J.W. Speaker Corporation - XD Series LED Worklights

The XD Series LED worklights feature a signature proprietary housing and impressive illumination, but what really sets them apart is the unique thermally-conductive polycarbonate housing, which prevents the LEDs from overheating and dimming over time. (read more)

J.W. Speaker Corporation - XL Series LED Worklights

J.W. Speaker Corporation is pleased to introduce a new range of industrial LED lighting products we’re calling the XL Series. These LED lights were developed speci cally for extreme industrial conditions. Each lamp is fully sealed and complies with IP69K for high pressure washing and other harsh environmental factors. (read more)

J.W. Speaker Corporation - X2O Series LED Marine Lights

J.W. Speaker’s new X2O Series includes three brand new LED marine lights; the Models 670 X2O, 840 X2O, and 880 X2O. The X2O Series LED marine lights feature a signature proprietary housing that makes them compact, durable, and corrosion-resistant. All of these marine lights are available in a flood, spot, or trap beam pattern. (read more)

J.W. Speaker Corporation - Model 527 RED

The Model 527 RED 5” x 10” LED warning light adds a new level of safety to mining and construction sites. It projects a large red “Keep Out” zone of light onto the ground to alert pedestrians and vehicles to stay out of potentially hazardous work areas, such as the swinging path of a shovel or drag line. (read more)

J.W. Speaker Corporation - Model 526 XL

The Model 526 XL was specifically designed for mining haul trucks and other heavy duty equipment where visibility plays an important role in workplace safety. The proprietary optics were specifically designed in four different beam pattern options to provide superior visibility: flood, spot, trapezoid, and the all new “Glare Buster.” (read more)

J.W. Speaker Corporation - 90mm LED Family

J.W. Speaker’s family of 90mm LED lights includes a wide variety of configurations which provide superior visibility, extreme durability, and unmatched longevity. Use them to upgrade your stock bus, motor coach, or similar application’s bulb-based lights to the power and performance of LED. (read more)

J.W. Speaker Corporation - Model 515

The Model 515 LED material handling headlight is more reliable, brighter, and longer-lasting than bulb-based lights. It features three distinct functions (low beam, front position, and turn signal) in one compact package. Constructed of a hard-coated polycarbonate lens and tough die-cast aluminum housing, the Model 515 is perfect for industrial use. (read more)

J.W. Speaker Corporation - Model 6145

J.W. Speaker Corporation is proud to announce the release of the new Model 6145 LED fog light. The Model 6145 is a plug-and-play LED replacement that retrofits stock Jeep fog lights. An identical version with a pedestal mount (called the Model 6150) is also available. (read more)

J.W. Speaker Corporation - Model 410 & Model 411

J.W. Speaker Corporation is proud to announce their improved dome lights; the Model 410 & 411. Replacing the original 410 & 411 incandescent bulb dome lights, the new Model 410 & 411 feature LEDs that resist shock and vibration better than bulb-based lights. (read more)

J.W. Speaker Corporation - Updated: Model 7150 LED Work Light

The "HID Killer" has been updated to produce more light! J.W. Speaker's Model 7150 large oval LED worklight delivers a powerful 5,250 Raw (3,300 Effective) Lumens of brighter, whiter light compared to any bulb-based lamp. Not only do you get better quality of light, but this solid-state lamp is impervious to the types of shock and vibration that cause HID and halogen bulbs to prematurely... (read more)

J.W. Speaker Corporation - Model 770 BLU & 770 RED LED Spot Light

Thousands of vehicle-pedestrian accidents happen in the workplace. Audible alarms certainly contribute to prevention, but the 770 BLU & 770 RED were designed to provide an additional layer of protection by projecting a visual warning sign (a bright blue or red spot light). If you have equipment operating in areas with pedestrian traffic, this is a safety enhancement you won't want to... (read more)

J.W. Speaker Corporation - Model 623 High Output LED Scenelight

The highest output LED product that J.W. Speaker Corporation makes, the Model 623 LED scene light puts out a staggering 40,000 raw Lumens (20,000 effective Lumens) to illuminate a large work area. Built to withstand severe shock & vibration, this amazing LED scene light is the perfect choice for rugged applications such as construction and mining. (read more)

J.W. Speaker Corporation - Model TS3000R LED Driving Lights

Seeing is believing with the TS3000R high intensity LED driving lights from J.W. Speaker Corporation. The all new TS3000R delivers an unprecedented lighting power; out-performing bulb-based technologies in terms of light output, longevity, and durability. This USA-made LED lighting product carries a limited lifetime warranty. (read more)

J.W. Speaker Corporation - Model 60 Portable LED Worklight

The revolutionary Model 60 from J.W. Speaker Corporation combines the versatility of portable lighting with the robust performance of a scene light. In a few easy steps, it transforms from a compact, hand-held scene light to a 6-foot-tall scene light for the ultimate beam spread. This innovative new light is packed full of valuable features. (read more)

J.W. Speaker Corporation - An “Evolution” in LED Headlamp Solutions

Since its launch in May of last year, J.W. Speaker's 7" round LED headlamp (dubbed the 8700 Evolution) has experienced widespread acceptance. Fully DOT and ECE compliant, the 8700 Evolution provides drivers with a bright, white beam pattern that leaves other headlamps in the dark. (read more)

J.W. Speaker Corporation - Model 217 LED Signal Lights

The Model 217 is a 3" round LED signal light that is available in a number of different configurations: daytime running & front position, turn signal, rear fog, backup, and stop & tail light. It is sealed to IP67, meets ECE standards for on-road use, and is covered by our Lifetime Limited Warranty. (read more)

J.W. Speaker Corporation - Model 8800 LED Headlights

The latest generation of the Model 8800 4" x 6" LED headlights combine rugged durability, unmatched longevity, and superior illumination to deliver unrivaled performance. This USA-made LED headlight can be designed into new vehicles or retrofit into existing headlight cavities and carries a lifetime limited warranty from J.W. Speaker. (read more)

J.W. Speaker Corporation - Model 380 Backup Alarm

Backup alarm promotes safety with noise output of up to 112dB. (read more)

J.W. Speaker Corporation - Model 22 Reflex Reflectors

This American-made acrylic reflex reflector comes in amber, clear, or red, and features a sturdy ABS backplate. Compliant with FMVSS 108, ECE Reg. 3, and SAE J594, this heavy-duty product makes an excellent choice for both on and off road applications. (read more)