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Martel Electronics Corporation - Hot Under the Collar about Temperature Calibration

Martel's 3001 Precision Bench Top Multifunction Calibrator excels at temperature calibration tasks like thermocouple and RTD simulation or measurement. It's an ideal companion for checking out portable dry blocks as well as calibrating temperature transmitters. As they say on TV, that's not all... (read more)

Martel Electronics Corporation - Reliable Easy Pressure Data Logging

What's the most important thing when you think about logging pressure data? You probably answered, "reliability." You wouldn't be alone in thinking this. Other important factors are accuracy, ruggedness and ease of use. Martel's BetaGauge PI-PRO digital test gauge brings all of this to the game and great value, too. (read more)

Martel Electronics Corporation - Martel BetaGauge 330-300E Handheld Calibrator

The Martel BetaGauge 330-300E Pressure Calibrator with integral electric pressure pump will generate -12PSI to 300PSI with a no pumping. Replace your old hand pumped calibrator with the new industry standard. (read more)

Martel Electronics Corporation - Super Loop Calibrator Does a Lot More

Martel's PSC-4010 is much more than a loop calibrator. This is a Super Loop Calibrator by adding voltage simulation and frequency measurement and simulation to the mix. (read more)

Martel Electronics Corporation - Your Best Electronic Screwdriver

Screwdriver? Really? Yes, the LC-110H HART Loop Calibrator lets techs adjust and configure most HART functions of smart transmitters right in the field. Need to zero your pressure transmitter? No problem, the LC-110H does it automatically and easily. Edit the tag ID? Yes, that, too! In fact, there’s no need to carry around your bulky, challenging communicator on a regular basis... (read more)

Martel Electronics Corporation - BetaGauge 311/321A-EX Pressure Calibrator

Intrinsically safe temperature pressure calibrator for hazardous area use. Single or dual sensor, triple display precision temperature pressure calibrator. A new standard for custody transfer calibration applications in classified hazardous areas. (read more)

Martel Electronics Corporation - BetaProbe TI Digital Thermometer

A single Martel BetaProbe TI high precision digital thermometer can replace many liquid-in-glass (l-i-g) thermometers. It can also serve as a reference standard for other types of digital or analog temperature indicators. Plus, intrinsically safe certification means it can be used virtually anywhere. (read more)

Martel Electronics Corporation - Series 10 Multi-function Calibrators

The Martel DMC-1410 Documenting Multi Function Process Calibrator fully documents all calibrations associated with fixed installation and laboratory instruments. The DMC-1410 Calibrator requires no special software. (read more)

Martel Electronics Corporation - MECP2000 High Pressure Pneumatic Hand Pump

The new Martel/Beta high pressure hand pump is a revolutionary portable pneumatic pump that can generate pressure up to 2000 PSI (140 Bar) and vacuum to 14 PSI (-0.9 Bar). The vernier chamber provides enough range so it can be used to generate low pressure (200" H2O or 500 mBar) with no pumping. (read more)

Martel Electronics Corporation - BetaGauge 301 Single Pressure Calibrator

The Martel BetaGauge 301 is a single sensor pressure calibrator offering great performance at a reasonable price. It combines pressure with current and voltage measurement capabilities, and a built in loop power supply to power transmitters under test. A large backlit display can be configured to show one, two, or three variables. (read more)

Martel Electronics Corporation - Hazardous Area Use Pressure Calibrator

Martel's BetaGauge 311/321A-EX Pressure Calibrator is an intrinsically safe temperature pressure calibrator for hazardous area use. Single or dual sensor, triple display precision temperature pressure calibrator. A new standard for custody transfer calibration applications in classified hazardous areas. (read more)

Martel Electronics Corporation - Millenium Series M2000A Bench Calibrator

The Martel M2000A precision voltage and current bench calibrator sets a new standard in lab calibrator value. It features world class performance and stability found in calibration sources costing nearly twice as much. The M2000A has a very simple user interface, so no matter if you are sourcing 100mv or measuring 100mA, the task is handled by one press of a button. (read more)

Martel Electronics Corporation - Martel BetaPort-P Digital Pressure Modules

Martel Electronics offers 27 standard pressure modules, covering gauge, vacuum, absolute, compound, and differential measurement. Just add the Model BPPA-100 Pressure Module Adapter to expand the pressure measurement capability of your existing BetaGauge 330, 321A, 311A, or 301 calibrator. (read more)

Martel Electronics Corporation - PTC-8010 Temperature Calibrator

The PTC-8010 calibrator gives you a precision temperature solution for the testing and calibration of both RTDs and thermocouples. Accurately source and measure 13 RTD types or TC types. The large backlit display shows the cold junction temperature and millivolt equivalents for thermocouples, ohms equivalent are shown when using the RTD functions. (read more)

Martel Electronics Corporation - MECP100 Low Pressure and Vacuum Hand Pump

The Martel MECP100 is the number one choice when it comes to a selecting a compact yet rugged pump that is capable of generating pneumatic pressure well over 100 PSIG (7 bar). The superior design and field friendly replaceable check valves are a result of several years of fine tuning. Don't forget, with a simple turn of a dial, the MECP100 can generate vacuum up to -24 "Hg. (read more)

Martel Electronics Corporation - MECP500 Pneumatic Pressure Pump

The Martel MECP500 can generate -24"Hg to 600 PSIG pneumatically. The ergonomic design and precise vent control let you dial in very small pressures. All pumps include-friendly, field serviceable, and replaceable check valves. (read more)

Martel Electronics Corporation - Hydraulic Test Pump

MECP10K Hydraulic Pump from Martel Electronics is a High Pressure Calibration Test Pump (read more)

Martel Electronics Corporation - Think About Calibrating Out of the Box

The Martel BETA DPC300A isn't just a replacement for the old "box" calibrator. With full digital precision and accuracy, a dual pressure system and a built-in loop calibrator function, it's a pressure calibration powerhouse in a portable format.
The dual pressure system means you can use regulated plant air or internally generated pressure sources for calibration. The internal pump... (read more)

Martel Electronics Corporation - Current Loop Calibrator

Martel Electronic's LC-100 Current Loop Calibrator provides significantly extended performance when compared to any competitive current calibrator. (read more)

Martel Electronics Corporation - TC-100 Precision Thermocouple Calibrator

The Martel TC-100 Thermocouple Calibrator provides high accuracy source and measurement of ten common thermocouples, as well as mV. (read more)

Martel Electronics Corporation - T-140 Pressure Calibrator

The Martel T-140 Pressure Calibrator is a low cost, rugged, easy-to-use instrument that can handle your pneumatic calibration requirements. (read more)

Martel Electronics Corporation - Precision Digital Pressure Calibration Test Gauge

PIR PRO Reference Class Digital Pressure Gauge from Martel Electronics offers the highest accuracy in its class (read more)

Martel Electronics Corporation - Martel LC-110H mA Calibrator with HART Diagnostics

Does the process instrumentation industry really need another loop calibrator? If it also puts HART™ diagnostic capabilities into the hands of everyday users at an everyday price, the answer is an emphatic YES.

The new LC-110H is another revolutionary calibrator from Martel Electronics. The revolution is in getting more power and "smarts" into the hands of each technician. (read more)

Martel Electronics Corporation - BETA LDT-500 Dirt/Moisture Trap with Vent Valve

Martel/BETA Pneumatic Dirt/Moisture Trap that is used to protect sensors, pumps, and calibrators from potential damage. (read more)

Martel Electronics Corporation - Martel PanelPilot Meter Series

The new Martel PanelPilot series features a smart graphics TFT color display that can be setup via USB to fit your application. It is available in 2.4", 2.8", or 3.5". It can handle (2) separate analog signals or a pure digital interface.

Check out our website for complete details. (read more)

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