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Metal Marker Manufacturing, Inc.

Metal Marker Manufacturing, Inc. has promoted these products/services:

Metal Marker Manufacturing, Inc. - Valve Tags

Metal Marker offers valve tags manufactured to your specifications and delivered on time to properly identify valves, pipes and other items. Metal Makers offers a wide range of materials, the capacity to efficiently product both small and large quantities, the ability to include barcode or UID marking on your valve tags. We cal also include your logo or other unique artwork. We currently... (read more)

Metal Marker Manufacturing, Inc. - Cable Ties

Does your company have a need for cable ties? Metal Marker offers cable ties that can be used for applications that require long-lasting legibility and durability. Identification tags for wiring, cables, harnesses, piping, and shafts are examples of the wide variety of applications for our cable ties. Cable ties can be used in the OEM electrical trades as well as the automotive and aeros... (read more)

Metal Marker Manufacturing, Inc. - Marking Dies and Stamps

Metal Marker takes pride in the manufacture of superior quality, precision engineered, marking and decoration stamps. Metal Marker produces these marking dies and stamps with state of the art software and equipment. Marking dies and stamps are always produced from quality tool steel and engraved per customer specification creating a long lasting stamp that saves customers money. Metal Ma... (read more)