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LEMO USA, Inc. has promoted these products/services:

LEMO USA, Inc. - LEMO Announces 0T Series – Watertight Connector

LEMO, a global leader in the design and manufacture of precision custom connection solutions has announced a new watertight connector, the 0T Series. The 0T Series Connector offers a new innovative design for the defense/security, test & measurement, medical and any other market/application that requires a watertight connection. (read more)

LEMO USA, Inc. - Rugged Solutions for Industrial Environments

LEMO connectors are suited for the toughest requirements in industrial environments that require reliable and rugged solutions. (read more)

LEMO USA, Inc. - Connector Solutions for Research Centers

LEMO has been providing connector solutions for research centers worldwide for many decades. Our connector manufacturing program includes high voltage connectors up to 50kV, multiple high voltage connectors and mixed inserts with coaxial and low voltage. (read more)

LEMO USA, Inc. - The basis of the NIM-CAMAC standard

Coaxial 50 Ω self-latching connectors, the basis of the NIM-CAMAC standard.

• Push-Pull self-latching
• Over 40 shell styles
• Temp. range -55°C to 250°C
• Shielding:
> 90dB at 10Mhz
> 70dB at 1 Ghz
• Solder or crimp contacts (read more)

LEMO USA, Inc. - Test & Measurement Connectors

Watertight receptacles, shock and vibration resistant, excellent shielding. (read more)

LEMO USA, Inc. - LEMO launches CONNECTED magazine

LEMO launches CONNECTED magazine There are thousands of technical magazines in the market. So why should LEMO launch one of its own? The first reason can be summed up in one single word: passion. (read more)

LEMO USA, Inc. - LEMO Acquires Custom Cable Manufacturer Northwire

LEMO Acquires Custom Cable Manufacturer Northwire. Ecublens, Switzerland — LEMO, a Swiss global leader in the design and manufacture of precision custom connectors, is pleased to announce that they have acquired Northwire, Inc., (NWI) a US specialty cable manufacturer of wire & multi-conductor cable and retractiles for the medical, aerospace and defense, e... (read more)

LEMO USA, Inc. - LEMO offers a wide range of medical connectors

LEMO offers a wide range of plastic medical connectors under the brand name REDEL. The plastic material used (PSU, PEI and other PSU based material) are FDA approved in their respective natural color (read more)

LEMO USA, Inc. - Ideal for data and communication solutions

LEMO connectors are ideal for data and communication solutions. LEMO connectors offer full EMC / EMI shielding for headsets, antennas and microphone applications. (read more)