched IEC 6032... (read more)

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