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Megladon Manufacturing Group, Ltd.

Megladon Manufacturing Group, Ltd. has promoted these products/services:

Megladon Manufacturing Group, Ltd. - Created a Reliable and Robust Network

A telecommunications company was field terminating outside plant cables used by their customer for voice, data and video. They typically had to reterminate several connectors and still were not satisfied with the performance. (read more)

Megladon Manufacturing Group, Ltd. - SCRATCHGUARD Scratch-Resistant Mating Surfaces

The Hardened Lens Contact (HLC)® process is a patented termination procedure that yields significant benefits in end face durability and overall optical performance. The integrated lens created by the HLC® laser process creates a connector that consistently performs at reference grade levels. (read more)

Megladon Manufacturing Group, Ltd. - LC High-Density Products

The LC Products manufactured by Megladon are designed to support the density needs of the modern data center and telecom environments. Every cable is built from the highest quality materials from the top manufacturers in the industry, and all assemblies are factory-terminated and tested to standards beyond industry requirements. (read more)

Megladon Manufacturing Group, Ltd. - SM Patch Cords

Megladon uses the highest quality raw materials to ensure every SM cable has reference grade performance. All SM Patch Cords are terminated using the HLC® process, and have best in class IL and ORL, as well as GR-326 compliant geometry. We terminate all major connector and glass types, and are committed to build the highest quality cables available in the market. (read more)

Megladon Manufacturing Group, Ltd. - Test Reference Cables manufactured by Megladon

Test Reference Cables manufactured by Megladon are the highest-performing fiber optic cables available and are specifically designed to be the ideal cord for testing fiber optic connectors. Our team carefully selects all of the components, from precision-drilled ferrules to controlled core glass, to ensure the best possible performance from the assembly. (read more)

Megladon Manufacturing Group, Ltd. - Pulse Suppression Boxes

The Pulse Suppression Box is a valuable addition to a fiber optic testing kit and is a durable replacement for spooled launch cable assemblies, which quickly wear out from field use. All Megladon Pulse Suppression Boxes come equipped with HLC SCRATCHGAURD® connectors for extended use, and are contained in watertight, crushproof boxes. Length and event characteristics are custo... (read more)

Megladon Manufacturing Group, Ltd. - Megladon Network Simulators

Megladon Network Simulators are designed to support the needs of labs testing fiber based systems prior to deployment. With customizable lengths up to 200km in a 6RU footprint, our network simulators provide a stable testing platform that emulate a variety of fiber field applications. Network Simulators are can be built with any connector, glass type and length configuration. (read more)

Megladon Manufacturing Group, Ltd. - 2x8ch Compact CWDM

The compact, custom CWDM, from Megladon Manufacturing, was designed to support the ultra-dense CWDM needs of cell back haul and DAS deployments. Each module contains two 8ch CWDM's for a total potential capacity of 38 CWDM's per 2U rack space. This level of density provides space savings and future expansion opportunities. (read more)

Megladon Manufacturing Group, Ltd. - MPO Fiber Distribution Cassettes

Megladon MPO Fiber Distribution Cassettes are pre-terminated fan out modules that support the deployment of multifiber cables. The MPO cassette serves to breakout the MPO connector into simplex and duplex style connectors so that they can be connected to adjacent network elements. (read more)

Megladon Manufacturing Group, Ltd. - Coupling efficiency in fiber optic connections

Megladon Manufacturing Group announces a completed project for the US Military to pre qualification test fiber optic termini processed with HLC (Hardened Lens Contact) technology. The HLC process uses a laser to harden the entire mating surface and maximizes coupling efficiency in fiber optic connections. (read more)

Megladon Manufacturing Group, Ltd. - Reference Jumpers Built to Exact Specifications

A Test and Measurement company required reference quality cables to use with their loss test sets. Megladon utilized the HLC technology and built test reference cables that met the latest industry recognized standard. The end product is capable of 1000 matings, an important aspect for fiber network installers. (read more)

Megladon Manufacturing Group, Ltd. - Business Critical Cables

When your application is Business Critical, Megladon's HLC cables are the reliable choice. (read more)