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LINAK U.S. Inc. has promoted these products:

LINAK U.S. Inc. - Battery Box For Various Mobile Applications

The high-capacity BA001 battery box allows DESKLINE® and HOMELINE® systems to be used in various mobile applications. (read more)

LINAK U.S. Inc. - LA40 – The New Actuator For Added Efficiency

The healthcare sector is facing a number of challenges including an aging population, increasing obesity and other lifestyle diseases. There will be more and more people in need of care with fewer people to do the caring.
Increased obesity of the general population will necessitate higher safety loads in care applications. This will require healthcare applications that are optimize... (read more)

LINAK U.S. Inc. - Lifting Column Systems... with Piezo Sensors

Linak - Office furniture is meant to be sturdy and reliable and used every day for years.
Even the most modern, most sophisticated office desk designs are built to last. People are people, and may inadvertently cause damage when raising and lowering a height adjustable desk. (read more)

LINAK U.S. Inc. - Advanced System Solutions for Patient Lifts

Based on more than 30 years of experience and global know-how, LINAK® gives you a lift in production, usage and service with basic or advanced system solutions for electric patient lifts. (read more)

LINAK U.S. Inc. -  Actuator Solutions... by LINAK® iFLEX™

LINAK US - TECHLINE® iFLEX actuators present you with almost unlimited new possibilities for superior control and monitoring to project and enhance the value and performance of your application while ensuring minimal downtime. (read more)


MEDLINE® & CARELINE® solutions with Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Technology feature low standby power while offering more output power and efficiency than traditional transformers. It supports constant actuator speed independent of load on the application. (read more)

LINAK U.S. Inc. -  Control Box - NEW Generation

Linak US - The CBD6S unites the best of the past with new unique features - combining this into a compact, state-of-the-art control box.The CBD6S is backwards compatible. Meaning it works with the DESKLINE product program.This new generation of control box maintains LINAK’s hallmarks: high quality systems, superb performance, pleasant sound, Plug... (read more)

LINAK U.S. Inc. - Actuator LA25 - Keeps you Moving

Intelligent, compact movement for your application, even in harsh environments with high IP protection, compact design and iFLEX - integrated flexibility. (read more)

LINAK U.S. Inc. - Actuator Solutions for Bar Feeders

LINAK puts focus on bar feeders and other industrial automation applications for which we have been supplying actuator solutions for years. (read more)

LINAK U.S. Inc. - See how we perfect motion at GIE+EXPO 2014

Visit LINAK at GIE+EXPO 2014 Booth #9034 October 22-24, 2014 | Ky. Expo Center

Getting ready for GIE+EXPO? Whether you design ZTRs, UTVs, ride-on sprayer spreaders, aeration equipment or other outdoor power equipment, your motion control system design doesn't have to be a headache. Simple installation, precise control, power where it counts for your team and reliability for your c... (read more)

LINAK U.S. Inc. - Electric Actuators vs. Hydraulics

This whitepaper outlines key considerations when selecting the appropriate motion control technology for OEM designs - electric linear actuators, hydraulics systems, or manual operation. Read more. (read more)

LINAK U.S. Inc. - New Compact Series of Control Boxes: CBD6S

The new generation of control boxes called CBD6S unites the best of the past with new unique features - combining this into compact, lightweight and state-of-the-art control boxes. (read more)

LINAK U.S. Inc. - Ergonomics meets Innovation: Baselift System

Be 100 mm ahead of the crowd. The compact Baselift system takes your kitchen to the next level – giving your kitchen business a competitive edge. (read more)

LINAK U.S. Inc. - TECHLINE Actuator Solutions

LINAK puts focus on textile machines and other industrial automation applications for which we have been supplying actuator solutions for years. (read more)

LINAK U.S. Inc. - Take Advantage of Electric Linear Actuators

Farming is hard work and agricultural equipment must perform efficiently under extreme conditions. Actuator systems in mobile agricultural machinery have to be tough enough to withstand both weather, bumps and exposure to all sorts of corrosive fertilizers. At the same time modern day farming has in many ways become a precision operation. Electric actuators must be delicate e... (read more)

LINAK U.S. Inc. - Electric Actuator...for agriculture & construction

Linak US - The LA36 actuator from TECHLINE is one of our strongest and toughest actuators. It is designed to operate under extreme conditions in agriculture, construction, and other applications.The LA36 is now available with all iFLEX options for built-in intelligent actuator movement for your application. Choose between:iFLEX IC Basic: provides you with a...... (read more)

LINAK U.S. Inc. -  Electric Actuator...the powerful LA37

Linak US - Get optimized production and minimum downtime for your application. The powerful LA37 electric actuator does your heavy lifting up to 15,000 N. (read more)

LINAK U.S. Inc. -  NEW Hand Control...leisure bed market

Linak - NEW control for the leisure bed market is now available. The control has a contemporary look that fits the design of a modern bed. (read more)

LINAK U.S. Inc. - Electric Height Adjustable System - DESKLINE®

LINAK - continues to raise the bar on electric height adjustable desk design systems with the introduction of the DESKLINE® DL17 inline column. The elegant square design of the DL17 complements the rectangular DL12 column and the round DL14 column. The DL17 column is sleek and trendy with an emphasis on both form and function. It was desi... (read more)

LINAK U.S. Inc. - Electric Actuator- Mobile Agriculture Application

Linak - Electric actuators offer a simple, safe and clean alternative for a wide variety of agricultural machinery from straw blowers and auger mixers over seed drills, trailers and spreaders, to slurry tanks, tractors sprayers and harvesters. Anything that needs adjustment, tilting, pushing, pulling and lifting with thrust up to 15,000 N. can potential... (read more)

LINAK U.S. Inc. - Actuator LA43... for Healthcare

Linak - MEDLINE® & CARELINE® presents the brand new powerful LA43 actuator developed specifically for the healthcare segment. In modern treatment and care facilities it is important that actuator solutions deliver safe, smooth and powerful movement to the application. (read more)

LINAK U.S. Inc. - New Inline Column DL12: Form Meets Function

LINAK raises the bar on electric height adjustable desk design systems, with the addition of the DL12 to the innovative DESKLINE® inline column family.

The new rectangular 3-part inline design with invisible gliding pads, and
minimum spacing between the column profiles provides a more streamlined

The DL12 is intended for de... (read more)

LINAK U.S. Inc. - Built to Last: TECHLINE®

Whether you need an actuator solution to perform reliably in rough and rugged conditions – or you need smooth and controlled automation for all sorts of purposes we have a TECHLINE® solution for you. (read more)

LINAK U.S. Inc. - DL9 System with PIEZO safeguards office equipment

The DL9 lifting column is now available with PIEZO - our hardware based anti-collision technology that prevents material damage. (read more)

LINAK U.S. Inc. - Actuator LA14: Tough World, Tough Actuator

Avoid crucial breakdowns and time-consuming maintenance (read more)