Micro-Epsilon - Compact laser micrometer

The new optoCONTROL 2520 laser micrometer with integrated controller has an extremely compact design. Operators can choose a maximum distance of 2 metres between transmitter and receiver. The measurement object can be placed anywhere within the light curtain that is projected between transmitter and receiver. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon - turboSPEED DZ140 – fail-safe up to 285ºC

The new eddy current-based sensor system measures the rotational speed of turbochargers in bench and field tests. turboSPEED DZ140 is optimised for thin turbine blades made from aluminium or titanium. The system is thermally stable and very well protected from external interference. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon - TRUE color SENSOR

Color sensors from Micro-Epsilon recognize surface colors and self-luminous objects with extreme reliability. Delta E < 0.1 Fixed and fiber optics True color measurement Easy and flexible programming The sensors recognize each color in various applications including automation technology, medical packaging, quality control,... (read more)

Micro-Epsilon - NEW 2014 IR thermoMETER catalog

Micro Epsilon offers the most complete product spectrum for non contact infrared (IR) based temperature sensors.(-55C..2200C) Our hand held sensors, stationary instruments, compact OEM devices and cameras, all products feature the latest state of the art technology. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon - Blue laser sensor measures steel profiles 1200°C

A rolling mill processes profiled steel in reversing operation. The raw blocks need to be heated to a rolling temperature of approx. 1200°C. After the still hot rods leave the finishing stand, an optoNCDT 1700-750BL laser triangulation sensor with a blue laser diode checks the dimensional accuracy of the profiles. The rod center is measured with a material speed of up to 10 m/s. The... (read more)

Micro-Epsilon - Laser Distance Sensor optoNCDT ILR 1030/1031

Micro-Epsilon's Laser distance sensors are designed for non-contacting gap and distance measurements. The ILR series consist of gaging sensors (range up to 10 m) and laser distance sensors (range up to 250 m). The optical distance sensors are designed for positioning and type classification in machine building and handling equipment.

Laser distance sensors optoNCDT ILR 1030... (read more)

Micro-Epsilon - New Capacitive Demodulator DL 6230

At the end of 2012, Micro-Epsilon launched the capaNCDT 6200 capacitive measuring system that can be extended by up to four measurement channels using demodulators. A new addition is the DL 6230 demodulator, which provides up to 8 times higher resolution for reaching even higher performance levels.

Micro-Epsilon has launched the new DL 6230 demodulator module for capacitive displa... (read more)

Micro-Epsilon - NEW: Magneto Inductive Sensor MDS

MICRO EPSILON's new MDS non contact position sensor sets a new distance record! With this new technology we offer the most compact and robust self contained magneto-inductive sensor to reach up to 60mm.

  • IP67
  • Resolution 0.05%
  • Dynamic 1000 Hz
  • up to 400bar (5600PSI)
  • Voltage and current output
(read more)
Micro-Epsilon - Measuring & Inspection Systems for Metal Industry

Measuring and inspection systems from Micro-Epsilon are used in the metallurgical industry and metalworking in order to ensure efficient production. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon - Modular measurement of metal strip thickness

When it comes to the process of measuring the thickness of metal strips, systems based on the C-frame are the first choice. There are many systems that can reliably detect thickness but the ability to make stable measurements even during actual operating conditions separates the wheat from the chaff straightaway. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon - wireSENSOR draw wire displacement sensors

Draw-wire sensors in the wireSENSOR series by MICRO-EPSILON measure almost linearly across the complete measurement area. The draw wire sensors are used for simple distance measurements between 50 and 50,000 mm. Draw-wire sensors are ideally suited for both integrated as well as subsequent installation. There are extremely attractive variants particularly for OEM applications.

Det... (read more)

Micro-Epsilon - High Speed Photospectrometer colorCONTROL ACS

The three-range method typically used for color sensors can measure a maximum color distance of ΔE > 0.5. However, more demanding industrial requirements require test systems that can achieve a color accuracy of ΔE < 0.1. At present this is only possible by using color measurement systems based on the spectral value method. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon - Sensor systems for LED color and intensity tests

The colorCONTROL MFA is used for measurement of color and intensity on LEDs, displays, and colored objects. An additional benefit is the flexible positioning of the small fibers to the targets. By utilizing the colorCONTROL MFA up to 100 measurement points can be monitored simultaniously. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon - 2D/3D laser profile scanner for automation

Compact design, flexible installation options and versatile interfaces make the new scanCONTROL 2600/2900 laser line scanners the ideal choice for high-precision profile and dimensional measurements in production environments.

Micro-Epsilon has developed an extremely compact, lightweight laser profile scanner. The scanCONTROL 2600/2900 optoelectronic sensor with integrated control... (read more)

Micro-Epsilon - Laser-Scanner for precise 2D/3D measurements

MICRO-EPSILON Laser scanners from the scanCONTROL series are among the highest performing profile sensors in the world with respect to accuracy and measuring rate. The available models are suitable for numerous industrial applications. Pre-programmed scanners can be selected for common measurements; models for the customer’s own programming are available for integrators.


(read more)

Micro-Epsilon - Confocal Chromatic Sensors by Micro-Epsilon

Micro-Epsilon presents a new series of confocal chromatic sensors, the confocalDT IFS2405. The new sensors have a higher sensitivity and so offer significant advantages with regard to measurements carried out on dark targets. In order to ensure flexible use, the new sensors offer offset distances of up to 100mm. In addition, the tilt angle has been significantly enlarged.

The sens... (read more)

Micro-Epsilon - Laser displacement sensor for lustrous surfaces

Micro-Epsilon has developed a new highly dynamic laser sensor for displacement measurements of lustrous metal, coarse, and textured surfaces. In contrast to point-type laser models, the measuring point is extended to form a line which helps prevent interferences during measuring.

Coarse surfaces cause interferences for laser points and make displacement measurements on metal more... (read more)

Micro-Epsilon - Micro-Epsilon High Resolution Optical Micrometers

optoCONTROL ODC systems are laser / LED based measuring systems with integrated high resolution CMOS or CCD camera for geometrical measurements. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon - confocalDT Distance/Thickness Spectrometer

REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY ! The new optoNCDT240xx can measure any target opaque or transparent liquid or solid with the highest precision. Profiling of curved specular or transparent targets is possible. It can measure the thickness of any transparent material from one side. The extreme small consistent spot size enables measurements with microscopic resolution to sub micron accura... (read more)

Micro-Epsilon - thermoMETER CTratio Fiber Optic Pyrometer

Glass fiber 2 color ratio thermometer for extreme temperature measurements. The ratiometric principle minimizes measurement errors caused by intensity change (e.g. contamination due to dust, fumes..), low emissivity and partial spot size coverage of the target. (read more)


The ILD2300 is the most powerful Laser Triangulation Sensor. High speed real time measurement combined with extreme accuracy, all in one compact design.

  • Ranges for non contact sensors: 2 .. 200mm
  • Resolution down to 30 nanometer
  • 49,000 Hz
  • any target
(read more)
Micro-Epsilon - NEW HI-RESOLUTION Thermal IR Camera

Micro Epsilon offers the world's smallest high resolution infrared imager for process control or test and measurement with up to 120Hz real time frame grabbing. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon - LLT 2700 Compact Laser Line Camera

The LLT27xx allows the acquisition of line profile data, 3D image as well as the intensity image in real time. Unique absolute calibrated profile data (x,z) guarantee true and accurate measurement for many applications where conventional vision cameras fail.

NEW GiGE Ethernet! NEW Ranges! (read more)

Micro-Epsilon - Download our Measurement Product Guide 2014

Download a complimentary copy of our new catalog, "Measurement Product Guide 2014," detailed information on our sensors (laser triangulation, confocal-chromatic, capacitive, eddy current, inductive, and draw-wire), 2D/3D sensor systems for dimensional measurement, COLOR sensors, IR-temperature sensors, and customized sensors and systems (read more)

Micro-Epsilon - NEW - ILD/LD Triangulation Sensors

MICRO EPSILON offers the largest selection of state-of-the-art triangulation laser sensors. Measurement ranges from 0.5mm up to 2000 mm with extreme accuracy (< 1 micron) guarantee the success of your measurement. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon - optoCONTROL Non-Contact Micrometer

THE NEW BENCHMARK for MICROMETRES! optoCONTROL is an optical non contact measurement system for dimensional gauging such as diameter, gap, edge, width or segments. All models incorporate state of the art technology for a stable and reliable reading without deterioration over time.

The high measurement rate, outstanding accuracy and resolution define a new level of performance. (read more)

Micro-Epsilon - turboSPEED DZ135 Speed Sensor for Turbo Chargers

MICRO-EPSILON's sensor system for counting turbocharger revolutions is optimized for modern, thin blades made of aluminum or titanium on the turbine wheel. Thereby, the sensor measures on the vanes in the complete speed range. Different sensor models with only 3 mm diameter allow simple mounting on the turbocharger. The sensor adjustment and set up are made significantly easier due to a... (read more)


Micro Epsilon enters the next area of non contact eddy current sensors. With our proprietary ECT technology we push the existing limits of traditional sensors to new levels for:

* Maximum Integration

* Unmatched Stability

* Extreme Environment

without compromising all the benefits of the traditional eddy current sensors (read more)

Micro-Epsilon - ILD1402 Triangulation Displacement Sensor

optoNCDT1402 Smart economic laser sensor.

NEW: stainless steel food grade standard: IP69K

The miniature optoNCDT1402 series is the leading sensor in its price/performance category. Small and compact design, increased performance combined with additional intelligence makes this sensor the new star among its kind.

With the large variety of ranges this model offe... (read more)

Micro-Epsilon - induSENSOR displacement sensors

Electromagnetic displacement sensors are used in any application which requires a linear position measurement. MICRO EPSILON offers the largest selection of so called "quasi non contact" measurement technologies. The benefits are wear free and maintenance free accurate measurements in a harsh environment. Specifications: Range: 1 to 630 mm, Res: < 0.01%, Temp.: up to 160C/320F (read more)