Linde North America, Inc. - Blending with Bubbles Inert Mixing Solutions

Tank mixing systems are prevalent and essential in a range of industries, including chemical and biofuel blending facilities, oil and gas facilities, and food and beverage manufacturers. Mechanical mixing systems can be costly due to energy use and downtime for maintenance, and long mixing times can slow down an operation. Pulsair® mixing systems can increase efficiency in these proc... (read more)

Linde North America, Inc. - Linde Inerting Systems for the Chemical Industry

Inerting with gaseous nitrogen lowers the risks of explosion, protects quality by mitigating oxidative effects, controls atmospheric moisture levels, and ultimately contributes to a safer operation.These goals cannot always be achieved through technology andequipment design alone.Discover the benefits of Linde’s approach through our white paper, Inerting in th... (read more)

Linde North America, Inc. - Comply with EPA regulation/control VOC emissions

Linde White Paper helps oil and gas companies comply with EPA regulation to control VOC emissions. The white paper, Solutions to Contain VOC Emissions and Comply with Evolving EPA Regulations, is available as a free download on Linde’s website: (read more)

Linde North America, Inc. - Enhanced Gas Assist Injection Molding

Traditionally, manufacturers use nitrogen for Gas Assist Injection Molding (GAIM) – a process used to create hollow plastic parts. Linde has invented a process where nitrogen replaces Carbon Dioxide (CO2), greatly reducing cycle times. Cooling cycles can often be reduced by more than 50% compared to cycles using nitrogen and overall cycles can often be reduced by 20%... (read more)

Linde North America, Inc. - Gas Assist Injection Molding: Linde's PRESUS™ N10

Until now, the major problem with GAIM has been compressing the gaseous nitrogen to high pressures economically and with a high degree of purity. This operation requires a great deal of energy and significant maintenance on the compressors. In addition, the oil lubrication in the compressors contaminates the nitrogen, reduces product quality and process reliability. (read more)

Linde North America, Inc. - CRYOLINE® IQF Tunnel Freezer: CRYOWAVE™

Linde's CRYOLINE CW hygienic tunnel freezer is designed to freeze IQF (individually quick frozen) products, such as wings, diced and sliced products, and items that tends to clump or stick to belts. The freezer uses a proprietary, rolling wave action that gently tumbles layered products to maximize yield by locking in moisture, a distinct competitive advantage over conventional flig... (read more)

Linde North America, Inc. - New CRYOLINE XF High performance spiral freezer

The CRYOLINE® XF is built for large capacities from 5,500-16,500 lb/h.Its patent-pending technology delivers twice the heat transfer rate of commercial spiral freezers. It has a smaller footprint, higher production capacity and is more efficient than standard cryogenic spiral freezers.It is suitable for high temperature and high moisture products, e. g. cooke... (read more)

Linde North America, Inc. - REBOX® oxyfuel solutions in steel reheating

Steel reheating - Linde's Experience and Technical Leadership

Since 1990, Linde has supplied over 110 REBOX oxyfuel-based solutions for batch and continuous reheat furnaces. Linde has the experience to deliver complete turn-key installations, including engineering, installation, project management and commissioning. It is also a forerunner in combustion technology... (read more)

Linde North America, Inc. - CRYOCLEAN®snow –CO2 blasting without pellets.

Wherever gentle but efficient cleaning is necessary consider CRYOCLEAN® snow. CO2-snow particles are directly generated out of liquid carbon dioxide. Pressurized air accelerates these particles, immediately vaporizing, removing dirt and impurities while leaving the cleaned surface clear of grit or sludge residue. Contamination will be removed by highly effective surface treatment. (read more)

Linde North America, Inc. - CIRRUS® Vapor Emission Control Systems

Linde's CIRRUS® Vapor Emission Control systems remove volatile organic compounds (VOC) from process gases through cryogenic condensation technology. CIRRUS borrows its technology from Linde's patented and highly-successful CUMULUS® Fluid Temperature Control systems. (read more)