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Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies has promoted these products/services:

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - ReferenceMate REF2510 Industrial Monitoring Kit

The ReferenceMate portable vibration reference source enables users in the field to easily verify sensor performance and the integrity of the cabling between the sensor and the online system. A built-in reference accelerometer assures that a 1 g test level is maintained for sensors weighing up to 250 grams. (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - Model SPKIT Field Installation Kit

Contains tools and supplies to assemble 75 6SL(I) and 6GSL(I) connectors in the field. (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - TempMate MAC100 IR Thermometer with Bluetooth

The MachineryMate® series of industrial monitoring solutions helps detect machinery problems in the field. TempMate meters measures surface temperatures up to 1,832° F of hard to reach, moving machinery without the use of a probe. (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - MachineryMate MAC800 Handheld Vibration Meter

MachineryMate800 vibration monitoring and analysis meter w/ external Meggitt sensor. Displays overall vibration in velocity or displacement, 3 freq bands based on running speed and 200/800 line spectrum. IP67 rated - rugged, waterproof casing for harsh plant environments. Includes DataMate software which supports 10 machines/10 points each and carrying case. (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - VSW-100 Vibration Transmitter Switch

Standalone machinery protection.

Meggitt's VSW-100 switch enables cost-effective monitoring and trips when excessive vibration is detected, protecting critical machinery from damage or failure. (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - Accelerometers...side exit w/metric mounting

Meggitt Sensing Systems - a leading supplier of quality vibration sensors and sensor networks, introduces two new side exit accelerometers with metric mounting. The 712F-M4 and the 997-M4 are compact sensors capable of continuous submersion and high frequency monitoring. (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - Custom vibration monitoring solutions

Meggitt Sensing Systems- For over 50 years Wilcoxon Research® products have been developed based on extensive understanding of the precise measurement requirements needed for condition monitoring. Meggitt’s experience in quality and innovation strengthens vibration monitoring technologies by fulfilling customers’ evolving requirements. (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - Wilcoxon Sensors-offered with a Lifetime Warranty

Meggitt Sensing Systems, a leading supplier of quality vibration sensors and sensor networks, now offering of LifeTime Warranty (LTW) on Wilcoxon Research sensors and accessories. By launching one of the best warranties in the industry, Meggitt is providing a statement of trust and reliability to strengthen its customer relationships. (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - Field Programmable Vibration Sensor

Meggitt Sensing Systems has released a new HART ENABLED FIELD PROGRAMMABLE SENSOR. The PCH420V has three programmable frequency bands for enhanced root cause analysis. The Wilcoxon Research® sensor can be seamlessly integrated with existing 4-20 mA process networks eliminating additional cabling and infrastructure costs. (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - Accelerometer.. side exit with temp sensor

Meggitt's Wilcoxon Research - side exit, low profile, dual output accelerometer comes with a built-in temperature sensor. The 787T is the side exit version of the extremely popular 786T top exit, combined output, temperature and vibration general purpose sensor. (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - Vibration Sensor...Radiation resistant

Meggitt Sensing Systems - has developed new radiation-hardened vibration sensors and cable assemblies to meet specific requirements for the reliability of monitoring equipment in nuclear evironments. (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - Low cost, high temp sensors

For applications in which extremely high temperature operation is needed, Meggitt offers the HT-series of accelerometers. (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - VibraLink enclosures reduce route collection time

VibraLink switchboxes are built-to-order based on customer specifications. The enclosures have 66% more interior space than previous models for easy connectivity. Patent pending data ready LEDs indicate stable BOV levels for decreased collection time and accurate data output. New design and layout enables fast connection to portable data collectors, and optional online conn... (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies -  Accelerometer - Hermetic triaxial ..saves money

Meggitt produces the industry-leading Wilcoxon Research line of accelerometers, vibration sensors, and network accessories for industrial condition monitoring and predictive maintenance applications. Our sensors are essential to vibration monitoring programs that save money, reduce downtime, and improve safety in plants worldwide (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - New Industrial Vibration Online Training Course

The industrial vibration training course was designed to help maintenance and reliability professionals learn the fundamentals of vibration analysis in a user-friendly online format. After watching the free online video series, viewers will better understand how vibration monitoring can be used for condition monitoring. (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - Accelerometers...vibration monitoring

Meggitt Sensing Systems has three accelerometers with M12 connectors in its Wilcoxon Reserach line of industrial vibration monitoring products. The M12 connector makes it easy to implement vibration monitoring where the existing infrastructure is already built around the M12 standard, such as the process industries. (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies -  Accelerometer High Output Broadband Frequency

Meggitt's Wilcoxon Research line the new 786-500 industrial vibration sensor, provides a high output broadband frequency response for multi-use applications. (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - Accelerometers..6 new Class I Division 2 (Zone 2)

Meggitt Sensing Systems Wilcoxon Research - Class I Division 2 (Zone 2) general purpose accelerometers and three compatible cable-connector assemblies suitable for installation in a Class I Division 2 (Zone 2) environment (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - Accelerometers Certified Intrinsically Safe

Meggitt Sensing Systems has six Wilcoxon Research accelerometers certified to be Intrinsically Safe for use in Class I Zone 0 hazardous areas, in accordance with IECEx requirements. (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - Isolator...protects accelerometers high voltage

Meggitt Sensing Systems - Use an isolator mounting base to protect a vibration sensor from up to 1500 Volts of electricity by electrically isolating it from the case of the machine. (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies -  Vibration Sensor... Displacement Transducer

Meggitt's Wilcoxon Research line of industrial accelerometers includes a displacement output 4-20 mA vibration sensor. The PC420D is the first IEPE displacement transducer and 4-20 mA vibration transmitter packaged as a single sensor. (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - Accelerometers-Magnet bases high pull strength

Meggitt Sensing - Wilcoxon Research magnet bases have a narrow diameter for easy handling in the field, a knurled edge for a better grip and high pull strength for reliable vibration data measurements (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - Accelerometers...Compact Full Performance

Meggitt's Sensing Systems Wilcoxon Research - the 780 series, a family of narrow, low-profile, and lightweight sensors, ideal for walk-around collection of vibration monitoring data. The key difference between the three affordable accelerometers is the sensitivity tolerance. (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - Popular vibration sensors are Guaranteed In-Stock

The wait is even shorter for Wilcoxon's popular vibration Monitoring Essentials™. (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - Vibration Transmitter... displacement monitoring

Meggitt's Wilcoxon Research product line features a vibration transmitter with displacement output ideal for cost effective, online monitoring of case vibrations of machinery. The iT230 has a displacement 4-20 mA output signal with a maximum full scale output available of 100 mils (0.100 inches). (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - Accelerometer...New Side Exit with Integral Cable

Meggitt Sensing Systems - Wilcoxon Research New 787F is a side exit, low profile accelerometer with an integral cable to provide protection in the harshest environments. (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - Vibration Alarm...machine monitoring

Meggitt Sensing Sysrems - iT Alarm is a DIN-rail mountable alarm module with three programmable relays for vibration monitoring or process control. The iT Alarm accepts 4-20 mA data from the Intelligent Transmitter or any loop-powered sensor. (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - Vibration Sensors

Meggitt Sensing - Wilcoxon Research vibration sensors are Smaller, lighter, and higher temperature with more options… for less! Side exit 4-20 mA vibration sensors are new and improved and better than ever. (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - Loop Powered Sensors... 4-20 mA output signal

Meggitt Sensing Systems - Wilcoxon's loop powered sensors (LPS™) are an accelerometer and vibration transmitter in one industrial housing! LPS™ provide a 4-20 mA output signal proportional to the overall vibration level. 4-20 mA sensor output is commonly accepted by process control systems such as programmable logic controllers (PLC) or distributed... (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - Portable Vibration Meter...handheld

Meggitt Sensing Systems - PVM 100 Portable Vibration Meter is a digital, handheld meter that measures equipment vibration in terms of acceleration, velocity or displacement. (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - Safety Connectors for Portable Data Collection

Meggitt's MaxFlex® cables for data collectors are now available with a safety connector that breaks away if the sensor or cable becomes entangled at the monitoring point (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies -  Vibration Transmitter... Dual Output Velocity

Meggitt Sensing Systems- Wilcoxon Research -The output of model PC420VE is proportional to velocity. This sensor has a measurement range of 0-1 inches per second (ips). An output of 4 mA indicates a level of 0 ips or no vibration present. A full-scale reading of 20 mA's indicates that 1.0 ips of vibration is present. (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies -  Cable Assembly... for accelerometers

Meggitt Sensing Systems- Wilcoxon Research - Get outstanding protection and reliability and ensure a rugged connection with a stainless steel braided jacket over Meggitt's popular Wilcoxon Research J9T2AS cable and molded 6W connector (read more)

Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies - Industrial vibration monitoring cables

In addition to vibration sensor construction and connector choices, the type of cable and cable material must be carefully chosen to ensure proper operation. The two types of cables most commonly used to connect an accelerometer to acquisition equipment are coaxial and shielded multi-conductor. (read more)