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Konecranes Inc.

Konecranes Inc. has promoted these products/services:

Konecranes Inc. - SLX Electric Chain Hoists

From precision work to tough, difficult jobs, the SLX can do it all, while enhancing safety and allowing easy maintenance. Hardy and long-lasting, the SLX will give years of service to your facility. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Looking to buy a crane? Consult Crane Advisor

Konecranes Crane Advisor - Are you looking to buy a crane? Consult our Crane Advisor—an online tool that offers recommendations based on your specific lifting-application needs. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - New from Konecranes - The CXT NEO crane

Watch this video featuring the new CXT NEO crane. Konecranes is redefining the standard in general lifting. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Jib Cranes

Konecranes produces a wide range of jib cranes that are available for workplaces where load handling is necessary near an obstacle or in a low headroom area. Ruggedly constructed for industrial use, our jib cranes are built for years of trouble-free service. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Forklift Trucks by Konecranes

Forklift trucks by Konecranes are built to get the job done as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. They can often customize each forklift truck so that it is suited to carry out the heavy-duty task that awaits it. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Port Cranes from Konecranes

Konecranes builds and services many of the world's largest and most complex cranes for ports, harbors, shipyards, and the offshore industry. Konecranes can provide standard or tailored material handling solutions for various application fields. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Manual Chain Hoists from Konecranes

Konecranes has a variety of manual chain hoists available. We manufacture both hand chain blocks and manual lever pullers. The load capacities range from 1/4 to 10 tons. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Process Cranes

If a crane in an integral part of a production process, it is referred to as a "process crane." Process cranes are designed for around-the-clock use with maximum reliability and maintainability. Konecranes is the world leader in severe-duty cranes for process industries. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Portable Gantry Cranes

Konescranes provides ideal gantry crane solutions. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Konecranes Crane Reliability Survey

A comprehensive survey of your overhead cranes current condition and a projection of future needs. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Service Duty Cranes

Service duty cranes handle many rugged material handling needs. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. -  Konecranes Reach Stackers

Many years of development and close partnerships with our customers went into building our latest generation of Konecranes reach stackers. That’s why we developed an extremely modern lift truck with components and a fuel-efficient engine that delivers... (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - New From Konecranes - UNITON™

UNITON, Konecranes Latest Advancement in Its Equipment Offering for Heavy-Duty Lifting and Process Industries, Is a Robust Overhead Crane That Can Be Tailored for Unique Lifting Applications (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Konecranes Machine Tool Service (MTS)

Konecranes Machine Tool Service (MTS) is one of the world’s largest and leading providers of machine tool service, offering a full range of preventive maintenance, rebuild, remanufacture, retrofit and repair services as well as onsite support for all types and brands of machine tools. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Konecranes Quick Ship Crane For Industrial Cranes

Through Konecranes' Quick Ship Crane, you can now get a CXT single girder crane in just 4 weeks*; so you can quickly enjoy improved productivity and safety. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Konecranes ATL Vertical Lifter

Save Time with Customized Lifting Attachments from Konecranes (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Pneumatic Lifting Devices

Konecranes’ AirBalancer and Vertical Lifter aid picking, lifting, moving and placing items by hand. These pneumatic lifting devices allow the operator to transfer parts and fragile items preciously and smoothly in a fast speed. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Konecranes CXT Compact-10 Wire Rope Hoist Crane

The Compact-10 is built using the same high quality materials, designs and parts of our full range of XN and CXT cranes, offering your operation a top quality crane for up to a 10-ton capacity at a fair price and available to ship in 5 weeks time. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Automated Cranes from Konecranes

With extensive experience, advanced technologies and thorough understanding of your processes, Konecranes can offer you the right solutions to save you time & money, increase your productivity, give you peace of mind and keep your people and valuable products safe. How do we manage to do this? Simple. With Smart Features. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Jib Cranes from Konecranes

Konecranes Inc. offers a wide range of Jib cranes for work places where load handling is necessary around an obstacle or in a small or low headroom area. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Process Cranes by Konecranes

Konecranes produces and maintains many of the world’s largest and most complex overhead cranes with load capacities that extend to several hundred tons. Through extensive investment in research and development, we have advanced the level of our cranes’ performance, endurance, efficiency and reliability for severe-duty, high-capacity, heavy-duty process crane applications. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - SMARTON Advanced Crane Technology by Konecranes

Konecranes SMARTON (pronounced "smart-ton") presents an evolution in crane technology, designed to maximize customer productivity and minimize total lifecycle costs. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Konecranes CXT Industrial Cranes

CXT Cranes by Konecranes give you the best return on your investment. Their new CXT crane incorporates the most significant innovations introduced to the market for many years. CXT cranes offer superior safety and ergonomics, easy and effective load handling, and the most favorable dimensions for space saving solutions. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Konecranes CXT Hazardous Environment Hoists

Konecranes has developed a Hazardous Environment hoist based on its advanced and proven CXT hoist platform. The Hazardous Environment CXT wire rope hoist is available with CSA and ATEX ratings. (read more)


Konecranes Quick Ship initiative provides a complete, competitively priced industrial overhead crane up to 10 tons in four weeks or less. The Quick Ship Program’s crane package includes a high-quality Konecranes CXT hoist, end trucks, power supply, and single girder steel in spans up to 52 feet, shipped to the customer in four weeks or better. (read more)



Konecranes, whose unique portal crane design has been a proven performer for nearly 40 years, continues to develop this workhorse crane for demanding applications and environments in the steel, forest products, intermodal, biomass/ pellet and concrete indus... (read more)



Konecranes ergonomic XA Aluminum Workstation Crane System helps facility employees reduce cumulative trauma from repetitive lifting motions. (read more)



The Industrial Internet Now website is a crossroads for advanced ideas and applications in industry and manufacturing, hosted by global lifting leader Konecranes. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Konecranes ATB AirBalancer

The Konecranes ATB AirBalancer is the perfect alternative to hoists and works well for precise and repetitive handling projects in automotive, aerospace and manufacturing industries (read more)

Konecranes Inc. -  CLX Electric Chain Hoist

Providing a trusted solution for several processes in multiple industries, the CLX electric chain hoist is the right choice for manufacturing environments where a need for high-speed load transfers, detailed assembly work, and fluctuating requirements is present. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. -  Aluminum Light Crane Systems

Our new XA light crane system applies the strength and low weight of aluminum to your every light material lifting need. Handling low loads of up to 2 metric tons across a wide variety of rail types, it is a robust, cost-efficient solution for your work area. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. -  XM Steel Workstation Cranes

Konecranes, Inc - Our well-known XM light crane system applies the strength and durability of steel to your every light material lifting need. Handling loads of up to two metric tons across a wide variety of rail types, it is a robust, cost-efficient solution for your work area. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Konecranes Workstation Cranes

Konecranes - Our aluminum and steel light crane systems meet or exceed all requirements for workstation and production lines that require up to 2 tons of lifting capacity. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Overhead Cranes

Konecranes industrial cranes include the most significant innovations developed for overhead crane applications (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Bulk Handling Cranes

Konecranes Inc -AGD Grab Unloader with its extremely simple rope reeving design and standardised drive machinery provides the customer ease of maintenance and excellent operational reliability. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Smart Cranes - Smart Features by Konecranes

With extensive experience, advanced technologies and a thorough understanding of your processes, Konecranes can offer you the right equipment to save you time & money, increase your productivity, give you peace of mind and keep your people and valuable products safe. How do we manage to do this? With Smart Features. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Bridge Cranes from Konecranes

Our bridge cranes are engineered to the highest industry standards for lifting performance and safety. They deliver optimal service, load handling, value and reliability. And they offer the ultimate in adaptability to a customer’s facility and operations. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. -  CXT Wire Rope Hoists from Konecranes

CXT electric wire rope hoists represent a totally new approach within the lifting equipment industry. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - RailQ Crane Runway Survey by Konecranes

Konecranes’ RailQ Runway Survey provides faster, safer, and more accurate analysis than any other types of rail survey available. With the information from the survey, optimal and cost effective corrections can be made to help your crane run smoothly and safely on its rails. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - wXN Electric Chain Hoist for Wind Applications

Konecranes has designed an innovative solution that addresses the strict requirements of the wind turbine applications: The wXN Electric Chain Hoist. This is an ideal hoist for the wind power industry due to its light weight, compact and cost-effective design, and reliability. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Koncranes Critical Components Assessment

Non-Destructive Testing designed to ensure the safest possible operation of your crane.

Undetected defects in load-bearing or safety-related components can lead to catastrophic failure. Most inspections rely on visual observations and measurements. Certain defects cannot be seen with the naked eye; others may occur within components that are not normally disassembled for inspection. (read more)

Konecranes Inc. - Overhead Crane "Smart Features" by Konecranes

Konecranes' Smart Features will make your crane much easier to handle. That means the learning curve of training and practice is accelerated. Of course a trained and skilled operator is still key to your operations. However, a new operator no longer needs to learn how to manually compensate for load sway (read more)