JORC Industrial LLC - Combo D-Lux.Compressed Air- Condensate Drain

JORC Industrial's Combo D-Lux is an all in one digital timer drain with an integrated ball valve and strainer. The unit offers true digital time cycle programming convenience. The valve reduces installation time and protects against large particles found in condensate. (read more)

JORC Industrial LLC -  Condensate Drains...Timer Controlled

JORC's new SMART GUARD pro drain system uses state-of-the-art software in combination with a special transducer interface to measure the presence of condensate, volumetrically, 50 times per second. There is no loss of compressed air. Continuous monitoring insures fast, effective discharge of up to 60 GPH at 100 PSI. (read more)

JORC Industrial LLC -  Drain Valves-Condensate Drains-Timer Controlled

JORC's EAD 230 psi has been designed for general-purpose applications. It is a mass produced, no options drain, though still incorporating the flexibility to be widely applied and has quality benefits over competitor products such as a large discharge orifice and FPM seals for systems where synthetic lubricants are used. (read more)

JORC Industrial LLC -  Ball Valves....Motorized- Remove Condensate

JORC Industrial - TEC-44 will successfully remove condensate from deliquescent dryers, tanks, vessels and refrigerated dryers. The TEC 44 is designed to remove high viscosity effluents at pressure ratings up 720 psi The TEC-44 features microprocessor technology, a 10 channel programmable cycle with LCD, valve open LED, push to test button, anti-blockage system. (read more)

JORC Industrial LLC -  Ball Valve - Full Port Brass ... Y Strainer Combo

JORC INDUSTRIAL...Available in 1/2" Forged Brass, full port ball valve and Y-Strainer combination. 600 psi (WOG), 50 mesh 304 stainless steel screen with Teflon® ball seats and double Viton® o-ring stem seals. T-Handle allows 1/4 turn operation. (read more)

JORC Industrial LLC - Oil & Water Separator Element Kit- Charcoal Bag

JORC Industrial - Oil/Water Separator Element Kits: Competitor Elements (Charcoal Bag) for Oil/Water Separators. KAESER, Superplus Ultrafilter, Plus 7.5 Ultrafilter and more. Condensate Management Products Include Drains, Filters & Oil Water Separation Equipment. (read more)

JORC Industrial LLC - Air Saver System - Auto Open/Close Tank

A typical compressed air system will lose compressed air through pipe connections, non-demand drains etc. At the end of the final work shift, the JORC Air-Saver will shut the air tank off from the rest of the system. The content of compressed air within the air tank will be saved rather than lost through pipe leakages. The Air-Saver is installed on the air outlet of the air tank. (read more)

JORC Industrial LLC -  Solenoid Valves...Direct Acting

JORC offers wide ranges of solenoid valves in 2/2 way and 3/2 way configurations. Options include direct acting and diaphragm type operations in a Normally Open or Normally Closed version. JORC is the Condensate Management Product Specialist. (read more)

JORC Industrial LLC -  Solenoid Valve Analog and Digital Timers

JORC produces the largest range of high quality solenoid valve analog and digital timers. Our production methods ensure improved performance and consistency in manufacturing. Our timers have the best reliability and long life durability in the world. All timers are tested 24 hours before they are released for years of service in the wide range of industrial applications.... (read more)

JORC Industrial LLC - Compressed air systems... Zero Air Loss Drain

JORC'S NEW Smartguard® removes condensate from compressed air systems without losing valuable compressed air. The discharge process is automatic and is based on advanced capacitive level sensing technology. Never miss out on periodic maintenance opportunities with the integrated alarm function. (read more)