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Island Components Group

Island Components Group has promoted these products/services:

Island Components Group -  Actuator...Industrial & Military applications

Island Components Group - Actuators Designed for military/industrial applications.

  • Bldcm & Brake Ass'y
  • Size 2.5"x 3"; wt.2.5lb.
  • 500w+ @ 12,000 rpm
  • Inbuilt temp. sensor
  • SS connector housing for EMI shielding(MIL-STD-461E) and wire integrity and protection for enhanced reliability
(read more)
Island Components Group - Brushless DC Motor...Brake/Gearhead Package

Island Component - Brushless DC Motor/brake/gearhead/electronics is capable of running cool (at touch temperature) while delivering more than 200 in-lbs of torque. (read more)

Island Components Group -  Rotary Actuator...water resistant

Island Components - This water-resistant actuator consists of a brushless motor, gearhead, limited stop, fail-safe brake and electronic drive system. The actuator opens and closes a valve on an underwater vehicle. The electronics incorporate fail-safe features which protect the vehicle. Torque output is 6,000 in. lbs. (read more)

Island Components Group - Actuator ...Flight Control

Island Components Group's actuators can incorporate a variety of auxiliary components such as brakes, clutches, anti-backlash gears and/or special seals. (read more)

Island Components Group - Failsafe Brake... for Medical Prosthetics

Island Components - Silent Stop Failsafe Brake for medical devices, with a compact pancake design for use with artificial limbs, introduced by Island Components Group. (read more)

Island Components Group -  DC motor assembly...Low inertia

Island Components - Low-inertia DC motor with integrated tachometer and speed reducer(harmonic drive) for military and commercial shipboard stabilization applications - designed and manufactured by Island Components Group (read more)

Island Components Group - Brushless DC Motors

DC brushless motors offer superior performance and have the advantage of reduced maintenance since there are no brushes or commutators. These motors provide solutions for rigorous applications requiring maximum performance and stringent specifications. (read more)

Island Components Group - Gearheads - Spur & Planetary...Custom

Island Components - Our Spur and Planetary Gearheads and Custom-designed Gear Systems represent the best in high-precision machining. We custom-design our gears and gear systems to meet your exact speed and torque requirements. (read more)

Island Components Group - Precision Brakes and Clutches

We offer a complete line of electromagnetic clutches, brakes and clutch-brake combinations in both standard and wafer sizes. (read more)

Island Components Group - Silent Stop Failsafe Brakes

These failsafe brakes are designed for an impeccable, silent stop if the current fails. From office to agricultural uses, failsafe brakes are long-lasting, versatile, durable and highly functional. (read more)