Mar Cor Purification - Carbon Filtration System... for Portable RO

Mar Cor Purification - compact PTG-520 Carbon Filtration System is an option that is now available to owners of portable RO systems. (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - Portable Water Purification System

Mar Cor Purification - The WRO 300 H Portable Water Purification System is the First 510(k) Portable Reverse Osmosis System with Automated Hot Water Disinfection. (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - USP Water System... for Life Sciences

Mar Cor Purification's VPure 4400H - is the first fully integrated hot water sanitizable USP purified water generation, storage and delivery system. (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - Water Purification Systems...Custom

Mar Cor's Biolab Equipment line of machines have been customized and utilized in the field for more than 25 years, supplying high-purity water for many uniquely different water applications. (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - High Purity Water System - BioPure LSX

High Efficiency USP High Purity Water System

2.5 to 20 USGPM of High Purity Water
Mar Cor Purification - offers the next generation USP high purity water system, the BioPure LSX. The base system is a compact centralized single pass hot water sanitizable RO-EDI system designed to produce USP purified water
grade. (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - Clean Systems and Environments For Biotechnology

The cleanliness of systems and environments is critical to efficient operation. Mar Cor provides a full range of Filtration products for your purified water needs: (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - Lab-Grade Water Systems from Mar Cor

Over the years, Mar Cor Purification has installed hundreds of lab-grade water systems. We supply centrally distributed systems as well as point of use polishing equipment. (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - Water Purification Support Services

Mar Cor Purification is one of the largest and most experienced water purification companies in North America. We have been servicing water treatment equipment for over 35 years, and have an experienced nationwide team of technicians qualified to work on your water systems. (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - Sterilants Work On All Forms of Microbial Life

The effectiveness of Minncare and Actril has been tested against a wide range of standard reference microorganisms according to international testing standards. Some of the reference microorganisms tested against are B. subtilis (bacterial spore) and Polio virus, which is one of the more difficult viruses to deactivate. (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - Department of Veterans Affairs Turns to Mar Cor

The Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711, intends to negotiate a sole source procurement under FAR 6.302-1, Only One Responsible Source, with MAR COR Purification (read more)