Lapp USA - EPIC® Connectors for Industrial Applications

Lapp offers the industry standard EPIC® Rectangular Industrial Connectors and Housings. Environmentally Protected Industrial Connectors are the ultimate Nema 4 and 12 multi-pin connections for all power and control applications where reliability and durability are essential. (read more)

Lapp USA - Oil Resistant, Flexible Power Supply Cord

OLFLEX® POWER QUAD II is a PVC cordage with UL/CSA SJTO and <HAR> H05VV-F approval. It has a very oil resistant jacket and an international color code. OLFLEX® POWER QUAD II can be used in European, American, Asian and Canadian cordage applications so one cable does the work of 4. (read more)

Lapp USA - Wind Energy Applications from Lapp

Lapp's high-performance wire, cables, cable accessories, connectors and glands are expertly designed to withstand humidity, condensation, vibration, extreme temperatures, exposure to oil and electromagnetic interference. (read more)

Lapp USA - Flexible, Oil Resistant Tray & Machine Tool Cable

ÖLFLEX® CONTROL TM is a multi-conductor cable designed for use on machine tool equipment and other industrial machinery conforming to NFPA 79 2007 wiring norms. It passes UL Oil Res. I & II and has good cold temperature performance metting UL -25ºC cold impact. ÖLFLEX® CONTROL TM is also UL/CSA TC approved so it can be routed in tray as well. (read more)


SKINTOP® MS-NPT/ MS-M BRUSH Liquid Tight, Metallic Strain Relief for EMC Shielding Applications. Easy to Assemble, Cable Gland with NPT or Metric Threads (read more)

Lapp USA - Lapp Group’s New Cable I 304

Lapp Group’s new cable I 304 is an instrumentation rated UL CMG, PLTC & ITC and CSA CMG. It is available with individually shielded pairs and triads and has an overall foil shield. (read more)

Lapp USA - Halogen Free Industrial Grade Ethernet Cable

ETHERLINE® Torsion CAT. 5 is a halogen free, finely stranded, oil and abrasion resistant PUR cable available from Lapp, USA. It is suited for applications in modern industrial machines and equipment where torsional stress may occur and compliments our industrial Ethernet range of ETHERLINE® products. (read more)

Lapp USA - Signal & Control Cable - Price Sensitive Solution

Not every wiring application requires extreme protection against oil, flex cycles or abrasion. In these cases, it makes both engineering and economic sense to specify cables with more modest performance characteristics. To meet the market demand for less demanding signal and control applications, we have introduced the C 304 and D 304 Series. (read more)

Lapp USA - Best grounding methods for shielded cable

Grounding Methods Compared

To select the best grounding method for shielded cable installations, you have to strike a balance between installed cost and grounding performance. Yet that’s easier said than done. (read more)

Lapp USA - Globally Approved Rubber Portable Cordage by Lapp

ÖLFLEX® POWER IX is a neoprene cordage with UL/CSA SOOW and <HAR> H07RN-F approval. It has an oil, chemical and abrasion resistant jacket and an international color code. OLFLEX® POWER IX can be used in European, American, Asian and Canadian cordage applications so one cable does the work of 4. (read more)

Lapp USA - New Automation Guide from Lapp USA

Lapp USA' New Automation Guide is here. A comprehensive 47-page resource for Servo Motors/Drives and BUS Systems. Get your FREE copy. (read more)



Ideal For Use In Extreme Evironments

Scratch, impact, and corrosion resistant

Dust & water tight to IP65

Immunity from electrical interference (read more)

Lapp USA - Flexible quick connect conduit systems

Lapp offers metallic and non-metallic flexible quick connect conduit systems. (read more)

Lapp USA - EPIC® LS1 Power & Mixed Power Circular Connectors

EPIC® LS1 Circular and Mixed Power Connectors are ideal for power transmission and servo drive applications in the plastics, printing, analytical instrument, robotic, machine tool industries, and any other industrial or commercial application where a compact connector with high voltage and current capability is required. (read more)

Lapp USA - Flexible Control Cable - OLFLEX® 190 from Lapp

Lapp USA has announced many new enhancements to its OLFLEX® 190 multi-conductor control cable. Lapp USA, formerly Olflex Wire & Cable and Contact Electronics, has designed the OLFLEX® 190 to perform exceptionally well in many industrial environments. (read more)

Lapp USA - Safety Interlocked Switched Power Outlets

The ULYSSE Series interlocked switch outlets satisfy indoor and outdoor power distribution needs where protection from impact, corrosive environments, water, and UV rays, is needed. Used with IEC60309 plugs and cULus listed to Standard 508, they utilize AC23A-AC3 category cam switches, allowing direct switching of motor and other highly inductive electrical loads. (read more)

Lapp USA - It Doesn't Come Any Quicker And Simpler Than This!

Lapp Group has revolutionized the multi-cable bushing system market with its introduction of the SKINTOP® CUBE. The simple and highly effective design consists of a frame (SKINTOP® FRAME) and flexible clip sealing modules (SKINTOP® CUBE MODULES) for larger and more effective clamping than existing competitor designs. The sturdy, glass-fiber-reinforced polyamide frames are available fo... (read more)

Lapp USA - Lapp Cable Assemblies and Populated Track

Do-it yourself cable assemblies and populated track may be attractive from an initial cost viewpoint, but if done incorrectly, they can be a nightmare of down-time and increased installation cost, not to mention greatly shortened service life. Why go it alone when you can rely on Lapp Systems USA to provide you with a fully assembled, tested, and guaranteed assembly. (read more)

Lapp USA - EPIC® Industrial MIL-Type Circular Connectors

The Lapp Group of North America announced the release of its EPIC® EAB, EAC, and EPT Series Connectors. (read more)

Lapp USA - OLFLEX® TRAY II Cable Features New Approvals

ÖLFLEX® Tray II is an industrial grade tray cable with superior oil performance for long cable life. It has been improved to meet UL Oil Res. I & II and have better cold temperature flexibility, meeting UL -25ºC cold impact. It has a pressure extruded jacket and fine copper stranding for excellent flexibility making it much easier to pull through tray. (read more)

Lapp USA - SKINTOP® CLICK - Quick Click Insertion System

The SKINTOP® CLICK offers the same proven reliability, performance and anti-vibration protection of the original SKINTOP® cable gland, with the added benefit of the quick Click design for quick and easy mounting of the gland in any position. No special mounting tools, additional clamping rings or locknuts are needed, resulting in greatly simplified installation. With no threads to cut or locknu... (read more)

Lapp USA - SKINTOP® for Cable Diameters up to 3.858”

Lapp Group's extended range of metric, nickel plated brass SKINTOP® glands support cable diameters ranging from 2.087-3.858 inches (53-98mm). The SKINTOP® M75X1.5, M90X1.5 and M110X2.0 sizes feature a dual clamping design that provides twice the grip and sealing area of traditional gasket designs. (read more)

Lapp USA - Oil Resistant Flexible Control Cables

OLFLEX® FORTIS is named after the Latin word meaning "strength". It offers outstanding mechanical performance, particularly at low temperatures. The specially formulated elastomeric jacket passes UL's -40°C cold impact test. OLFLEX® FORTIS also offers outstanding oil resistance (UL OIL RES I & II) and meets all Tray Cable (UL-1277) and Wind Turbine Tray Cable (UL-2277) requirements. (read more)

Lapp USA - EPIC® Connectors Feature Easy Assembly

EPIC® CIRCON M23 Connectors Features Easy Assembly & High Reliability in Tough Industrial Environments. (read more)