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LEMO USA, Inc. has promoted these products/services:

LEMO USA, Inc. - SMPTE 311M or ARIB hybrid cable for broadcast

LEMO manufactures SMPTE 311M or ARIB hybrid cable for broadcast


  • Outside broadcast
  • OB van
  • Production and mobile truck
  • Field installations
(read more)
LEMO USA, Inc. - The new Lemo salt fog corrosion treatment

Designed for harsh environments, the new LEMO salt fog corrosion treatment for aluminium offers extensive features. (read more)

LEMO USA, Inc. - New! LEMO® Announces the T Series

LEMO, a global leader in the design and manufacture of precision custom connection solutions has recently announced a new watertight connector series, the T Series (read more)

LEMO USA, Inc. - Watertight self-latching multipole connectors

Watertight self-latching multipole connectors with alignment key (read more)

LEMO USA, Inc. - LEMO and Northwire launch New Cable Range

A new cable choice ranging from AWG 12 to AWG 28 has been developed to serve LEMO connector customers. The cables are available in either PVC (UL AWM style 2464) or TPR medical grade (USP class VI) outer jacket (read more)

LEMO USA, Inc. - New T Series Connector (IP68)

The T Series is a small-size waterproof circular connector. T Series connectors have been specifically designed for outdoor applications and are now available in various sizes: TT,0T,1T,2T and 3T. They include an inner sleeve and seals to prevent penetration of solids or liquids. (read more)

LEMO USA, Inc. - CAT 6A Ethernet Connector


– Transmission performance meets Category 6A specification up to 500 MHz for 10 GigaBit Ethernet transmission according IEEE802.3an.

– Push-Pull connector

– IP50 or IP68 solution

– For cable diameter from 3.2 to 9.9 mm

– Designed for AWG 22 and AWG 24 (AWG 26 for shorter cable distance) (read more)

LEMO USA, Inc. - LEMO Announces 0T Series – Watertight Connector

LEMO, a global leader in the design and manufacture of precision custom connection solutions has announced a new watertight connector, the 0T Series. The 0T Series Connector offers a new innovative design for the defense/security, test & measurement, medical and any other market/application that requires a watertight connection. (read more)

LEMO USA, Inc. - Connector Solutions for Research Centers

LEMO has been providing connector solutions for research centers worldwide for many decades. Our connector manufacturing program includes high voltage connectors up to 50kV, multiple high voltage connectors and mixed inserts with coaxial and low voltage. (read more)