J&S Machine, Inc. - SIMASV Bending Presses

SIMASV presses are user-friendly. A sturdy machine with a steel worktable, hardened and ground steel carriage, SIMASV bending presses are specially designed for the execution of bends and shapes for flat, square, and profiles. They can be fitted with countless tools, making them suitable for use within many types of fabricating industries. They are an indispensable tool in a metalworker'... (read more)

J&S Machine, Inc. - SIMASV Chamaleon Hydraulic Press & Roller

Since manufacturing the first horizontal hydraulic press in 1957, SIMASV has been a leading innovator in the manufacture of metalworking equipment. The SIMASV Chamaleon is a perfect example of this innovative spirit. A combination horizontal press and roll bending machine, the Chamaleon is ideal for any ornamental metalworking shop. (read more)

J&S Machine, Inc. - NC Tube & Pipe Benders

J&S Machine, Inc. is a premier distributor of Tre C and YLM metal fabrication equipment with an emphasis in the areas of bending and cutting for a variety of industries. (read more)

J&S Machine, Inc. - Tre C Bending Machines - CRM 140

J&S Machine carries a full line of Tre C bending machines capable of covering the many needs of the bending industry. (read more)

J&S Machine, Inc. - 3C - C.L.O.M.E.A. Roll Bending Machines

J&S Machine carries a full line of 3C - C.L.O.M.E.A. roll bending machines. With multiple capacity and control options available, the great versatility of these bending machines ensures that they can be used in a variety of industries, including: mechanical, automotive, light and heavy ironwork, door and window frames, and ship building. (read more)

J&S Machine, Inc. - YLM CR-A38SA

J&S Machine presents a new YLM model of NC Tube Bender. Designed to be used as a mandrel-less tube bender, this model features a remote programming pedestal with the ability to program up to 20 bends in sequence makes this a versatile machine for a variety of tube bending
applications. (read more)

J&S Machine, Inc. - YLM - CNC131 All-Electric Tube Bender

J&S Machine, Inc - The YLM line of CNC electric benders combines the energy savings and quite operation of electric servo control with advanced design features and software to provide the package customers are looking for. (read more)

J&S Machine, Inc. - 3C CR126HAIM, Roll Bending Machine

J&S Machine is now stocking the CR126HAIM bending machine from 3C - C.L.O.M.E.A. The CR126HAIM is a pyramid style roll bending machine that can be programmed to form multiple radius parts in a single run. The CR126HAIM is capable of bending up to 1" Pipe, 1½" Angle, and 1⅜" Sq. Tube. It is also ideal for bending residential aluminum window extrusions. (read more)

J&S Machine, Inc. - CNC38 Electric Tube Bender w/ Auto-Loader

J&S Machine, Inc - "Bending Solutions Exceeding Industry Demands" (read more)

J&S Machine, Inc. - 3C CRM-140, Hydraulic Bending Machine

J&S Machine is now stocking the new CRM-140 roll bending machine from 3C - C.L.O.M.E.A. The CRM-140 is a pyramid style roll bending machine that uses the central roller to create a radius. This design reduces the amount of hydraulic and electrical components required, keeping the cost of the machine lower than its double-pinch style counterparts. (read more)