LCR Hallcrest - Safetemp

LCR Hallcrest is pleased to release for sale a proprietary system of temperature monitors for hot and cold retail food display cases that fits into existing shelf channels and is designed to complement centralized electronic temperature management systems without power or maintenance. (read more)

LCR Hallcrest - Thermochromic and Photochromic Ink Test Kits

Three thermochromic / photochromic ink test kits are now available that will allow you to immediately create stunning thermal or UV activated visual effects. Each kit contains three different colors and a user's guide that will have the user producing interactive graphics in a matter of minutes. These water based screen ink kits are easy to apply and clean up with a brush or stamp. (read more)

LCR Hallcrest - Digitemp SC Single Color Digital Thermometers

LCR Hallcrest is pleased to release for Sale “The Next Generation in digital Liquid Crystal Thermometry”. Traditional Digitemp liquid crystal thermometers indicate temperature by running sequentially through the color spectrum to indicate current temperature.

Digitemp SC thermometers indicate the current temperature with one color. No Interpretation Necessary! Same... (read more)

LCR Hallcrest - Thermostrip® DL Dishwasher Temperature Labels

LCR Hallcrest announces the release for sale of Dishwasher Temperature Indicators / Labels for Food Safety and HealthCare. Thermostrip® DL are self-adhering, waterproof and color-changing labels that measure the surface temperature of dishware in dish washing machines.

Now Available On Line at (read more)

LCR Hallcrest - Server Temperature Monitoring for IT

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), . Recommends a temperature range of 18 to 27⁰C for class A data centers with volume servers and storage centers. The Digitemp Horizontal Thermometer is a liquid crystal self- adhesive thermometer (17⁰C to 29⁰C) that covers the recommended temperature range for data centers. (read more)

LCR Hallcrest - Thermostrip® CBM, circuit breaker monitor

LCR Hallcrest is pleased to release for sale Thermostrip® CBM a circuit breaker monitor temperature label, that will continuously monitor circuit breakers, electrical components, and equipment for overheating. If the indicated temperature is exceeded, the label will permanently change from silver to black. (read more)

LCR Hallcrest - Thermochromic Ink Creates Temperature Reactive Ad.

LCR Hallcrest's thermochromic inks were successfully and creatively used as part of an Age UK advertisement for the charity's ongoing 'Spread the Warmth' winter campaign this year.

The interactive advertisement appeared on the front cover of The Telegraph's Saturday Magazine asking its readers to: 'Touch the six blacked out areas to raise the temperature of o... (read more)

LCR Hallcrest - Liquid Crystal Thermometer Combined with QR Code

Tinker & Rasor a leading design, developer and manufacturer of electronic inspection equipment was looking for a novel way to alert users to the necessity of correcting voltage readings for ambient temperature and supply the inspector with support documentation. LCR Hallcrest created a liquid crystal thermometer with an integrated QR that supplies the support documentation. (read more)

LCR Hallcrest - Thermosmart Science Color Kit

This color kit is a collection of science investigations designed to show you that even complex science concepts can be broken down into bite-size pieces that are easy to understand. These investigations incorporate a color change driven by temperature designed to engage and connect the student with the subject creating a colorful engaging learning experience. (read more)

LCR Hallcrest - Color Change Temperature Labels & Ink Formulations

Thermochromic inks, pigment, and coatings provide a cold, touch, or high temperature color change for packaging and labels; available in a temperature range of -10° C to 69° C. Permanent color change temperature labels, 29° C to
290° C.

Thermax® non-reversible color changing labels are oil, water, and steam resistant, offering inexpensive evidence of temperature achiev... (read more)

LCR Hallcrest - Thermostrip® DC:Temperature Tape for Drying/Curing

LCR Hallcrest is pleased to release for sale Thermostrip DC, a highly accurate heat indicator designed to assist with the drying, curing, laminating or bonding process. Each individual 10 mm X 56 mm self-adhesive strip has 5 temperature settings that when exposed to the rated temperature will permanently change color from silver to black indicating attained temperature. Thermostrip® DC i... (read more)

LCR Hallcrest - Thermax 8 Level Strips

LCR Hallcrest offers irreversible temperature sensitive products that are inexpensive and easy to use, featuring immediate response and permanent record of highest temperature reached... (read more)

LCR Hallcrest - Promotional Thermographics

Activation temperature points range from low refrigeration type temperatures through normal body temperatures to high temperatures that exceed the pain threshold.

  • Cold Activated Thermochromic Ink is used on labels and packaging to create a color change when cooled. (Clear to Color: 15ºC / 59ºF)
  • Touch Activated Thermochromic Ink will vanish when...
(read more)
LCR Hallcrest - Private Label Thermometry: Healthcare and Retail

The unique nature of our core competency in liquid crystals and our in-house expertise in the development, production and marketing of color changing thermometry into markets that range from Healthcare to Retail, enables LCR Hallcrest to literally offer thousands of potential thermographic products for your label.

We offer in house Project Management, Design, Development, Manufact... (read more)

LCR Hallcrest - Four Color Process Photochromic Ink

LCR Hallcrest is pleased to release for sale the world's first four-color photochromic ink system. Photochromic inks change color when exposed to ultraviolet light usually from the sun or a black light. (read more)

LCR Hallcrest - Thermochromic Pressure Sensitive Wine Labels

Print Industries of Wisconsin has recognized Inland Label for their most recent successful innovation project which included the utilization of Hallcrest Thermochromic Ink on a pressure sensitive wine label. The label has a hidden message "Natural Wines," that appears when the wine reaches ideal cold drinking temperature (read more)

LCR Hallcrest - Golf Grip Guides to Use Thermochromic Ink

LCR Hallcrest,has been working with Chip Beck, a PGA Tour, Professional, on a training tool, that teaches you how to play better golf.

Grip Guides for Golf is an adhesive backed template designed to fit right on to the golf club grip. This template is Chips' grip, imprinted on the template is LCR Hallcrest's color changing inks to indicate the hands are in the proper... (read more)

LCR Hallcrest - Thermometer Sets for Home Temperature Monitoring

New Value Packed Retail Thermometer Sets for Child Safety, Adult Health and Household Energy Monitoring Featuring Color Change Technology (read more)

LCR Hallcrest - Hallcrest Color Change Technology

Specialists in materials that change color when stimulated by temperature, light, water and pressure

LCR Hallcrest specializes in the formulation and microencapsulation of liquid crystal mixtures and the development and manufacture of products, pigments, inks and paints that change color.

LCR Hallcrest the international leader in the development and manufactur... (read more)

LCR Hallcrest -  Research and Test Kits

Thermochromic liquid crystals (TLC's) react to changes in temperature by changing color. TLC's have Chiral (twisted) molecular structures and are optically active. Direct white light is selectively reflected by the expansion and contraction of the helix with change in temperature. (read more)

LCR Hallcrest - Thermax 8 Level Strips Available On Line

LCR Hallcrest offers irreversible temperature sensitive products that are inexpensive and easy to use, featuring immediate response and permanent record of highest temperature reached... (read more)

LCR Hallcrest - Battery Tester

LCR Hallcrest is pleased to release for sale the First Household Battery Tester where the electric circuit that measures battery performance and the display that communicates that information is entirely printed on a thin lightweight flexible plastic strip. (read more)

LCR Hallcrest - Thermochromic Liquid Crystals (LCs)

Thermochromic Liquid Crystals (LCs) can be highly temperature sensitive, change to many colors, and are more expensive than leuco dyes. LC's start black below their temperature range; go through the colors of a rainbow, and then black again above the temperature range. LC's are reversible in that they can be used over and over again. The picture shows an example of a liquid crystal sheet... (read more)

LCR Hallcrest - Informational Website

LCR Hallcrest unveiled its new website designed to offer insight into the technology surrounding thermochromic color changing graphic materials, specifically leuco dyes, liquid crystals, photochromic inks, permanent change inks and temperature sensitive wax melt materials. The site boasts simple navigation, videos, and many examples of thermochromic technology i... (read more)