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Manufacturers Supplies Co. - Digital Laser Cutting & Converting System

“Solutions for Complex Geometries without Hard Tooling” - The Guidolin Girotto Laser Cutting & Converting System offers innovative and cost-effective solutions for processing simple and complex geometries without the use of traditional hard tooling – superior part quality that cannot be replicated in the traditional die cutting process. (read more)

Manufacturers Supplies Co. - High Speed Rotary Die Cutting Machines

Guidolin Girotto Srl, the leading manufacturer of standard and custom engineered high speed rotary die cutting machines offers a complete range of rotary converting systems studied and developed for the diecutting & kiss cutting of double sided adhesive materials, technical tapes, foams, plastics and similar materials. (read more)

Manufacturers Supplies Co. - Automated Sample Cutting & Plotting System

The new ATOM Flashcut 222 & 888 Automatic Dieless Knife Cutting & Plotting System is the ideal solution for any company needing to produce samples & prototypes quickly & accurately yet at the same time eliminating costly tooling and increasing time to market. (read more)

Manufacturers Supplies Co. - ATOM Oscillating Knife Cutting Tables & Systems

The diversity of the ATOM Flashcut dieless knife cutting system is the key factor to it's success. For any company producing cut parts - from concept through research and development, prototyping, multiple applications, to production quantities - the ATOM oscillating knife cutting table can quickly be developed to suit the customer, whatever the industry. (read more)

Manufacturers Supplies Co. - Chiesa F1 EDI CNC Traveling Head Press

The Chiesa F1 EDI CNC Traveling Head Press incorporates an electrically driven cutting head without the use of hydraulics. This 'GREEN' technology reduces power consumption up to 50%, eliminates all maintenance associated with hydraulics, improves accuracy, repeatability & production. To improve overall yields, the machine is equipped with a 14-position automatic tool changing device. (read more)

Manufacturers Supplies Co. - ATOM Full Head Beam Die Cutting Presses

ATOM Full Head Beam Die Cutting Presses are unique within the industry in terms of performance & quality. The patented Y fulcrum & single cylinder allows a perfect parallelism between the striking surfaces, more uniform distribution of the cutting force & a faster cutting cycle than traditional hydraulic twin cylinder or four-post die cutting machines. (read more)

Manufacturers Supplies Co. - Automated Cutting Solutions for Composites

The ATOM automated dieless knife cutting system provides a turn-key solution for the design, rapid prototyping & production of composite & technical textile products enabling the full spectrum of materials to be processed, including pre-pregs, dry fabrics, glass fiber, hybrid, breather, release, kevlar, carbon fiber, foam (130mm thick), honey comb & plastics. (read more)

Manufacturers Supplies Co. - Dieless Knife Cutting Solutions for Gaskets

The ATOM Dieless Knife Cutting Table, Flashcut FLEX S Series, is the optimal dieless knife cutting solution for all the traditional gasket materials including; steel inserted graphite, non-asbestos up to 6mm, rubber & it’s by-products, dense foams, pure Teflon, mylar, nomex, felts, fabrics, plastics and similar semi-rigid materials. (read more)

Manufacturers Supplies Co. - Rotary Converting Systems

The Guidolin Girotto rotary converting system, model RO 350, has been designed and developed for the die cutting and kiss cutting of adhesive and double sided adhesive tapes, foam tapes and any other technical flexible material to satisfy the requirements of high production with extreme cutting precision. Guidolin Girotto is a worldwide distinction sign in the technical die cutting secto... (read more)

Manufacturers Supplies Co. - CAD/CAM Dieless Knife Cutting & Milling System

The ATOM Flashcut EMHD 2-Z Axis Dieless Knife Cutting & Milling System was developed for companies that produce packaging, tool case inserts, & sound dampening components made from soft, rigid or laminated foams with a maximum thickness of 130mm. (read more)

Manufacturers Supplies Co. - Dieless Cutting Solutions for Conveyor Belts

ATOM SpA are the foremost European specialist in the manufacture of CAD/CAM dieless knife cutting systems for processing rigid & flexible conveyor belt materials including polyurethane, PVC, polyester, textile, rubber, fiber glass etc.. Their range of automated knife cutting tables provide manufacturers of conveyor belts a turnkey solution for design, prototyping & manufacturing. (read more)

Manufacturers Supplies Co. - High Speed Flat Bed Die Cutting Presses

Guidolin Girotto Srl is focused on the engineering & manufacturing of precision narrow web flatbed cutting systems suitable to kiss cut or total cut any technical flexible material including double sided adhesive tapes, expanded materials with open or closed cells, coupled materials, rubbers, abrasives, filters, textiles, elastic materials and similar products. (read more)

Manufacturers Supplies Co. - Precision Narrow Web Cutting Systems

Guidolin Girotto Srl is a certified leader in the engineering and manufacturing of high speed, mechanical flat bed die cutting presses, rotary die cutting machines, dieless kiss cutting systems, guillotine cutters & narrow web laminators. Our range of converting equipment are studied and developed to kiss-cut and totally cut any non-metallic flexible material like adhesive and double... (read more)

Manufacturers Supplies Co. - Automatic Guillotine Cutting Systems

The Guidolin Girotto electronic automatic guillotine cutting systems, model GDX-1, is designed to cut sheets and blocks from a roll form using a blade and counter blade cutting system. The GDX-1 guillotine cutter can be set-up to laminate, slit and sheet a wide variety of adhesive and non-adhesive tapes, neutral and printed labels, foams, rubber, textiles, films and similar products.

... (read more)
Manufacturers Supplies Co. - Narrow Web Dieless Kisscutting Systems

The new narrow web dieless knife cutting / kiss cutting system is a complete narrow web converting platform coupling the ATOM Flashcut Knife Cutting Table with Guidolin Girotto web handling equipment. This concept allows converters of double sided adhesive tapes, masking tapes, foam tapes, protective foils and films, laminated textiles, EPDM, neoprene, plastics, vinyls, cork and similar... (read more)

Manufacturers Supplies Co. - ATOM Traveling Head Die Cutting Press

ATOM Traveling Head Die Cutting Presses offer a wide & easily accesible working area and a cutting power ranging from 25-35-50 tons. The traveling head press can be used to cut a variety of synthetic materials in either roll or sheet form up to 90" wide. (read more)

Manufacturers Supplies Co. - Automatic & Semi-Automatic Slitters-Rewinders

FEBA Srl Converting Machinery custom engineers & manufactures fully automatic & semi automatic slitters-rewinders, log winders (loggers), unwinders & packaging machinery for self adhesive tapes, non-adhesive tapes, foam tapes, specialty laminated materials & medical tapes. (read more)

Manufacturers Supplies Co. - EMDS - Fully Automatic Single Knife Slitter

The new EMDS Single Knife Lathe Slitter now incorporates automatic roll edge acquisition, whereby the operator leaves the machine to automatically find the edge of the log & traverse to the pre-determined trim width. Add to this programmable blade axis angle and the new electromagnetic displacement system and you have the world's first truly automatic lathe slitter. (read more)

Manufacturers Supplies Co. - Custom Foam Laminating Machines

M.S.C. engineers, designs and manufactures custom laminating systems to laminate cold-bond & heat activated PSA to a variety of substrates including foams, rubber, textiles, composites and similar materials. Custom designed laminators can include in-line slitting, automatic sheeting, double sided lamination, liner recovery, material handling & various heating sources. (read more)

Manufacturers Supplies Co. - ATOM Swing Arm Clicker Presses

ATOM Swing Arm Clicker Presses are the most widely used die cutting machines in the world. ATOM has over 65 years of experience manufacturing clicker presses, and with thousands of machines sold, is considered the world's leading producer. (read more)

Manufacturers Supplies Co. - ATOM Traveling Head Die Cutting Presses

ATOM traveling head die cutting presses offer a wide & easily accessible working area suitable for cutting a wide variety of synthetic materials in either roll or sheet form. The ATOM traveling head presses are versatile die cutting machines designed to use small to medium cutting dies to cut a wide variety of materials. (read more)