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Mar Cor Purification

Mar Cor Purification has promoted these products/services:

Mar Cor Purification - BioPure LSX USP Water System

High Efficiency USP High Purity Water System

2.5 to 40 USGPM of High Purity Water

Mar Cor Purification - offers the next generation USP high purity water system, the BioPure LSX. The base system is a compact centralized single pass hot water sanitizable RO-EDI system designed to produce USP purified water
grade. (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - VPure 4400H USP Purified Water System

A USP Purified Water System with Hot Water Sanitization and 2.5, 5.0, 7.5 & 10.0 gpm RO Permeate Flow Rates. (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - Minncare Dry Fog® 2S System

Clean Room Aerosol-Based Bio-Decontamination

The Minncare Dry Fog 2S system provides an easy to use, high technology solution for clean room and critical area fogging. The combination of our highly effective Minncare Cold Sterilant chemical and our state of the art Dry Fog delivery system enables users to rapidly and safely deliver Minncare vapor to even the most complex areas. It... (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - MicroFree Dialysis Water Tubing

Zero Dead Leg, PFA Distribution

MicroFree tubing as compared to PVC piping has a lower potential for buildup of biofilm because it has a lower surface tension for water, reducing opportunity for biofilm to attach. As a result, biofilm is more easily removed due to the smooth surface. (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - BioPure HX2 Dialysis Water System

3 to 15 GPM w/ Double Pass Technology

Mar Cor Purification offers the next generation central RO unit, the BioPure HX2. This direct feed double pass reverse osmosis system is designed specially to meet stringent international hemodialysis water requirements. (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - 2200L High Purity Water System

Compact, single skid High Purity Water System with 600 to 2,200 GPD generation & 5 to 10 GPM storage & delivery. (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - 4400L Water System Giving Water Users Options

Mar Cor’s highly customizable, low flow rate 4400L Water System gaining popularity in high purity water market (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - 4400L High Purity Water System

Compact, Single Skid High Purity Water System with 2,800 to 11,000 GPD Generation &
28,800 to 115,200 GPD Storage & Delivery (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - TAFS Water Softeners (1" and 2")

1" and 2" Water Softeners : 1-25 USPGM and 5-75 USGPM (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - TAFC Carbon Filter Systems (1" and 2")

Activated Carbon(AC) is similar to ion exchange resin in density and porosity.It adsorbs many dissolved organics and eliminates chlorine or other halogens in water.It does not remove salts. Activated Carbon is a low-cost method available to remove low-molecular weight(<100 MW)organics and chlorine. (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - USPure High Quality Water Treatment System

The Mar Cor Purification USPure system is a standard single skid design that includes pretreatment, Reverse Osmosis (RO) & Electrodeionization (EDI) on one integrated skid for
fast installation & startup. (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - PRS-12 Particle Reduction System

The PRS-12 system is designed to remove small particulate and colloidal material from tap water and to protect bacterial filtration systems, which are used to shield patients and equipment from exposure to water-borne bacteria such as E.coli or Pseudomonas. (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - USP Water System... for Life Sciences

Mar Cor Purification's VPure 4400H - is the first fully integrated hot water sanitizable USP purified water generation, storage and delivery system. (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - Multi-Layered Multimedia Filters (1-2")

TAFML Multimedia Filters. 7-20 USpgm (1"), 25-78 USpgm (2"). (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - MicroZ 1-2

1-2" TAFMZ Multimedia Sediment Filters. 7-20 USpgm (1") and 25-78 USpgm (2"). (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - 4400C RO System With 4,000 to 24,000 GPD

The 4400C Series provides high quality product water, user-friendly controls, durable construction, and easy installation. (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - Water Purification Support Services

Mar Cor Purification is one of the largest and most experienced water purification companies in North America. We have been servicing water treatment equipment for over 35 years, and have an experienced nationwide team of technicians qualified to work on your water systems. (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - EDI Series Electrodeionization Systems

An electrodeionization system with 7,200 to 230,400 GPD generation. (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - H2Pro Custom USP Quality Reverse Osmosis System

High Purity Water Reverse Osmosis System designed to produce 300 US GPM. (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - Biolab 3300 Series Reverse Osmosis System

A 60 Hz Reverse Osmosis System with 2,200 TO 3,300 GPD Generation and produces 2.29 USgpm (8.63 lpm) of pure water. (read more)

Mar Cor Purification - Water Purification Systems...Custom

Mar Cor's Biolab Equipment line of machines have been customized and utilized in the field for more than 25 years, supplying high-purity water for many uniquely different water applications. (read more)