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Kee Safety Inc.

Kee Safety Inc. has promoted these products:

Kee Safety Inc. - Kee Gate 18" Galvanized Self-closing Safety Gate

Kee® Gate self-closing safety gates are OSHA-compliant and designed to provide permanent hazard protection for internal or external applications. The 18-inch model (galvanized for corrosion resistance) is priced at $259.99 and available for order online. (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. - Kee Gate Safety Gate with Kee Hatch Railings

New OSHA-compliant Kee® Gate Self-closing Safety Gates provide permanent hazard protection in tandem with Kee Hatch® roof hatch railings. The are designed for use in commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities. (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. - Kee Lite Safety Railings for Water Treatment Plant

Kee Safety announces the installation of a safety railing system at a water and wastewater treatment facility in Navarra, Spain utilizing Kee Lite® components. Constructed of high-grade Aluminum Silicon Magnesium Alloy for strength and corrosion resistance, the new Kee Lite railing system installed also features toe boards to bolster fall protection and workplace safety. (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. - Self-closing Safety Gates from Kee Safety

Kee® Gate self-closing safety gates are OSHA-compliant and designed to provide permanent hazard protection for any openings including ladder/stair access points, roof hatches and restricted areas where regular access for maintenance and inspection is required. Offers a "retro-fit" solution to existing fixed structures. Available in galvanized and powder-coated finishes. (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. - Corrosion Resistant Safety Railing Systems

Separating people from hazards around the world Kee Safety's comprehensive range of durable, easy to install safety railing systems resist the challenging areas around Niagara Falls and locations all over the globe. Learn how to minimize corrosion in guard rails and barriers and provide safe structures & environments. SEE THE VIDEO (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. -  Contractor Safety Railings...OSHA-compliant

OSHA-compliant KeeGuard Contractor offers a new and innovative approach to railing systems. Although designed primarily for rooftop fall protection, portable KeeGuard Contractor has versatile use as a temporary or permanent indoor or outdoor safety railing system . Since it is free standing, there is no need for any hardware connections to the rooftop or working surface. (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. - Handrail Systems... ADA-Compliant

New Kee Access safety railing systems conform to the "barrier-free" requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other applicable state and local building codes. Built using the company's Kee Klamp® structural, slip-on railing components, Kee Access railings provide a smooth, contiguous gripping surface throughout its entire length. (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. - KeeLine® Overhead Lifeline for Fall Protection

Designed to support 1 or 2 workers at elevated heights KeeLine® Overhead Lifeline Systems provides fall protection during construction and maintenance. The personal protection equipment (PPE) system mounts directly above the user for overhead applications including vehicle loading, machine and equipment access, building cleaning and maintenance, and overhead cranes. (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. - Kee Access ADA Handrail Systems

Kee® Access ADA railing system components enable you to construct or retrofit smooth handrail systems to comply with the "barrier-free" provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as state and local building codes. (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. - KeeGuard WEIGHTANKA Fall Protection

The new Kee® Anchor "WEIGHTANKA" mobile anchor system for rooftop fall protection allows construction, maintenance and facilities workers safe freedom of movement around roof areas. (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. - Safety Railing Kits... Easy to Install

Kwik Kit is a pre-packaged safety railing kit to create a sturdy railing system without welding. Designed to provide safety barriers around machinery and equipment or other work areas, Kwik Kit safety railing kits are pre-packaged with 6-foot post spacing for straight sections, corner sections or extension sections. Complying with OSHA and IBC standards, Kwik Kit features "Safety Yellow"... (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. - Kee Klamp® Structural Safety Components

Kee Klamp safety components are strong, durable and corrosion resistant. They are easy to install, saving up to 50% or more on labor costs compared to welded railings and can also be used to build racks, frames, tables, displays and other tubular-pipe structures. (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. - OSHA-Compliant Window-Dec Provides Fall Protection

Designed as an easy and safe alternative to scaffolds for installing replacement windows, the new OSHA- and CSA-compliant Easi-Dec Window-Dec from Kee® Safety, Inc., Buffalo, NY, features a self-locking pulley system to lift replacement windows into position on one-story as well as two-story buildings. (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. - KeeLine Horizontal Lifeline System

Designed to provide workers fall protection at working heights during construction and maintenance, the new KeeLine® horizontal lifeline system can support up to three users over the span of nearly 50 feet. Models are available for different types of metal roofs and for fixing directly to steel, concrete or stone buildings in horizontal or overhead applications. (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. -  Hatch Roof Railings...OSHA-compliant

OSHA-compliant Kee Hatch roof railing systems fit all standard roof hatches and install in less than 30 minutes. They help ensure safe egress and ingress through roof access points, and the railings themselves do not penetrate the roof. (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. - Kee Walk Anti-Slip Rooftop Walkway

New Kee® Walk system from Kee Safety provides a safe, level walkway across roof surfaces with a clear demarcation route to protects the roof while uniformly distributing the pedestrian load. Easy to assemble and featuring anti-slip, high-grade nylon treads, Kee Walk is a flexible, modular system is designed for composite, trapezoidal metal profile, and standing seam metal roofs. (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. - KeeGuard Roof Railings with PVC Counterbalances

KeeGuard® roof edge fall protection railing systems now feature counterbalance weights made from 100% recycled PVC. The 30-lbs. weights anchor the KeeGuard system and are available in a variety of colors and reflective tape for added visibility. (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. - New Easi-Dec Ladder Stand-off from Kee Safety

Easi-Dec Ladder Stand-Off from Kee Safety is designed to enhance safety for construction and maintenance workers using ladders. It allows for safe access to corners, eaves, onto to roof edges and around obstacles while providing stability. (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. - The Pink Project

The Pink Project" is the specific initiative led by Actor Brad Pitt and Make It Right, to bring the nation and the world's attention to the devastation from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana. But the focus is not on the destruction, but on the rebuilding and renovation effort that the "Pink Project" is bringing to the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans. (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. - Separating People from Hazards

Fall prevention, roof edge protection, barrier and guard rail systems around the world. From handrails to assist the disabled to roof top walkways, from Niagara Falls to Madrid Airport Kee Safety protects people and personnel. SEE VIDEO OF OUR KEEWALK (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. - OHSA-Compliant Easi-Dec Alternative to Scaffolds

Designed to provide maintenance and repair workers with safe, rapid access to working heights, the new OSHA- and CSA-compliant Easi-Dec Platform system from Kee® Safety can be assembled from the ground up by two workers in less than 10 minutes without the need for tools and then easily lifted into position. (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. - New Easi-Dec Ladder-Spurs from Kee Safety

Kee Safety announces the introduction of Easi-Dec Ladder-Spurs to help ensure that existing ladders are used in compliance with OSHA and CSA standards. Sold in pairs, they increase the base of ladders to help prevent outward slip. (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. - The Beamclamp Connection Designer

BeamClamp™ products offer an alternative method of securing secondary steelwork and building services equipment to primary steelwork. The BeamClamp product range, as the name suggests, clamps new steel in position eliminating the need for drilling and welding while providing a high degree of adjustability. (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. - Ridge and Eaves Style Structural Slip-On Fittings

Kee Safety, Inc. announces the introduction of its new Kee Klamp® model #351 Ridge fitting and model #350 Eaves fitting. According to Kee Industrial, the new steel fittings are designed for small structural building applications and provide significant load rating. (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. - New OSHA-Compliant Easi-Dec Solar Platform

The new OSHA- and CSA-Compliant Easi-Dec Solar Platform from Kee Safety, Inc., is an engineered hoist for lifting solar panels to the roof of single and two-story buildings while providing installers with a fully-guarded work station. It saves a significant amount of time and cost compared to building scaffolds and offers greater versatility. (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. - BeamClamp GrateFix for Steel Flooring

Introducing three new GrateFix bar grating clamps to secure steel, aluminum or fiberglass grating to existing steel or supporting members.GrateFix can be installed in seconds by one person from above the grating using only an Allen Key, resulting in a simple and secure connection. No welding, drilling, or access from underneath is required. (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. - Kee Lite ® Aluminum Railing Components

Lightweight, yet strong and corrosion-resistant, Kee Lite components are used to build safety railings, displays, racks, and other tubular structures. They feature smooth contours for an aesthetic appearance. (read more)

Kee Safety Inc. - Box Bolt Expansion Anchor Bolts

BoxBolt™ expansion anchors from the BeamClamp™ Kee Safety® connect structural steel tube sections. Used in the construction industry, BoxBolt is ideal for fire-rated curtain walls and other types of steelwork with access is restricted to one side only. (read more)