Molex - CLIK-Mate 1.50mm Wire-to-Board Connector System

CLIK-Mate™ connectors are designed for applications that require higher pin count connectors to carry more signal lines in less space; the system includes a unique tuning-fork terminal concept that provides low-insertion force and secure mating contact (read more)

Molex - SlimStack SSB6 SMT Board-to-Board Connectors

Ideal for tight-packaging applications, super slim SSB6 board-to-board connectors offer maximum space savings, mating guidance, and secure electrical and mechanical contact for all types of mobile devices (read more)

Molex - DDR4 DIMM Sockets

Updated DDR4 DIMM Sockets From Molex Offer Multiple Improvements For

Greater Flexibility And Reliability

High-speed server memory applications benefit from advancements in socket styles and construction material (read more)

Molex -  ImpelT Backplane Connector System

Impel™ backplane connector system is available for use with Molex’s Backplane Pin Map Configurator. This future-proof connector solution provides equipment manufacturers with the ability to have systems operate at today’s data-rates and costs, while providing a migration path for enhancements in the same chassis through Impel daughtercard options. (read more)

Molex - Brad PC Network Interface Cards

Brad® Network Interface Cards provide reliable and cost-effective intelligent communication and control solutions for a wide range of industrial networks and fieldbuses (read more)

Molex - Molex to Feature Products at Microwave Symposium

Exhibit highlights Molex RF/Microwave solutions, including RF assembly configurator, Temp-Flex ® Low Loss Flexible Microwave Coaxial Cables, RF DIN 1.0 / 2.3 Modular Backplane System, antenna cables and customization capabilities (read more)

Molex - Flexible Microwave Cable Assemblies

Molex Flexible Microwave Cable Assemblies Offer Superior Electrical Performance Without Limitations Of Semi-Rigid Assemblies

By combining Molex Temp-Flex® coaxial cables and RF connectors, assemblies are

uniquely suited for today’s smaller, lighter devices (read more)

Molex - Expanded-Beam Ruggedized Optical Cable Assemblies

Molex Incorporated announced availability of its Expanded-Beam Ruggedized Optical Cable Assemblies, delivering highly reliable interconnects for use in harsh environments including aerospace and defense tactical communications, security communications, on-board aerospace and marine networks and I/O applications in the field. (read more)

Molex - EXTreme OrthoPower™ Solves Design Conundrum

First-to-market orthogonal direct-power connector configuration uses split-blade technology to deliver 60.0A total power to backplane line cards (read more)

Molex - Molex zCD™ AOC Interface Scalable Up To 400 Gbps

Compact fiber optic form factor provides the interface standard of the CDFP MSA group (read more)

Molex - NeoScale™ High-Speed Mezzanine System

Delivering the market’s cleanest signal integrity at 28+ Gbps, Molex’s modular NeoScale™ Mezzanine System features a high-speed triad wafer design with Solder-Charge Technology™ for customized PCB routing in high-density system applications (read more)

Molex - Vertical Configuration DuraClik™ Connectors

Molex Incorporated has released a vertical configuration version of its DuraClik™ 2.00mm pitch wire-to-board connectors. (read more)

Molex - Polymicro Technologies™ Capillary Configurator

Free web-based application guides customers in selecting high performing, cost effective capillary solutions tailored to their specialty applications (read more)

Molex - HOZOX™ EMI Absorption Tape and Sheets

Providing ultra wideband EMI noise mitigation, HOZOX™ EMI absorption sheets are
designed with a unique dual-layer structure to absorb MHz and GHz
electromagnetic energy in a variety of electrical applications (read more)

Molex - High Current-Density Mega-Fit Power Connectors

Mega-Fit Power Connectors deliver cutting-edge current density at 23.0A per circuit; terminals provide six independent contact points for long-term reliability in virtually every industry and application (read more)

Molex - zCD™ Interconnect System

Molex zCD™ Interconnect Solves Next-Gen Data Transmission Requirements

Compact form-factor zCD connector delivers data rates scalable up to 400 Gbps (read more)

Molex - Ruggedized Backplane Cable Assemblies

Molex Ruggedized Backplane Cable Assemblies Increase Bandwidth and Speed in Defense and Aerospace Applications

Custom backplane assemblies can be cabled to virtually any ruggedized input/output connector (read more)

Molex - EdgeLine® High Speed Connectors

Low-profile EdgeLine® connectors are available in multiple orientations and PCB thicknesses for use in high-signal transmissions and high-density signal applications. Molex will feature the EdgeLine High-Speed Edge Card Connectors, as well as other EdgeLine products, at DesignCon 2014, January 29 – 30, Santa Clara, CA, booth 117. (read more)

Molex - Polymicro Technologies Products and Solutions

Molex Showcases Polymicro Specialty Capillary Tubing at CE Pharm 2013

Widely used for pharmaceutical analysis, Polymicro windowed capillary tubing features low background fluorescence, excellent optical surfaces, and strong, clean windows (read more)

Molex - Brad® automation products at Pack Expo 2013

Molex Incorporated will showcase its Brad® automation products at
Pack Expo International, September 23 – 25, Las Vegas, NV, booth 5884. (read more)

Molex - RF Cable Assemblies - Online Configurator

Online RF Assembly Builder for distributors, customers and prospective
customers. Available now! (read more)

Molex - MX150L™ Industrial Sealed Connector System

Designed for commercial-vehicle, marine and other harsh environments, the
pre-assembled, submersible MX150L™ Industrial Sealed Connector System exceeds
IEC IP67 requirements while providing economical advantages (read more)

Molex - ZXP® zSFP+™ Interconnect System

Molex Incorporated has been declared the winner of The Most Competitive Connector Product in China in 2012 Award, one of the six award categories in the China Electronic Market 2012 Editor's Choice Awards. Molex won the award for its enhanced zSFP+™ (Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus) SMT connector system. (read more)